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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Royal London
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Royal London
"Determination Since 1861"
4 Oct 2019
Determination is the name of the game in this intrepid outing for Royal London insurance.

Royal London
"Helping Hand"
5 May 2017
Gethin Alderman returns to give us another wonderfully frank talk about death in this ad for Royal London.

Royal London
6 Jun 2016
It's good to hear Gethin Alderman's Welsh lilt uttering Royal London's name again as the insurer returns to its laudable live-action campaign with an adventure on the high seas.

Royal London
"Funerals Are Expensive"
7 Oct 2015
This neat addition to the current series for Royal London taps into the vibe of the better-budgeted work by retaining the services of Gethin Alderman for the VO.

Royal London
13 Jun 2015
A series of bumpers for Royal London once again mines the archives for historical gags.

Royal London
13 May 2015
Intrepid time traveler Roy provides assistance to a Victorian dentist in this nicely performed ad for Royal London.

Royal London
"We're All Going to Die"
1 Oct 2014
This fantastic commercial for Royal London not only tackles the taboo of 'death', it laughs in its face.

Royal London
"Goode Times and Bad"
7 May 2014
"Bein' from the olden days," a besieged Gethin Alderman tells us as he's hit by arrows, "Royal Insurance are full of classic olden-day values."

Royal London
"Ye Olde Pensions"
2 May 2014
Who knew insurance was allowed to be this much fun? A walk through the ages introduces us to different types of cover provided by Royal Insurance.

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