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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Latest Work
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"Daughter of the Sea"
3 mins 49s
19 Nov 2019
Generations of history provide the background to this poignant film for French fishing union Pavillon.

Sony PlayStation
"Feel the Power of Pro"
18 Nov 2019
This impeccably realised ad for the PlayStation 4 Pro feels like a ‘Waterworld' reboot at first.

Let's Get Checked
"Mark & Gavin"
2 mins
19 Nov 2019
Bowel cancer isn't a disease often discussed in Adland, and this touching film for Let's Get Checked intends to bring the little spoken-of illness into the spotlight.

Sky Cinema
"Twelve Days of Idris"
19 Nov 2019
Sky Cinema wisely put Idris Elba back front and centre for their Christmas ad, which offers a filmic twist on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas'.

Cold Call
"One Call"
19 Nov 2019
Channel 5's latest straight-from-the-headlines show 'Cold Call' receives a dramatic introduction with this simple but ominous ad.

"Good Luck"
19 Nov 2019
KFC depicts Christmas dinner prep as hell on Earth in these anarchic animated ads.

"Monster Fairy"
19 Nov 2019
A rare but welcome festive outing for Homebase sees a woman's perfect Christmas threatened by a rogue tree decoration.

Red Bull
19 Nov 2019
Redundancy hits the North Pole in a predictable instalment of Red Bull's long-running animated campaign.

Short Films
19 Nov 2019
Dennis Wardzala's brisk animated short evokes so-called walking simulators like ‘Firewatch' and ‘Everybody's Gone to the Rapture'.

Amazon Echo
"Coming Home"
19 Nov 2019
Director Jake Scott adds yet another Amazon Echo commercial to his reel, as the brand demonstrate how users can show they care from afar.

Estée Lauder
"Gifts to Win Her Heart"
18 Nov 2019
Nancy Sinatra's ‘Who Will Buy' provides the soundtrack to this festive Estée Lauder commercial.

"The Bread Shop Bakery"
19 Nov 2019
A bakery run by the same family for three generations takes the spotlight in this amiable Visa commercial.

17 Nov 2019
Another reindeer-inspired outing from McDonald's as a girl meets heavy festive resistance from her sister.

Dick's Sporting Goods
"The New Kid"
18 Nov 2019
An army of leisure equipment takes over a store to welcome their latest arrival in this impressively realised ad for Dick's Sporting Goods.

Shay & Blue
"Be Real"
18 Nov 2019
Perfume brand Shay & Blue go for an edgy vibe in their latest commercial campaign.

Bronco Stop
"Bus Shelter"
15 Nov 2019
A bus shelter ad comes to life in an uninspiring ad for Bronchostop cough mixture.

V Energy Drink
"The Procrastination Place"
18 Nov 2019
Energy drink pedlars V bid to tackle Australasia's procrastination crisis with this with this interdimensional caper.

"The True Measure of a Man"
18 Nov 2019
Jacamo have come a long way since the days of Johnny Vegas and the fashion police; now the outsize menswear brand seek to refine their image further.

DJ Shadow
"Rocket Fuel"
3 mins 46s
18 Nov 2019
Director Sam Pilling's latest music video for DJ Shadow is a mischievous blend of archive footage and lunar fisticuffs.

"Typical Christmas"
17 Nov 2019
Despite the protagonist's best efforts, this festive Toffifee commercial is pretty soulless.

Baylis & Harding
"Kelly Brook"
17 Nov 2019
What do you buy for the woman who has everything? Well, everything that's made by Baylis & Harding at least? That's right - more Baylis & Harding products!

Louis Tomlinson
"We Made It"
4 mins 11s
15 Nov 2019
Is Louis Tomlinson turning into a Liam Gallagher tribute act? This 'We Made It' promo suggests so.

Currys PC World
"Victoria Pendleton"
17 Nov 2019
Pushy salesman Tim returns for another Currys PC World outing - this time alongside cyclist-turned-jockey Victoria Pendleton.

"Gingerbread House"
15 Nov 2019
Christmas cheer continues to spread like a particularly aggressive virus in another instalment of Asda's festive campaign.

"Print the Holidays"
15 Nov 2019
Most of us could do with taking a step back from social media at any given time of the year, but HP suggest it's particularly vital at Christmas.

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