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twenty one pilots
"My Blood"
3 mins 52s
16 Oct 2018
When two young boys lose their mother, the bond between them becomes tighter than ever in Tim Mattia's promo for 'My Blood'.

3 mins 58s
16 Oct 2018
Up-and-coming pop auteur Au/Ra makes a splash with this unnerving promo for 'Emoji'.

16 Oct 2018
VIP treatment needn’t require limousines or a champagne reception, according to this 30” Photobox commercial.

Imperial Daze
"Always Settling"
4 mins 44s
16 Oct 2018
Thermal imaging and closed-circuit television turn this Imperial Daze promo into a techno-thriller.

Little Big
3 mins 12s
15 Oct 2018
The latest flash in the pan dance craze has arrived courtesy of Russian band Little Big… and frontman-cum-director Ilya Ilich Prusikin has delivered a batshit promo to boot.

TV Licensing
"Corporate Espionage"
16 Oct 2018
One of three well-observed spoofs from TV Licensing, this latest instalment takes place in a sleek office block - the kind where corporate misdeeds outnumber paperclips.

2 mins 43s
16 Oct 2018
This trail for much-hyped Netflix exclusive 'Elite' promises drama fiends a new source of intrigue.

"Round The Twist"
16 Oct 2018
Sainsbury’s deliver a dose of 90s nostalgia in this ad for their Halloween wares.

15 Oct 2018
There's a useful ambiguity in the casting of this delightful ad for Tui and we're not sure how intentional it is.

ONE Campaign
"When I Grow Up..."
1 min 38s
12 Oct 2018
This affecting film for the ONE campaign continues the charity's bid to draw attention to the sexist elements of poverty.

Global Girls Alliance
2 mins 40s
15 Oct 2018
Director MJ Delaney brings her usual zest to this feel-good outing for the Global Girls Alliance - an initiative spearheaded by Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation.

Party City
"It's On"
12 Oct 2018
This ad for costume store Party City reminds spook enthusiasts to prepare for Halloween in advance.

TV Licensing
"Shoulder Pads"
15 Oct 2018
TV Licensing hark back to the golden age of soap opera in this vintage-style ad.

Buzz Bingo
15 Oct 2018
Buzz Bingo join the ranks of online gambling sites offering us endless, er, thrills at the push of a button.

"Halloween 2018"
12 Oct 2018
Superdrug take a look at the lighter side of Halloween with this colourful ad.

March for Our Lives
"The Most Vicious Circle"
9 mins 38s
13 Oct 2018
This PSA-cum-music promo from March for Our Lives is a triple threat.

"That's Just Not Cricket"
15 Oct 2018
This loose trip through cricket history from Australian broadcaster Foxtel depicts some of the sport's contentious moments.

Children In Need
"It's a Thing"
15 Oct 2018
This BBC ad encourages the public to "do their thing" for the annual Children In Need donation drive.

"Food Fight"
12 Oct 2018
A girls’ night out descends into all-out warfare in this Avon commercial… if one counts a food fight as warfare, that is.

Plastic Free Pledge
"Bottle Boy"
1 min 56s
12 Oct 2018
Plastic Free Pledge offer a darkly comic slant on saving the planet with this Tony Burke-directed short film.

"In the Studio"
12 Oct 2018
Audio specialists Yamaha suggest their new home speaker can be your personal backing band in this retro-tinged commercial.

"Soggy Bottom"
12 Oct 2018
Baileys suggest their new Almande incarnation can be used to fix baking mishaps in this quirky ad.

12 Oct 2018
What's in a smile? Quite a lot, according to this personable ad for Signal toothpaste.

Visit California
3 mins 14s
12 Oct 2018
Our latest missive from Visit California arrives courtesy of Vera Mulyani - an architect with an interplanetary remit.

Grace Carter
"Why Her Not Me"
3 mins 53s
12 Oct 2018
Brighton-raised songstress Grace Carter goes for a loaded walk on the beach in this James Slater-directed promo for ‘Why Her Not Me'.

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