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8 November 2017
Sweden Music Performances

Gibson appeal to everyday rockstars in this Swedish ad for their affordable guitar range. We see wannabe superstars pose for pictures, practice their autographs, and prance around like they're in a music video... all in settings which undermine the fantasy. It's amusing stuff - and we're impressed to see an all-female cast, too.


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8 Nov 2017
Gibson appeal to everyday rockstars in this Swedish ad for their affordable guitar range. We see wannabe superstars pose for pictures, practice their autographs, and prance around like they're in a music video... all in settings which undermine the fantasy. It's amusing stuff - and we're impressed to see an all-female cast, too.

8 Nov 2017
This touching Swedish ad for IKEA shows the enduring love a son has for his mother, even if she can't quite reciprocate the way she used to. A subdued acoustic cover of David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' sets the mood, as we watch a guy carefully wrap a present and catch the bus, a melancholy look out of the window suggesting he's mentally preparing himself for something.

19 Oct 2017
Swedish insurance providers AMF take a surreal approach in this entertaining ad for their pension plan. Director Tomas Jonsgården mixes the fantastical with the mundane to great effect, as we see a guy's inner monologue come alive. He catches the bus home on a rainy night, feeling sorry for himself... until something unexpected sends him to his happy place.

"Dog Sled"
12 Oct 2017
This chilly Skoda commercial opens with a poser: “What is a road, really?” While the narrator muses on highways and byways, a musher leads his snow hounds across frozen terrain and white-out conditions. The Swedish marque commend those who stray off the beaten path - preferably in the advertised vehicle.

"Close Call"
13 Sep 2017
Ikea’s domestic campaign has a deep well to draw from. This lad’s parents are away for the evening - perfect excuse for a house party. Unfortunately, he lets the guest list spiral out of control. He’ll pay for it in the morning, but he wisely calls for back-up. If you’re going to shut down a party, best do it with a Pendant lamp.

"Coconut Kiss"
3 mins 56s
7 Sep 2017
This dreamy film by Rodrigo Saavedra functions as both an ad for upmarket pyjama designers Nufferton, and a promo for Niki & The Dove's 'Coconut Kiss'. Frustrated with her ex, a woman falls asleep... only for her dog to lead her through the city on an unconscious walkabout. The sleepwalking is interspersed with snippets of her exotic dream, giving the film a surreal yet quiet vibe.

23 Aug 2017
Dirty dishes and anti-social teenagers have no place in Ikea’s world view. The Swedish furniture giant’s latest ad depicts a mother at the end of her tether. As her offspring and their friends monopolise her home, she decides enough is enough. Hint taken, they power down and tidy up. More thoughtful domesticity from director Martin Werner.

The Dreamer
"Bonka Time"
3 mins 20s
15 Jun 2017
While The Dreamer's "Bonka Time" is likely to drive listeners, well, bonkers, we fear resistance may be futile. Forget lyrical depth and enjoy Tim James Brown's geek odyssey instead. Mum may tuck the protagonist in each night, but once the lights go out, it's - you guessed it - "bonka time". With all the charisma of Will from 'The Inbetweeners', he embarks on an international rave... complete with PJs and cuddly goat.

"The Internet of Things"
2 mins 07s
16 Jun 2017
This strange film from Semcon shows a puppet singing about the interconnectedness of modern life. The song is a tongue-in-cheek criticism of seemingly unnecessary connections between tech, offering ludicrous examples including a taxi being connected to a litterbox, as the whole thing builds to a tangled crescendo. We take it they're not Apple fans.

"Do Donken"
8 Jun 2017
As Britain clamours for a new identity after our fit of Brexit pique which has the rest of the world characterising us a nation of self-harming buffoons, we could do worse than look to Sweden for inspiration. Here is a country which takes pride in multiculturalism without adding bigoted caveats to appease racists and a country which prides its ability to collect tax from wealthy companies to fund a well-resourced safety net for the less fortunate member of society.

"Coming Home"
9 May 2017
In this new slice-of-life spot for IKEA, director Martin Werner depicts the part a soft toy plays in an adoption. The adoptive mother tentatively hands her new son the teddy when she goes to meet him; he in turn brings the album of photos she's sent him which are to prepare him for his new life. Thus the teddy and a future of love and security are inextricably linked. Clever and touching.

"The Impossible Run"
3 mins 44s
7 Apr 2017
This Swedish film is an intriguing reminder of what quality sound design can achieve. Stockholm audio firm Lexter partner with blind athlete Oscar Widegren to create a sonic running track, allowing Widegren to run solo for the first time. As well as promoting the studio's technical nous, the piece underlines how technology can empower disabled athletes.

1 min 40s
5 Apr 2017
This stylish ad for Urbanears boasts strong production design and an infectious beat. To showcase the brand's range of wireless speakers, BRF's Magnus Härdner crafts a multi-storey shindig. Once the beat kicks in, we're treated to some especially precise gyrating from the colourful cast as the brand's meticulous approach to audio pays off.

Swedish Railways
"Paul's Journey"
14 Mar 2017
Some journeys are more difficult than others. The central character in this enlightened commercial for Swedish Railways has embarked on a personal journey to seek acceptance for his transvestitism - and he's no generic cipher representing the LGBT community, either. He's Pelle Pia Hedberg, who became a cause célèbre in his native Sweden when his decision to begin dressing as a woman in the workplace provoked a row with his boss.

8 Mar 2017
Real cats aren't as funny as cats on the internet, a sombre voiceover informs us, so we shouldn't bother getting one. Instead, we should spend the money earmarked for litter and cat food on really good broadband from Swedish provider Telia, so we can watch funny animal videos to our heart's content. The faux-serious tone feels spot on here, as man and cat stare at each other with mutual disappointment.

"Married Men"
8 Mar 2017
Swedish telecom outfit Telia cast a wry eye on our internet habits in this 30" commercial. While hubby drones on about Nietzsche and American politics (“Look at what’s happening in America”, eh?), his wife takes advantage of Telia’s superior broadband speeds to ogle some hunky spouses. Somehow we don’t fancy this couple’s long-term prospects.

"The Get Away Car"
2 mins 51s
30 Jan 2017
The words of the late Alan Watts echo through this Volvo film. As Watts encourages us to live in the moment, we see modern types decide the time has come to reconnect with their true passions. The familiar imagery is given extra heft by the philosopher's 1959 speech. Mind you, we can’t help but wonder if the car brand took inspiration from this YouTube video.

"Bot Rights"
5 mins 24s
18 Jan 2017
It’s rare we feature an ad about Swedish trade unions, but here we are. The country’s trade union alliance has released this lengthy film championing workers’ rights for, erm, artificial intelligence. That includes automated answering services, chatbots, and even spambots, bless ‘em. A novel way of promoting union membership in the digital era.

"A Good Listener"
25 Nov 2016
Following their attention-grabbing portrayal of divorce, Ikea present another understated family snapshot. The retailer plays a small but vital role in ensuring this father is always there for his daughter. Once again, director Martin Werner puts story before product and the result is one of the more emotive portrayals of a wooden stool we can remember.

"Estate Agent"
24 Nov 2016
Who knew estate agents had a fun-loving side? Online betting site Betsson aim to show everyone's a player in some shape or form. This couple is impressed by their dream home's storage space - though they didn't anticipate just how roomy the upstairs cupboard is. It's a fun pay-off, and the brand's play anywhere mentality comes across with a jolt.

24 Nov 2016
One of two Betsson ads encouraging us to indulge our childish impulses. Here, a locker room attendant makes things very awkward for the physio by swapping aggressive rap for sensual R&B. It's a familiar gag - sweaty men, touching, a subsequent misunderstanding - but the online betting site stays just on the right side of cheeky.

"Christmas Lights"
22 Nov 2016
This visually stunning ad for E.on shows that nice old couples can still get funky with their Christmas lights. With a light and laser display set to Avicii's 'I Called Your Name', the energy company inform us that with them we can use a solar battery to store energy all year round so a colourful Christmas blowout doesn't put a strain on the bills or the environment.

"The Robot"
4 Oct 2016
Playtime takes a surprising turn in this excellent ad for home security brand Daloc. A young boy regales his pal with talk of an extraordinary newcomer to his home - a newcomer made of steel, with gripping hooks, a "spy eye" and an ability to swallow all sound. His friendunderstandably pictures a robot of epic proportions - but just wait for the twist...

"Every Other Week"
14 Sep 2016
This commercial has been widely praised for tackling the taboo of separated families but - in DAVID's opinion - that isn't really its strength. Divorce is far too commonplace for anyone to consider it taboo and while it's always welcome to see modern situations being normalised in advertising, it's hard to believe viewers will feel it's revolutionary to see this kind of depiction in a commercial.

"The Story of Poäng"
3 mins 12s
14 Sep 2016
This neatly told origin tale for IKEA's Poäng chair provides interesting relief for those who dismiss the furniture retailer's offerings as flatpack crap. The Swedish company has been responsible for some design classics and this is a perfect way to celebrate one of them. It manages to imply that the corridors of IKEA were a fore-runner of Silicon Valley, with designers given a free hand to come up with something good.

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