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Dr Oetker
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Dr Oetker
19 Sep 2017
Another collection of amusing idents for Dr Oetker sees a three-tier cake become its own barbershop, uh, triplet.

Dr Oetker
12 Sep 2017
Dr Oetker's Great British Bake-Off sponsorship continues with another anthropomorphic confection.

Dr Oetker
"The Great British Bake-Off"
5 Sep 2017
These amusing sponsorship idents for the Great British Bake Off feature a sassy piece of German chocolate cake.

Dr Oetker
2 Mar 2015
The Teutonic-sounding Dr Oetker tries to persuade us that their pallid frozen pizzas are of restaurant quality, as a man feeds a woman a slice of the stuff.

Dr Oetker
"Public Vote"
11 Sep 2013
The pizza brand with a name suggesting a German psychoanalyst who's moved into the catering industry tempts us with this tasting menu of cards featuring various topping options.

Dr Oetker
"Try It"
17 Jun 2013
This rushed spot has an accumulation of voices trying to burble something about the pizza base as their heads are superimposed on a square which turns into a packshot on a kitchen table.

Dr Oetker
17 Jun 2013
This tedious offering suggests the pizzas are as bland as the ad itself.

Dr Oetker
"Competitive Cake Making"
8 Feb 2012
A couple get all competitive when they discover the various products available from Dr Oetker.

Dr Oetker
5 Jul 2010
Bored with the same humdrum choices in her fridge, a woman peels back a layer of film to reveal a hunky fellow and a pile of fresh fruit.

Dr Oetker
"Secret Recipe"
23 Apr 2008
Dubbed ad in which a housewife tells of a secret recipe to making chocolate cake in France.

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