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Latest Additions
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Bross Bagels
"Mama Bross"
1 min 44s
16 Dec 2018
This film for Bross Bagels is a perfect example of how stuff created on a shoestring can sit alongside much better financed films these days.

"Puerto Rico"
5 mins 34s
14 Dec 2018
Over a year since Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, this enlightening documentary charts examines the impact on San Juan's flagship Caribe Hilton hotel.

Simon Community
14 Dec 2018
This low-key ad for Simon Community introduces the organisation's Rough Sleepers Team.

Warner Edwards
14 Dec 2018
A hedgehog joins the craft gin revolution in this luminous commercial for Warner Edwards.

2 mins 04s
14 Dec 2018
Gift face strikes again in this off-beat ad for menswear retailer Spoke, as a German reporter probes our nation's annual "fäkenschmïlen" epidemic.

Kettle Chips
"Flavour Shakers"
14 Dec 2018
What do you get for the person who has everything, including a potentially debilitating crisp addiction? A Kettle Chips seasoning shaker, of course.

14 Dec 2018
Baileys continue their mission to salvage Britain's baking mishaps with their spin on the humble cheesecake.

"Heavy Metal"
4 mins 26s
13 Dec 2018
'Heavy Metal' isn't related to Ozzy et al in the slightest. It's more like Toccata and Fugue had a weird threesome with Gesaffelstein and mid-era prog rock.

13 Dec 2018
A rare outing for the accountancy sector now as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) offer nervy businesses a literal safety net.

"Jacqui Oatley"
13 Dec 2018
Sports journalist and broadcaster Jacqui Oatley spearheads this compelling piece for Twitter's #WomenInFootball campaign.

"New Santa"
3 mins 50s
13 Dec 2018
Even Father Christmas isn't immune from a mid-life crisis, according to this playful Audi commercial

"The Handmade Gift"
12 Dec 2018
This wooly Greenpeace film blends tactile animation and grim topicality as the NGO targets air pollution in urban spaces.

Jorja Smith
"The One"
3 mins 32s
13 Dec 2018
The video for Jorja Smith's mournful new track 'The One' sees her locked in a cycle of passive misery as she vacillates between action and acceptance.

Capital One
"Festive Checklist"
13 Dec 2018
'Tis the season to check one's credit score, according to this festive commercial from Capital One.

House & Garden
"The Cocktail Party"
3 mins 02s
13 Dec 2018
This latest collaboration between LG and House & Garden delves into the nitty-gritty of party hosting.

"Mollie and Rosie Kmita"
13 Dec 2018
Another timely football documentary from Twitter and directing duo 2Doors as twins Mollie and Rosie Kmita discuss family, football, and kicking down boundaries.

Roger Vivier
"Duo des Chats"
11 Dec 2018
Catherine Deneuve stars in this off-kilter piece for designer shoe brand Roger Vivier, which casts the French screen siren as mum to a pair of ultra-competitive sisters.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Round for Christmas"
12 Dec 2018
The Co-op tackle one of the festive season's most divisive posers: "Is Die Hard a Christmas film?"

12 Dec 2018
One of two fresh Christmas ads from Waitrose and director James Rouse, this instalment centres on a truncated game of charades.

"HPE Pointnext"
12 Dec 2018
Navigating clouds to new frontiers of automation" may not be everyone's idea of a good time, but this fetching Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ad is worth a watch.

"The Force is Female"
12 Dec 2018
Nike tap singer-songwriter Jorja Smith to front their ‘The Force is Female' campaign.

"Best of Copenhagen"
12 Dec 2018
This leisurely outing from Expedia takes viewers on a whistle-stop tour of Copenhagen.

Short Films
"Big Data"
12 Dec 2018
Big data is nothing to be afraid of, according to this perky animation which charts humanity's burgeoning relationship with data.

"Pampered Pooch"
12 Dec 2018
This amusing Jaguar commercial introduces Max - a dog with a taste for the finer things in life.

Ariana Grande
"Thank U, Next"
5 mins 24s
12 Dec 2018
It doesn't matter whether Ariane Grande's music is your thing or not - this is one of those tracks that's so lush and sinuous it'll seep its way into your consciousness and feel linked to the festive season forever... in the best way.

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