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Climate Coalition
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Climate Coalition
"A Love Song"
3 mins 26s
9 Feb 2017
A cast of acting luminaries declaim a poem about climate change; their plangent tones asking us to stop and reflect on the beauty of the planet and the pain we're causing it.

Climate Coalition
"I Wish for You"
5 mins 05s
23 Feb 2016
Jeremy Irons and Maxine Peake are the heavyweight acting talent behind this intimate film directed by RSA's Stuart Rideout on behalf of the Climate Coalition.

Climate Coalition
"Show The Love"
1 min 50s
11 Feb 2015
This kind of ensemble piece doesn't always work but this film has been put together with such care and attention that it comes together beautifully.

Climate Coalition
7 Feb 2007

Climate Coalition
"Visible Gases"
2 mins
14 Jan 2006

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