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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Friend London
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27 Sep 2019
Baked goods take the spotlight in Lidl's latest ad, which emphasises the quality of their products.

"Big on Autumn"
16 Sep 2019
Having previously waxed lyrical about summer, it should come as no surprise that Lidl are big on autumn, too.

Bombay Sapphire
"Discover the Possibilities Within"
22 Aug 2019
Vodka has often been presented as the spirit of choice for creative types - now it's Bombay Sapphire's turn to make the case for gin.

Hot Chip
3 mins 37s
25 Jul 2019
This touchy-feely promo for Hot Chip's 'Spell' sees a romantic night in take a turn for the weird.

Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens
4 mins 09s
17 Jul 2019
A collaboration between Chris (emerging from Christine and the Queens) and Charli XCX can only be a good thing... and 'Gone' proves the point.

4 mins 29s
11 Jul 2019
Greg Ohrel's promo is in every way a match for this track; tuning in to its sinister sexiness via the story of a jaded cop looking for bigger thrills than he's currently getting.

"Defying Logic"
9 Jul 2019
Lexus defy the laws of physics - alongside a few other rules of nature - in this surreal commercial.

Nescafé Azera
30 May 2019
A shoe rattling around a washing machine provides the perfect backbeat in this ad for Nescafé Azera.

"Chicken Dance"
12 Apr 2019
KFC turn three more punters into compulsive cluckers with this 20" ad, which draws attention to the brand's hot wings promotion.

"What the Cluck?"
11 Apr 2019
This hyperactive blend of live-action and animation for KFC turns a pair of basketball players into clucking live wires.

"Don't Feel Like Crying"
2 mins 37s
5 Apr 2019
Quirky Scandi wunderkind Sigrid returns with another effervescent single to make it feel like summer might, one day, actually arrive.

Fire Safety
"One Accident"
15 Mar 2019
This well-shot fire safety film weaves its way through multiple rooms that contain potent fire hazards.

Caterham Cars
"Test Drive"
21 Feb 2019
Surrey-based Caterham Cars celebrate the art of the donut in this 40" ad directed by Wriggles and Robins.

"You Up?"
15 Jan 2019
Kev's Nike VaporMax trainers come with "reflective design integration" and added punctuality.

Friendly Fires
"Heaven Let Me In"
4 mins 20s
30 Nov 2018
Over seven years after their sophomore album, ‘Pala', St Albans quartet Friendly Fires break cover with this nimble music video for ‘Heaven Let Me In'.

"Share Your Gifts"
2 mins 44s
27 Nov 2018
A girl learns to embrace her creativity in this sumptuous animation from Apple.

13 Nov 2018
A woman is besieged by headache triggers in this playfully-realised Nurofen commercial.

"The Christmas Fool"
2 Nov 2018
Argos reveal a pint-sized CG imp is responsible for all festive mishaps.

Samsung Galaxy
"Quad Camera"
22 Oct 2018
Four is the magic number… according to this latest Samsung Galaxy plug, at least.

"Phones Are Good"
2 mins 33s
17 Oct 2018
Three thumb their nose at technophobes with this excellent ad singing the not-so-humble phone's praises.

19 Sep 2018
Nurofen embrace the healing power of a good swear in this amusing ad.

Sophie Hunger
5 mins 14s
17 Aug 2018
Rally fans will appreciate this promo for Swiss artist Sophie Hunger latest single, ‘Tricks'.

Arctic Monkeys
"Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino"
3 mins 51s
25 Jul 2018
Alex Turner continues his transformation from rocksmith to jaded space crooner with this latest Arctic Monkeys video.

5 mins 57s
16 Jul 2018
Considering it was made on a shoestring budget, this promo by Zhang + Knight for ATO's 'Monster' is pretty impressive.

Art School Girlfriend
3 mins 57s
10 Jul 2018
This enigmatic promo for Art School Girlfriend's track 'Moon' creates intrigue from the word go.

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