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Suzuki Vitara
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Suzuki Vitara
"Fire Station"
9 Sep 2017
Ant and Dec give Luke the fireman a lift to work in this extended instalment of their Suzuki Vitara campaign.

Suzuki Vitara
"Lap Time"
27 May 2017
It's heartening to see how funny Ant and Dec still find each other after all their years together.

Suzuki Vitara
"Sonya Street"
22 Apr 2017
Sonya is the latest 'unsuspecting' customer to receive a test drive with a difference.

Suzuki Vitara
"Happiest Test Drive"
24 Mar 2017
Despite 'surprising' plenty of Suzuki customers already, Ant and Dec's enthusiasm shows no sign of waning.

Suzuki Vitara
10 Sep 2016
No need for the in-car radio in this Suzuki commercial as Ant & Dec give two members of a marching band a lift.

Suzuki Vitara
"Wedding Day"
27 Aug 2016
Forget luxury cars and horse-drawn carriages - arriving at your wedding in a Suzuki Vitara driven by Ant & Dec is the way to go these days.

Suzuki Vitara
"Everything And More"
12 Jul 2016
"When did we stop dreaming?" "When did we stop wanting it all?" "It's time to wake up". Blimey, Suzuki are chucking nebulous copy at us like nobody's business!

Suzuki Vitara
"The Arrival"
5 Apr 2015
Having spotted a fleet of Suzuki Vitaras on the horizon, the townspeople greet the cars with a carnival of noise and confetti.

Suzuki Vitara
"Vitara - Teaser"
30 Mar 2015
This Suzuki teaser is the second ad in as many weeks to feature a vigilant townsperson excitedly spotting a car on the horizon.

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