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In an act of idiotic boldness, DAVID REVIEWS is restarting its social media presence from scratch. Please follow @MrDavidReviews on Twitter to be the first to see new work as we post it, and read our wry comments on what's happening in the world of advertising.


Latest Additions
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TV2 Sumo
"Keep Streaming"
18 Nov 2018
This beautifully shot ad for Finnish streaming service TV2 Sumo makes the case that good programming is an art form... literally

20 Nov 2018
Another amusing ad from US mobile network Spectrum demonstrates that monsters aren't just for Halloween.

Dunnes Stores
"Shine a Light"
20 Nov 2018
Dunnes Stores pump up the feel-good factor in this charming Christmas outing.

"The Journey of the Pixel"
20 Nov 2018
Digital ad agency Abacus have released this diverting CG film which follows a bronze ball on a slick marble run.

"Driven By Intuition"
20 Nov 2018
Billed as the world's first AI-scripted car ad, this Lexus commercial dutifully trots out some of the sector's hardwired tropes, albeit in attractive fashion.

Short Films
"The End of the Line"
1 min 38s
20 Nov 2018
This mediative documentary reveals what goes through the mind of a slackline walker in mid-air.

19 Nov 2018
Telecom giant Comcast promise "unrelenting speed" in this work-focused outing, which takes viewers on a glossy tour of America's network nation.

John Lewis
"Bohemian Rhapsody BTS Film"
4 mins
18 Nov 2018
John Lewis and Waitrose offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse at September's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' ad.

"Christmas 2018"
18 Nov 2018
This Irish commercial for Lidl sees the supermarket's staff make themselves at home as Christmas kicks into gear.

Easy Life
1 min 54s
19 Nov 2018
Greg Barthes's promo for their single 'Nightmares' captures the band's strange charm.

Roses Gabor
"I Could Be Yours"
3 mins 41s
19 Nov 2018
Director Sophie Jones's sophomore effort with R&B singer Roses Gabor is another accomplished promo that lulls viewers into a halcyon scene.

Black & Decker
"Built to Last"
19 Nov 2018
Military hardware meets civilian hardware in this sombre Black & Decker ad marking Veterans Day.

BBC Sport App
"Danger Mouse"
19 Nov 2018
One-eyed super rodent Danger Mouse is the latest BBC personality to reveal his sporting allegiance via the broadcaster's Sport app.

"Christmas 2018 BTS Film"
3 mins 57s
18 Nov 2018
This charming film goes behind the scenes on the Sainsbury's Christmas ad.

Canal Digital
18 Nov 2018
A man called Björn questions his reality in this meta outing for Canal Digital and Netflix.

"Consider Christmas"
18 Nov 2018
Another day, another rhyming script as Irish convenience store chain SuperValu bid for festive custom.

"No Carrots"
18 Nov 2018
Santa's reindeer suffer a fuel shortage in this well-rendered Christmas ad for McDonald's.

Chemical Brothers
"Free Yourself"
6 mins 31s
16 Nov 2018
As the Chemical Brothers announce their ninth studio album, this lively promo pairs Tom Rowland and Ed Simon's latest track with an android rave.

"Save Yourself"
3 mins 46s
15 Nov 2018
'Save Yourself' was written by artist Sola during a deep depression and is about "learning to love yourself through your flaws".

London Film Week
"London on Film"
19 Nov 2018
The inaugural London Film Week begins on Tuesday 4th December, so event co-sponsors Hungry Man hope this 45" trailer puts bums on seats.

"Fast Forward"
18 Nov 2018
John Lewis responded to this ad on Twitter with the words: "I thought we were Partners @waitrose?" which led to a conversation with Waitrose which ran and ran.

16 Nov 2018
Vodafone channel ice skating biopic ‘I, Tonya' for their Christmas ad.

River Island
"Move To Your Own Beat"
15 Nov 2018
High street fashion chain River Island offer a typically chic spin on the Christmas dance with this nimble ad from director Hanna Besirevic.

Coca Cola
"Zero Sugar Christmas"
16 Nov 2018
Presumably spooked by the healthy living brigade, Coca-Cola promote their Zero Sugar variant in this festive retread.

Versus Arthritis
15 Nov 2018
One of three tender Versus Arthritis ads, this instalment examines how the condition impacts a sufferer's love life.

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