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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Short Films
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Short Films
"Cúl an Tí (The Back Of The House)"
16 mins 29s
27 May 2020
Stuart Douglas’s beautifully played drama from 2018 hits home more than ever right now.

Short Films
"Class of 2020: Wash Your Hands"
2 mins 20s
18 May 2020
Who’d have predicted hand washing would become a cultural touchstone in 2020?

Short Films
"A Taste of Home"
3 mins 20s
18 May 2020
This eloquent short film by director Libby Burke Wilde sheds light on Blackpool’s Syrian community, and the importance of food to those forced to leave their homeland.

Short Films
"Alone Together"
4 mins 01s
17 May 2020
Guy Johnson - son of the late Maya Angelou - recites his mother’s ode to togetherness in this timely short film.

Short Films
"Who Is Your Everybody?"
18 May 2020
Director Ozzie Pullin shows admirable restraint in this 90” compilation of FaceTime calls made during lockdown.

Short Films
"We Matter Too"
2 mins
18 May 2020
The barbarity of the American prison system is widely documented, but Covid-19 has thrown its issues into stark relief.

Short Films
"Mobsters in Lockdown"
4 mins 30s
17 May 2020
Director Tim James Brown's light-hearted short film focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on organised crime.

Short Films
2 mins 41s
11 May 2020
This sleek short film takes a touching look at the city of Amsterdam - now almost deserted under lockdown.

Short Films
"Get Inspired"
5 May 2020
This patriotic short film encourages people to take the initiative to help others during lockdown.

Short Films
"Thank You"
4 May 2020
‘We’ll Meet Again’’s strong showing in the lockdown charts continues with this short film by director Marie Lanna.

Short Films
6 mins 31s
4 May 2020
This intriguing short film explores how technology affects our relationships in the modern world.

Short Films
4 mins 18s
26 Apr 2020
Director Law Chen examines the plight of those who must keep moving during New York's lockdown.

Short Films
"Lockdown Experiment"
3 mins 26s
20 Apr 2020
Max De Lucia of music company DLMDD boldly decided to see if it was possible for musicians in lockdown to compose a single piece of music by contributing fifteen seconds apiece.

Short Films
"The Still"
3 mins 04s
23 Apr 2020
This measured short film shows the Westminster Bridge mob how to salute the NHS properly.

Short Films
"Ever Upward"
2 mins 57s
19 Apr 2020
This affecting film explores how New Yorkers are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Short Films
"Isolated Trees"
1 min 48s
15 Apr 2020
This intimate quarantine documentary comes courtesy of Nick Tree, whose family provide an example of what we're all staying home to protect.

Short Films
14 mins 44s
15 Apr 2020
This absorbing short film takes an often misunderstood disorder and plays it for laughs in the best possible way.

Short Films
"Ali & Nina"
7 mins 30s
6 Apr 2020
The subtleties of film are explored in this intriguing Swedish short, which focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter.

Short Films
7 mins 47s
1 Apr 2020
This evocative short film is bound to hit home for many in the current climate, as an astronaut finds themselves suddenly unemployed.

Short Films
22 mins
30 Mar 2020
This darkly funny short film is a heady blend of murder, northern soul, and sex chat lines.

Short Films
4 mins 08s
30 Mar 2020
French immigrant Léa (Alicia Medina) washes dishes in a London cafe and reads Juliet Nicolson in her sparsely furnished flat.

Short Films
4 mins 34s
22 Mar 2020
This emotionally charged short film evokes ‘Bronson’ and ‘Starred Up’ in its depiction of solitary confinement.

Short Films
"Mute: Deliverance"
1 min 45s
5 Mar 2020
Director Andy Lambert rounds off his latest ‘Mute’ trilogy with a short and sweet trip into the woods.

Short Films
"Mute: Scene Stealer"
2 mins 06s
28 Feb 2020
Fans of Alfred Hitchcock will appreciate this latest entry in director Andy Lambert’s ‘MUTE’ anthology series.

Short Films
"Mute: Dust Devil"
1 min 35s
26 Feb 2020
DAVID has been given strict instructions not to spoil the ending of this one-shot comedy from Andy Lambert’s MUTE series.

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