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Marks & Spencer
"Steak and Chocolate"

Chris said:

With some footage courtesy of Y&R LONDON.



Loyle Carner
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Loyle Carner
"Sun of Jean"
5 mins 07s
22 Sep 2017
Rare is the rap video you can show your dear old mum. Credit to Loyle Carner Bullion's Joao Retorta then for achieving such a feat.

Loyle Carner
"The Isle of Arran"
3 mins 37s
2 Dec 2016
In Georgia Hudson's promo for 'Isle of Arran', Loyle Carner walks through the corridors of an unearthly hospital on his way to visit his newborn child.

Loyle Carner
"Stars And Shards"
3 mins 08s
24 May 2016
The immediate intro to 'Stars And Shards' sounds like a King Krule track with its mournful, reverb-y guitars... but then Loyle Carner's vocals kick in and you're immediately drawn into the tale he weaves.

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