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"Who Stole The Cup?"

Matt said:

Blimey. Imagine trying to direct Maradona. Bloody well done.



H & M
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H & M
"Under the Sun"
20 May 2018
H & M pick a distinctly retro soundtrack for their summer 2018 commercial.

H & M
"Take the Lead"
22 Mar 2018
This star-studded, effervescent film for H & M celebrates female empowerment through a joyful dance sequence.

H & M
"A Magical Holiday"
3 mins 19s
30 Nov 2017
H & M conjure up a very modern fairy tale for their Christmas outing, with appropriately charming results.

H & M
"The Secret Life of Flowers"
4 mins 06s
25 Oct 2017
Baz Luhrmann revisits Brideshead in this film for H&M's Erdem collaboration.

H & M
"Weeknd Stroll"
12 Oct 2017
The Weeknd takes a stroll through Los Angeles in this H&M commercial.

H & M
2 mins 30s
15 Sep 2017
This ad for H&M is given a huge dollop of energy by George Michael's perfect 1980s earworm, and you may find yourself forming a new appreciation for a song that once seemed quite inconsequential.

H & M
20 Jul 2017
This teaser is just enough to whet our appetites for director Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film for H & M.

H & M
23 May 2017
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood's 'Summer Wine' lends retro appeal to H&M's summer commercial.

H & M
31 Mar 2017
The Kinks's 'Set Me Free' brings some carefree vibes to H & M's latest spring commercial.

H & M
"The Weeknd"
8 Mar 2017
This stylish film for H&M sees music star The Weeknd exploring his adopted home city of Los Angeles.

H & M
"Come Together"
3 mins 52s
27 Nov 2016
H & M's Christmas commercial looks like a Wes Anderson film... mainly because it is a Wes Anderson film.

H & M
"She's A Lady"
7 Oct 2016
It's heartening to see H&M showing their customers more than just gorgeous models wearing their clothes.

H & M
"She's A Lady"
7 Oct 2016
H&M make their message clear with this campaign: there's no one way to be a woman.

H & M
"The Road Trip"
5 mins 20s
29 Sep 2016
H & M's odd couple of David Beckham and Kevin Hart hit the road to Las Vegas... or ruin, more like.

H & M
"Back To School 2016"
1 min 42s
5 Sep 2016
This spot shows how the kids with the best breaks are cooler than liquid nitrogen and invariably dressed in H&M.

H & M
"Coachella is Everywhere"
1 min 40s
11 May 2016
This year's Coachella festival may have been and gone, but the California magnet for the young, the hip, and the famous lives on in this evocative H & M commercial.

H & M
"After School Sessions"
9 Apr 2016
The cast of this H & M commercial produces a sugar-sweet rendition of Chairmen of the Board's 'Everybody's Got A Song To Sing' while modelling the retailer's collection of children's threads.

H & M
"City Diaries"
23 Mar 2016
A stylish spot for H&M featuring supermodels Mica Arganaraz and Rianne van Rompaey, who swan around various cities looking leggy and luscious.

H & M
8 Feb 2016
This H & M ad has Becks hitting the town while wearing items from his Modern Essentials range. Turns out the whole town has the same idea.

H & M
"Katie Perry"
2 mins
28 Nov 2015
H&M's Katie Perry special has the same effect as a surfeit of butter icing.

H & M
"Modern Essentials"
6 mins 50s
29 Sep 2015
H & M's unorthodox pairing of David Beckham and Kevin Hart delivers in its near-seven minute form.

H & M
"Fall In Love 2015"
27 Sep 2015
In this paean to Autumn style for H&M, we have a beautiful couple strolling around somewhere classily European with a somnolence borne of their own and each other's gorgeousness.

H & M
"Beckham Meets Hart"
22 Sep 2015
David Beckham's excellent performance in a new commercial for H&M brings an end to the 'no speaking' rule DAVID has previously insisted on.

H & M
"Close The Loop"
17 Sep 2015
Iggy Pop delivers a sales pitch cleverly designed to look like an environment-awareness film.

H & M
"Back to School"
13 Aug 2015
Attractive photography combined with sharp editing and a well-chosen track are the usual elements in an H & M ad and all three are on display here.

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