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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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String and Tins
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James Massiah
"Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)"
4 mins 55s
15 Sep 2019
It's the end of the world, happening not with a bang but a heatwave; the planet simmering like one big lobster pot slowly coming to the boil.

Britain’s Beer Alliance
"The Horns Lodge Inn"
30 mins
1 Aug 2019
This engaging film by the Britain's Beer Alliance aims to rally the nation's lapsed pubgoers before their locals shut down for good.

"Katherine Ryan"
19 Jul 2019
Ubiquitous comedian Katherine Ryan gives an amusingly physical performance in this 60" Barclaycard ad

"Find Your Force"
16 Jul 2019
An effective back and forth between protagonist and narrator drives this energetic ad from the Royal Air Force.

1 Jul 2019
An overpriced dog bed propels this latest Barclays commercial which draws attention to the bank's mobile app.

The Gym
11 Jun 2019
Exercise chain The Gym attempt to appeal to a yoof audience by putting rapper and presenter Big Narstie through his paces.

Prostate Cancer UK
"We Are With You"
20 May 2019
Prostate Cancer UK celebrate masculinity in all its forms in this touching commercial from BBH and director Nicolas Jack Davies.

"150th Anniversary Cake"
12 May 2019
Although the voiceover artist is a tad earnest as she tries to negotiate some awkward scansion, the zoetrope at the centre of this commercial celebrating Sainsbury's 150th anniversary is a spectacular set-piece and marks this out as an impressive piece of work.

"Jeopardy on the Forecourt"
10 May 2019
This Barclays campaign goes from strength to strength as it promotes the bank's mobile app.

"Did Somebody Say Just Eat?"
9 May 2019
Just Eat continue their foray into the world of music with this peppy commercial.

Amazon Prime
1 May 2019
In this particular spot, a woman lying on a sofa is buying sports socks - the extent to which she is willing to indulge her self-delusions - when she spots a golden dress.

Amazon Prime
1 May 2019
One of four new spots for Amazon Prime, this features a diffident new mother who espies a stylish chair online and imagines how it would change the impression people have of her.

Amazon Prime
1 May 2019
Amazon Prime take sales seduction to its logical conclusion in another excellent outing from their latest campaign.

Amazon Prime
1 May 2019
Another wish-fulfilling ad from Amazon's lovely new campaign sees a guy seduced by his own bed.

"For Your Great Outdoors"
29 Apr 2019
Cuprinol emphasise the beauty of the natural world in this sweeping film.

Burger King
18 Apr 2019
Burger King continue their vocabulary-focused campaign with another excruciating faux-pas.

Burger King
17 Apr 2019
Burger King encourage customers to think Whopper in this entertaining ad.

5 Apr 2019
Why pick one vehicle when you can have several? That's the premise of this lightning piece of animation for Honda.

1 Apr 2019
Sheba give cats a unique voice in this entertaining commercial, which applies a showbiz sheen to their posh pet nosh.

Virgin Media
"Signal Boost"
1 Apr 2019
As Virgin Media prepare to leave for pastures new, agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty offer up one last superheroic caper starring Usain Bolt.

The Wildlife Trusts
"The Wind in the Willows"
2 mins
29 Mar 2019
This beautifully animated film for The Wildlife Trusts draws attention to the challenges facing Britain's native species in a whimsical manner.

"Upside Down House"
20 Mar 2019
Barclaycard continue to emphasise their unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses - however wacky their USP.

Chemical Brothers
"We've Got to Try"
4 mins 27s
12 Mar 2019
The first half of this Chemical Brothers promo from director Ninian Doff feels like a left-field Formula One commercial.

"A Pleasure to Follow"
11 Mar 2019
Audi announce the launch of their R8 model with this high speed city caper.

Amnesty International
"Family-Free Zone"
1 min 38s
11 Mar 2019
This hidden camera film sees Amnesty International turn a chunk of London's South Bank into a ‘family-free zone'.

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