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Latest Additions
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"All You Need is Love"
4 Jun 2020
This commercial narrated by Anjelica Huston claims that in a world beset by Covid-19, “all we need is love” .

Sky Sports
"The Comeback"
4 Jun 2020
Sky Sports join Nike on the Covid-19 comeback trail now, as the broadcaster present four of the best sporting turnarounds in recent memory.

Bank of America
4 Jun 2020
This lofty outing for the Bank of America may feel incongruous at present, but it offers businesses a sign that hope is on the horizon.

Laithwaite's Wine
"£15 Off"
4 Jun 2020
This straightforward ad for Laithwaite's Wine uses stock footage to suggest its particular brand of grown-up grape juice is superior.

Mr Porter
"Why I Run: The Ultra Runner"
2 mins 52s
3 Jun 2020
Men’s fashion hub Mr Porter take viewers to the French Alps with this meditative profile of ultra-runner Germain Grangier.

Air Wick
"A Scent That Lifts"
4 Jun 2020
There's some lovely VFX work in this outing for Air Wick, which draws attention to the brand's latest range of essential oil diffusers.

"Local Heroes"
3 Jun 2020
With Richard Ayoade unable to ramble across the UK as usual, Sandi Toksvig steps into for the breach for HSBC’s ‘Local Heroes’ campaign.

"Yomi Sode & Son"
2 Jun 2020
This sweet ad for Nationwide is given added weight by the cultural context it's been released into.

"Roger & Dorothy"
3 Jun 2020
These ads for Australian pet food brand Schmackos catch the eyes with some frantic action.

"giffgaff Gives Back"
3 Jun 2020
This brief clip for giffgaff features the Rosie May Foundation, which delivers essential supplies via pink tuk-tuk.

"Forever Now"
3 Jun 2020
Lockdown must be a joy for the couple in this Polaroid commercial, as it gives them the chance to take arty photos of each other all day long.

Short Films
"What Kinda Music"
6 mins 27s
3 Jun 2020
Joshua Osborne’s mellifluous documentary follows guitarist Tom Misch and drummer Yussef Dayes as they prepare to launch ‘What Kinda Music'.

Best Fiends
3 Jun 2020
As if the prospect of more in-app purchases wasn’t bad enough, mobile game developer Seriously Digital Entertainment also doubt their customers’ ability to spell.

Short Films
"My Time"
5 mins 48s
27 May 2020
Giulia Gandini’s captivating short film depicts a deeply personal first: a schoolgirl’s first period.

Lloyds Bank
"By Your Side"
31 May 2020
Lockdown restrictions may have been eased across the country, but fears over a looming mental health crisis persist.

"Never Too Far Down"
31 May 2020
This lofty offering from Nike uses sporting success to make a comment about resilience during the current pandemic.

"Still Going Strong"
31 May 2020
This punchy ad celebrates Facebook's role in keeping people together during lockdown.

Empathy Test
4 mins 03s
26 May 2020
This intriguing promo for electronica outfit Empathy Test's latest track 'Monsters' deals out arousal and disgust in equal measure.

Red Bull
6 mins 54s
26 May 2020
This sci-fi short for Red Bull offers a different take on the concept of energy.

Short Films
"Cúl an Tí (The Back Of The House)"
16 mins 29s
27 May 2020
Stuart Douglas’s beautifully played drama from 2018 hits home more than ever right now.

J P Cooper
"Little Bit of Love"
3 mins 30s
26 May 2020
Amidst the rancour of Cummings-gate and Donald Trump versus social media comes this extraordinary revelation from JP Cooper: “Sometimes everybody needs a little bit of love.”

Water Aid
"You Can't Have A Rainbow Without Water"
26 May 2020
Water Aid reminds viewers of the origin of rainbows - and the importance of ensuring everyone can have them.

Håkan Hellström
"All Dreams Are Fulfilled"
5 mins 15s
26 May 2020
Håkan Hellström’s ‘All Dreams Are Fulfilled’ has more than a hint of ‘My Generation’ about it, but the track plays second fiddle to Fillip Nilsson’s quirky promo.

Direct Line
26 May 2020
Superheroes needn’t concern themselves with leaks or burst pipes - that’s what Direct Line are for.

Direct Line
"Super Plumber"
26 May 2020
Having previously tapped the likes of RoboCop, Donatello, and Bumblebee, Direct Line introduce their own potential franchise-launcher: Super-Plumber.

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