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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Short Films
6 mins 31s
4 May 2020
This intriguing short film explores how technology affects our relationships in the modern world.

Declan McKenna
"The Key to Life on Earth"
4 mins 38s
15 Apr 2020
Tousle-haired troubadour Declan McKenna forms an uncanny double act in this well-choreographed promo for ‘The Key to Life on Earth’.

The Guardian
"Mykal Kilgore"
2 mins 57s
5 Mar 2020
This collaboration between Google and The Guardian profiles Mykal Kilgore.

"Zerotypes: Socials"
26 Feb 2020
Online fashion retailer Zalando supplement their 60” ‘Zerotypes’ film with a quintet of social films directed by Tash Tung.

25 Feb 2020
Style supersedes substance in this carnivalesque ad for online retailer Zalando.

Declan McKenna
"Beautiful Faces"
3 mins 42s
18 Feb 2020
There's a touch of David Bowie about the latest Declan McKenna single, and a colourfully quirky promo only helps cement the association.

4 Feb 2020
NatWest say look after the pennies and the pounds... well, you know the rest.

"Accent Yourself"
8 Jan 2020
Babbel address pronunciation anxiety head-on in their latest campaign, which encourages users to embrace their unique accent.

John Lewis & Waitrose
"The Making Of Excitable Edgar"
3 mins 49s
3 Dec 2019
Virtually every blockbuster worth its salt has a making-of film prepared, so it makes sense for John Lewis & Waitrose to follow suit.

Waitrose & Partners
"Excitable Edgar"
27 Nov 2019
Excitable Edgar must curb his incendiary enthusiasm when he's presented with a tableful of Waitrose grub.

John Lewis & Waitrose
"Excitable Edgar"
2 mins 30s
14 Nov 2019
The most eagerly-awaited (or should that be Edgarly-awaited) commercial of the year has been released... the John Lewis Christmas ad - brought to you this year in association with their supermarket partners Waitrose.

"Control the Party"
4 mins 41s
8 Nov 2019
Prospa's militant club banger ‘Control the Party' receives an equally thumping promo courtesy of director Jak Payne.

"One More Day Won't Hurt"
3 mins 16s
15 Oct 2019
Punk rock duo Slaves are on typically febrile form with new track ‘One More Day Won't Hurt', and director Will Hooper has delivered a seizure-baiting promo to boot.

"ITV Rugby World Cup Sponsorship"
20 Sep 2019
An educational new series of idents for confused.com's sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup on ITV attempts to expand vocabularies.

"Happy Place - Festival"
10 Sep 2019
In the second of two spots for Barclaycard, we visit the happy place of the guy whose partner treated him to a music festival.

"Happy Place - Wrestling"
10 Sep 2019
In one of two twin ads for Barclaycard, a woman puts up with a music festival for the sake of her beloved.

3 Sep 2019
The second of two new commercials for Barclaycard, this ad turns the tables on the couple from the brand's last outing.

"My Happy Place"
2 Sep 2019
A couple's clashing interests take centre stage in this ad for Barclaycard's latest reward scheme.

Bree Runway
"All Night"
3 mins 34s
22 Aug 2019
Bree Runway may describe herself as that "weird black girl", but she's calling the shots in Tash Tung's erotic, fetishistic video for 'All Night'.

Bree Runway
"Big Racks (ft. Brooke Candy)"
3 mins 36s
8 Jul 2019
This promo for Bree Runway's 'Big Racks' offers an absurdist vision of the rapper's one-woman cosmetics empire.

Pride in London
2 mins 10s
21 Jun 2019
Pride in London have released a film commemorating the event's jubilee year.

Bree Runway
3 mins 23s
29 May 2019
Bree Runway takes a sensual romp into alternate realities with this gripping promo from Fred Rowson.

Marika Hackman
"I’m Not Where You Are"
3 mins 49s
24 May 2019
Marika Hackman's lyrics are often preoccupied with dysfunctional relationships, and 'I'm Not Where You Are' is no exception.

"Come Down"
4 mins 07s
1 May 2019
This atmospheric promo from APRE matches 'Come Down' with a dreamlike, cryptic vibe.

11 Apr 2019
'Choice' has always been the most important word in giffgaff's marketing and their latest commercial has the idea of 'choice' at its heart.

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