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The Apprentice
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The Apprentice
19 Sep 2017
There's a fun meta streak to this Apprentice teaser as series thirteen approaches.

The Apprentice
"Inner Thoughts"
26 Sep 2016
This trail for series twelve of The Apprentice almost makes us feel sorry for the candidates on the receiving end of Lord Sugar's wrath... almost, mind.

The Apprentice
5 Oct 2015
The Apprentice is back, and with Nick Hewer enjoying the more genteel business of teatime teasers on Countdown, Claude Littner is promoted to a seat beside Lord Sugar and Karren Brady.

The Apprentice
14 Apr 2013
Looks like a lot of fun was had in the making of this. Bassey belts out 'Goldfinger' as a variety of reactions occur at the sight of a stubby old finger singling something out...

The Apprentice
"Winner Takes It All"
12 Mar 2009
This amusing trail has Alan Sugar surveying the mayhem after the candidates to become his apprentice have wreaked their havoc.

The Apprentice
"The Race To Impress"
20 Mar 2008
A brutal race where no quarter is given turns out to be in pursuit of Sir Alan's Rolls Royce.

The Apprentice
"Sink Or Swim"
4 Jul 2007
Those competing for the dubious pleasure of working alongside Alan Sugar as the survivors of a mishap at sea.

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