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Short Films
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Short Films
"Five Star Fouad"
8 mins 13s
9 Feb 2018
Caviar’s Ollie Wolf directs this likeable short film starring Dominic West as a bank robber in dire need of a getaway driver.

Short Films
8 Feb 2018
This animation from NOMINT's Tony Zagoraios finds new use for a variety of everyday items.

Short Films
"How Was Your Day?"
13 mins 05s
2 Feb 2018
Hunky Dory's Damien O'Donnell directs this raw insight into postnatal depression.

Short Films
2 mins 15s
27 Jan 2018
This highly-relatable short film depicting the horror of filing your tax return may prove a bit much for the DAVID REVIEWS audience at this time of year.

Short Films
"Cautionary Tales"
8 mins 05s
26 Jan 2018
This entertaining film demonstrates the perils of ignoring received wisdom... no matter how outlandish.

Short Films
4 mins 40s
24 Jan 2018
Reality bites in director Matt Huntley’s amusing seaside romance.

Short Films
"My Turtle Dove"
7 mins 08s
8 Jan 2018
Jay Stephen and Ralph Briscoe's debut film is a love letter to Britain, composed in the wake of Brexit.

Short Films
14 Dec 2017
This amusing spoof film tells us about a company which helps you cheat Santa and get back on the nice list.

Short Films
"Born in a Void"
7 mins 14s
14 Dec 2017
This entrancing animation from Blinkink’s Alex Grigg is a colourful yet melancholy trip.

Short Films
"Gremlins: Recall"
10 mins 43s
8 Dec 2017
MindsEye’s Ryan Patrick gives ‘Gremlins’ fans the threequel they’ve been waiting for.

Short Films
3 mins 40s
4 Dec 2017
Matt Lambert addresses the sexist censorship of nipples in the age of social media in this confrontational film.

Short Films
10 mins 33s
29 Nov 2017
A fashion designer's work-life balance goes haywire in this arch short film.

Short Films
10 mins 13s
22 Nov 2017
LEZ Creative’s Sam Delaney has shot an intriguing short film based on a fictional cult’s descent into oblivion.

Short Films
"Pink or Blue"
3 mins 08s
18 Nov 2017
This striking short film stars poet Hollie McNish, as she dissects the ridiculous concept of gender stereotypes.

Short Films
"One Minute"
2 mins 22s
14 Nov 2017
Max Sherman’s two-hander will chime with anyone used to close-quarters squabbles.

Short Films
3 Nov 2017
This 60” trailer for Bugsy Riverbank Steel’s ‘Fighter’ promises something different in the sweat-stained boxing genre.

Short Films
"Dead Good"
2 mins 56s
1 Nov 2017
Carl Prechezer’s online series casts the Grim Reaper as a keen street dancer.

Short Films
3 mins 43s
30 Oct 2017
Human guinea pigs Kaley, Tyler, Imogen, and Lily manipulate their own faces in an effort to find digital perfection.

Short Films
"The Last Time"
3 mins 51s
27 Oct 2017
With Stoptober reaching the, er, fag end, Christine Hooper’s lively short film charts one woman’s on-off relationship with cigarettes.

Short Films
10 mins 11s
13 Oct 2017
Co-written with Burning Reel’s Harrison Boyce, this short film sees singer Cassie and her beau go through the wringer.

Short Films
4 mins 40s
11 Oct 2017
This vivid short film marks World Mental Health Day with an eloquent insight into troubled minds.

Short Films
"Brian & Charles"
12 mins 06s
29 Sep 2017
This bittersweet comedy from MindsEye’s Jim Archer explores human-robot relations in a rustic setting.

Short Films
"The Super Recogniser"
11 mins
28 Sep 2017
The privacy paranoid may want to skip this chilling film from Jennifer Sheridan and Missing Link Films... but they shouldn't.

Short Films
"Aum Shinrikyo"
2 mins
26 Sep 2017
This atmospheric short film from director Noah Conopask is inspired by the Tokyo Subway sarin gas attack of 1995.

Short Films
"The Bowling Butcher Of Blackburn"
5 mins 35s
8 Sep 2017
Sam Huntley’s documentary is an affectionate look at Lancashire bowler David Shawforth as he shifts between joints and jacks.

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