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Jon Hopkins
5 mins 19s
18 Sep 2018
What a pleasure it is to watch the promo Seb Edwards has made for Jon Hopkins's 'Singularity': a spellbinding tour de force of visual trickery and caprice.

Virgin Holidays
"When You're Smiling"
15 Sep 2018
Virgin Holidays follow their sister brand's recent airborne jaunt with their own dose of escapism.

"Dog View"
14 Sep 2018
Pedigree gives us a dog's eye view of the world in this ad for their DentaStix.

Gala Bingo
16 Sep 2018
Gala Bingo conflate beach holidays and Mexican mariachi bands in this ad for the site's £50,000 tournament.

BBC Sport App
"Mick Carter"
17 Sep 2018
Reality meets fiction in this 20" plug for the BBC Sport app featuring Danny Dyer aka Mick Carter.

Coca Cola
"One Way or Another"
18 Sep 2018
A cover of Blondie's ‘One Way or Another' underlines the point that Coca-Cola now offer both sugar-free and, well, sugar-full variants of their ubiquitous beverage.

The Apprentice
18 Sep 2018
Alan Sugar and his companions are back for the BBC - this time to take on the scourge of crappy merchandise.

All 4
19 Sep 2018
Content from media enfant terrible Vice can now be found on All 4, according to this 60" trail.

Mercury Prize
"Wolf Alice"
5 mins 41s
19 Sep 2018
This Mercury Prize film from Boiler Room sees Wolf Alice perform 'Heavenward' in decidedly gloomy surroundings.

Calvin Harris / Sam Smith
4 mins 05s
18 Sep 2018
Sam Smith's new joint release with Calvin Harris draws from the intriguing subculture of voguing.

19 Sep 2018
Nurofen embrace the healing power of a good swear in this amusing ad.

BT Business
"On Track"
16 Sep 2018
Model railway enthusiasts will appreciate this 40" effort from BT, which aims to present their business-focused wing in a chummier light.

"Black Pepper"
17 Sep 2018
Another first-person spice ad from Schwartz sees a peppercorn declare that he is 'like no other'.

Sky Mobile
16 Sep 2018
Sky Mobile depict a series of convenient coincidences to draw attention to their policy of rolling over unused data.

Elvie Pump
"Like a Cow"
18 Sep 2018
This tongue-in-cheek ad from Elvie draws attention to their innovative breast pump technology.

"Champions Rise"
1 min 53s
18 Sep 2018
This strobe-lit communication for FIFA 19 has swagger to spare, as well as a cavalier attitude towards eye strain.

"What Have You Done"
3 mins 34s
18 Sep 2018
Director Femi Ladi brings KWAYE's heritage to the fore in this dance promo for 'What Have You Done'.

Ben Chatwin
3 mins 43s
18 Sep 2018
Ben Chatwin's thoughtful exploration of electronic music is brought to life in Zak Emerson's promo for 'Knots'.

Born Dirty
"Get Up Get Out (ft. jstlbby)"
3 mins 36s
16 Sep 2018
Matt Devine's promo observes that being of pensionable age is no barrier to belting out a banger... even if it means enlisting the help of a vintage tape recorder.

Short Films
"Drug Runner"
6 mins 44s
4 Sep 2018
This affecting film from director Charlotte Regan tells the story of a fifteen-year-old drug dealer.

Virgin Atlantic
"Depart the Everyday"
15 Sep 2018
Virgin Atlantic encourage customers to flee the UK for sunnier climbs in this fantastical ad.

Pathé Gaumont
"Big Stories"
2 mins
16 Sep 2018
A horrifically ill-judged piece of crap portraying the upside of stalking.

"King Prawns"
9 Sep 2018
Asda suggest their king prawns may be the start of a beautiful friendship in this charming ad.

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet
"Autumn Winter"
16 Sep 2018
McArthur Glen showcase their Autumn-Winter collection in another colourful ad.

15 Sep 2018
Schwarzkopf embrace the neon hair trend with this fast-paced ad.

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