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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"Earth to COP"

Elise said:




Jon Hopkins
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Jon Hopkins
"Music for Psychedelic Therapy"
7 mins 07s
3 Nov 2021
The best way to experience this promo for Jon Hopkins’s ‘Music for Psychedelic Therapy’ is to wear headphones and turn off the lights.

Jon Hopkins
"Feel First Life"
5 mins 01s
9 Oct 2018
Elliot Dear's clip for 'Feel First Life' - another track from latest album 'Singularity' sends tingles down our spines.

Jon Hopkins
5 mins 23s
18 Sep 2018
What a pleasure it is to watch the promo Seb Edwards has made for Jon Hopkins's 'Singularity': a spellbinding tour de force of visual trickery and caprice.

Jon Hopkins
"Emerald Rush"
3 mins 22s
21 Mar 2018
To add a visual dimension to his new track, Jon Hopkins approached collaborators on previous compositions - Elliot Dear and Rob Hunter of Blink.

Jon Hopkins
5 mins 23s
12 Dec 2013
Jon Hopkins is music's Large Hadron – in Collider, as with all his work, he somehow finds the god particle.

Jon Hopkins
"Open Eye Signal"
8 mins 02s
27 May 2013
Imagine a blowfly that's necked a shedload of ecstasy. Now imagine the fly gliding across vast, balmy expanses of America, dipping and weaving as the drug kicks in.

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