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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Remember A Charity
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Remember A Charity
"Don't Forget to Remember'"
2 mins 37s
12 Sep 2016
This film urging us to remember to leave some money to charity in our wills takes a gentle meander around its purpose before bringing us to its destination.

Remember A Charity
"Wing Walker"
2 mins 56s
9 Sep 2014
"There is a legend in all of us," says 94-year-old Tom Lackey, as we watch him wing walk to raise money and awareness for Remember A Charity.

Remember A Charity
"Take a Moment"
2 Aug 2013
There's a wonderful piece of hyperbole at the centre of this film reminding us to spare a thought for the charities we support when we're writing our wills.

Remember A Charity
"Ice Cream Van"
31 Mar 2009
An ice cream magnate chooses to have his funeral corsage led by an ice cream van.

Remember A Charity
"Bat Out Of Hell"
31 Mar 2009
We should all be grateful that this new series of ads uses humour rather than mawkishness to remind us to leave money to charities in our wills.

Remember A Charity
"Will You?"
21 May 2005

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