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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Recent Promos
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Empathy Test
4 mins 03s
26 May 2020
This intriguing promo for electronica outfit Empathy Test's latest track 'Monsters' deals out arousal and disgust in equal measure.

J P Cooper
"Little Bit of Love"
3 mins 30s
26 May 2020
Amidst the rancour of Cummings-gate and Donald Trump versus social media comes this extraordinary revelation from JP Cooper: “Sometimes everybody needs a little bit of love.”

Håkan Hellström
"All Dreams Are Fulfilled"
5 mins 15s
26 May 2020
Håkan Hellström’s ‘All Dreams Are Fulfilled’ has more than a hint of ‘My Generation’ about it, but the track plays second fiddle to Fillip Nilsson’s quirky promo.

Amy Gardner
"Blood Echoes"
4 mins 41s
18 May 2020
This nimbly atmospheric short film captures Philadelphia-born dancer Gabe Stone Shayer in full flow.

Bree Runway
"Damn Daniel"
3 mins
17 May 2020
The rise of the so-called quarantine special continues with this lo-fi Bree Runway promo.

"You're Born"
3 mins 24s
15 May 2020
The Fountain of Youth receives an ice-cold makeover in this promo for Russian beatmakers AIGEL.

Little Mix
"Break Up Song"
3 mins 36s
17 May 2020
This mixed media promo for Little Mix's thoughtfully titled 'Break Up Song' shows there's still plenty of creativity to be found in quarantine.

Glass Animals
4 mins 44s
15 May 2020
Needs must during a lockdown... especially when you have a music video to make.

Mark Ronson
"I Want to See... (Ft Raissa)"
3 mins 02s
17 May 2020
Lockdown has made producer and DJ Mark Ronson curious about what nighttime looks like around the world. Each to his own, we guess.

Daði Freyr
"Think About Things"
4 mins 05s
17 May 2020
Iceland's viral entry for the Eurovision-that-wasn't receives an entertaining music promo... complete with stoic choreography.

Little Big
3 mins 13s
17 May 2020
Russian rave band Little Big prove an ideal fit for the Eurovision Song Contest, as this loose-limbed promo for ‘Uno’ demonstrates.

A Kind of Man
"A Kind of Man"
4 mins 50s
5 May 2020
This double promo for Danish artist A Kind of Man takes an odd turn in part two.

A Kind of Man
4 mins 03s
5 May 2020
Director Meeto delivers a one-two punch for compatriot A Kind of Man.

Arlo Parks
"Black Dog"
4 mins 02s
5 May 2020
This atmospheric promo for Arlo Parks's latest track 'Black Dog' offers a nuanced take on depression.

Mel Giedroyc
"Non Vedo L'Ora"
3 mins 10s
5 May 2020
One of fourteen entries to comedian Tom Taylor’s Isolation Song Contest, this inspired effort by Mel Giedroyc (aka Melania) turns lockdown into a cheesy pop melodrama.

"The Day Before You Came"
6 mins 41s
5 May 2020
It was only a matter of time before the lockdown was immortalised in Lego brick form, but we didn’t expect it to sound like this.

Monsta X
"You Can’t Hold My Heart"
3 mins 01s
5 May 2020
K-pop group Monsta X defy both gravity in this promo for latest single 'You Can't Hold My Heart'.

Polo G
2 mins 48s
4 May 2020
This promo for rapper Polo G threatens to suck you in with its woozy aesthetic and fat stacks.

Zhavia Ward
3 mins 21s
29 Apr 2020
This minimalist promo for Zhavia Ward's latest single 'Waiting' takes a stand against those who would rather hold the singer back.

3 mins 12s
29 Apr 2020
There are shades of ‘The Matrix’ to this Octavian promo shot by Crown & Owls.

Chaz Cardigan
"Not OK!"
3 mins 15s
26 Apr 2020
US up-and-comer Chaz Cardigan has decided to release a ‘quarantine edition’ of his latest single ‘Not OK!’, complete with a new, lo-fi promo.

Scribz Riley
3 mins 43s
25 Apr 2020
Apart from some obvious gags about a lack of social distancing, this Scribz Riley promo initially inspires a sense of inner-city tranquility.

"Happy Days"
3 mins
26 Apr 2020
This sweet, user-generated promo for Blink-182's latest track 'Happy Days' looks to the venerable pop-punk group’s fans for inspiration.

The Rolling Stones
"Living in a Ghost Town"
3 mins 59s
23 Apr 2020
After eight years of silence, the Rolling Stones prove there's life in the old dogs yet as they release new track 'Living in a Ghost Town'.

New Rules
2 mins 58s
23 Apr 2020
'Pasta' by New Rules receives a social media-inflected promo courtesy of Gemma Yin.

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