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Five Star Work
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Future Forward USA Action
20 Jul 2018
This commercial from Future Forward USA offers a subtle yet scathing criticism of the current American administration.

"The Sun"
20 Jul 2018
How many AO delivery drivers does it take to change a lightbulb? Two, if this fetching commercial is anything to go by.

Dick's Sporting Goods
"Play It Like You Own It"
18 Jul 2018
US sporting goods store Dick's advise customers to "play it like you own it" in this kinetic ad.

Cadbury Twirl
17 Jul 2018
VCCP has launched a new campaign for Cadbury - drawing attention to the brand's popular Twirl bar.

Dollar Shave Club
"Get Ready"
3 mins 40s
13 Jul 2018
This lengthy ode to male and female grooming from Dollar Shave Club may leave significant others amused, bemused, or simply aghast.

Smart Energy GB
"Powering Britain"
11 Jul 2018
Smart Energy GB are launching a new campaign to get the whole nation using smart meters by 2020.

10 Jul 2018
Directed by Tim Bullock, this Canal+ ad offers viewers a, ahem, fresh take on Christopher Nolan's WWII epic 'Dunkirk'.

"Foodmakers and Shopkeepers"
5 Jul 2018
Morrisons emphasise their British credentials in this classy ad from Publicis and director Ian Winstanley.

Wu Fang Zhai
"Sticky Rice"
3 mins 13s
4 Jul 2018
This barmy commercial from Chinese food brand Wu Fang Zhai depicts a crop of rice (played by a human cast wearing pointy hats) striving for culinary transcendence.

"We Are the NHS"
4 Jul 2018
MullenLowe have released a major new campaign to coincide with the NHS's 70th anniversary.

Old Spice
"Big Announcement"
4 Jul 2018
Old Spice spoof old-school perfume ads in this entertaining launch film for their brand new cologne.

Ford Mustang
"Don't Go Quietly"
2 Jul 2018
This measured Ford Mustang commercial encourages road rage of a different kind.

Time's Up
"Workplace Harassment"
2 mins 51s
29 Jun 2018
This animated PSA is part of the Time's Up movement, and aims to educate rather than assign blame.

27 Jun 2018
Keen to offer their own spin on Formula One's mug-mushing side effects, Mobil1 draw from an entirely different sport: boxing.

27 Jun 2018
This timely Audi ad draws attention to a brand new market - female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Kit Kat
"The Red Phone"
26 Jun 2018
Kit Kat demonstrates that sometimes even people in the most high-powered positions need a break.

Unstereotype Alliance
2 mins 15s
26 Jun 2018
The Unstereotype Alliance have launched this film to mark one year of their mission to end stereotyping within the ad industry.

London Pride
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
2 mins
25 Jun 2018
London Pride have released this poignant film to highlight the LGBT community's ongoing struggle for acceptance.

Uncle Ben's
"The British"
22 Jun 2018
Uncle Ben's have released a love letter to the British melting pot with this charming and timely film.

Dollar Shave Club
20 Jun 2018
Dollar Shave Club continue their surreal journey through the shaving senses with this entertaining ad.

19 Jun 2018
Audi buck the car ad trend with this intriguing commercial for their approved used cars.

19 Jun 2018
"Ask and you won't receive," says this punky blend of live action and animation for Nike Russia.

Royal Navy
"Michael's Story"
18 Jun 2018
Walt Whitman's 'Song of the Open Road' propels this latest 'Made in the Royal Navy' film.

Mitre 10
"Kong's Out Again"
18 Jun 2018
A donkey named Kong proves the ultimate escape artist in this entertaining ad for New Zealand hardware chain Mitre 10.

Paddy Power
13 Jun 2018
Paddy Power's amusing World Cup ad sees the controversy-courting bookmaker throw their weight behind VAR (video assistant referee technology)… both on and off the pitch.

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