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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"Series Five"

Matt said:

Lovely work. The voiceover sounds vaguely familiar.



Five Star Work
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"Winter in Paris"
15 Nov 2019
This well-shot commercial for outerwear brand Aigle suggests Parisians have missed a trick with their morning commute.

BBC Sounds
"Have You Heard George's Podcast?"
14 Nov 2019
'Have You Heard George's Podcast?' creator George the Poet aims to get the word out there.

"Let's Clean the Air"
14 Nov 2019
The ever-more pressing issue of air pollution is explored in this striking ad from energy provider E.on.

John Lewis & Waitrose
"Excitable Edgar"
2 mins 30s
14 Nov 2019
The most eagerly-awaited (or should that be Edgarly-awaited) commercial of the year has been released... the John Lewis Christmas ad - brought to you this year in association with their supermarket partners Waitrose.

"Changing Places"
13 Nov 2019
The limitations of travelling while disabled are explored in this touching partnership between Tesco and accessibility charity Changing Places.

"Now You See"
1 min 38s
13 Nov 2019
Banking becomes even more of a dystopian nightmare than usual in this ominous commercial for Nubank.

"Nicholas the Sweep"
2 mins 30s
12 Nov 2019
This rollicking two-and-a-half minute ad from Sainsbury's charts the origins of one Nicholas the chimney sweep.

11 Nov 2019
This German McDonald's ad suggests the notorious velociraptor has a bad rap, so to speak.

"Gifting is Hard"
11 Nov 2019
It's that time of year again - time to try and work out what to give friends, family, and what feels like everyone else under the sun for Christmas. That's where Boots come in.

Renault Clio
"The French Exchange"
2 mins 10s
9 Nov 2019
Renault chart the evolution of a relationship through the years in this touching commercial for their Clio model.

"Silence the Critics"
8 Nov 2019
House-shaming takes a curious new form in this entertaining outing for IKEA.

Leroy Merlin
"A Life to Build"
1 min 42s
7 Nov 2019
This CG-heavy epic from home improvement retailer Leroy Merlin suggests life in a post-apocalyptic world is nowhere near as bad as books, films, and video games make out.

"Leafy Blinders"
7 Nov 2019
Kevin the Carrot runs afoul of the Leafy Blinders in Aldi's Christmas outing.

Dogs Trust
7 Nov 2019
A dog made of champagne corks may sound like Dom Pérignon's dream pet, but it's actually the star of the Dogs Trust's splendid Christmas ad.

"Granny Goes Out Out"
1 min 33s
6 Nov 2019
Family values are the order of the day in this touching, light-footed commercial for online clothing retailer Zalando.

"The World Got Game"
6 Nov 2019
This colour-saturated promo for sports streaming service DAZN draws attention to their coverage of the 2019 Basketball World Cup.

Amazon Prime
"Everybody Needs Somebody to Love"
5 Nov 2019
Amazon's bid for festive domination sees their iconic cardboard boxes once again burst into song.

5 Nov 2019
This intriguing ad for Bosch from director Matthew Swanson shows that terror can strike at any time.

Toyota Rav4
"Push The Limit"
4 Nov 2019
Kinetic visuals and crunchy sound design propel this impressive Toyota RAV4 commercial from director Nigel Simpkiss.

"Northern Lights"
2 mins
4 Nov 2019
Christmas kicks off with a bang at Asda, with a two-minute film which does its best to hit every emotional soft spot possible.

"The Book of Dreams"
2 mins 46s
1 Nov 2019
Argos revive nostalgic memories of Christmases spent studying their catalogue in this sweet commercial.

"The Big Set"
1 Nov 2019
After dedicating a campaign to trashing Netflix, Canal+ signed a deal with them at the last minute - this latest instalment addresses that change of heart.

The Joy of Plants
"Thanks, Plants"
1 min 35s
31 Oct 2019
Plant lovers rejoice: you now have a short film with which to communicate the sheer joy your green friends bring you.

International Fund for Agricultural Development
"Still I Rise"
2 mins
31 Oct 2019
There is a visual freshness to director Camille Summers–Valli's piece for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) that is complemented by some old-school poetic flair.

Ovarian Cancer Action
"I Will Survive"
30 Oct 2019
Ovarian Cancer Action are the latest brand to enlist Gloria Gaynor's services as the charity bid to safeguard the next generation.

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