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Latest Additions
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First Aid Kit
4 mins 34s
23 Jan 2018
Mats Udd's clip for 'Fireworks' brings us a full-blown, no-holds-barred 80s extravaganza of a prom with big hair, leg of mutton puff sleeves, and lashings of smoky eyeshadow.

Jorja Smith
"Let Me Down"
4 mins 19s
23 Jan 2018
Hector Dockrill has created a slick, noir-style clip for rising star Jorja Smith in which she plays a contract killer out to dispatch the man she loves.

DB Export
"Trash Talkers"
23 Jan 2018
This entertaining film for DB Export depicts a stand-off between lager drinkers and craft beer fans.

Virgin Atlantic
"Island View"
23 Jan 2018
Tobago emerges from Trinidadís shadow in this energetic Virgin Atlantic commercial.

23 Jan 2018
Diesel continue to 'go with the flaw' in their latest campaign... except this time around there aren't any actual flaws on display.

Centrepoint Mall
"Unleash Greed"
23 Jan 2018
We can imagine Gordon Gekko cheering at this intense Centrepoint film.

Gala Bingo
"Everyone's A Winner"
22 Jan 2018
Gala Bingo introduce us to a - ahem - fantastical world in which everyone's a winner.

Early Man
22 Jan 2018
Channel 4 and Aardmanís 'Early Man' offer a fun glimpse into Stone Age dating culture with this 10" ad.

22 Jan 2018
This couple appears to bundle a human-sized lump into a car boot.

"100 Calorie Snacks"
22 Jan 2018
It's official folks - forget the looming apocalypse, the real threat to the nation's sprogs is sugar.

Cancer Research
"Unity Band"
18 Jan 2018
Cancer Research revisit another patient on the mend to get the word out about their latest fundraising wristband.

"We Need Your Hands"
22 Jan 2018
This fast-paced ad for German TV network ZDF is the first at DAVID to feature the little-known sport of handball.

BBC Sport
"FA Cup"
22 Jan 2018
MC Haribo warns against complacency as round four of the FA Cup begins.

"AFC Championship Cold Open"
4 mins 18s
23 Jan 2018
Work of this length often outstays its welcome but John Malkovich's masterful postmodern performance in this brilliant cold open for last weekend's AFC Championship game actually leaves you wanting more.

Villa Plus
"Always Giving Extra"
21 Jan 2018
Everyone loves mambo, according to this sun-bathed Villa Plus commercial.

BBC Sport
"Settle It On The Pitch"
22 Jan 2018
More impassioned vox-pops from the BBC ahead of this year's Six Nations tournament.

"What if the Best Present was you?"
21 Jan 2018
This entertaining ad for French rail service Thalys stars a bloke who takes Mariah Carey's Christmas classic a little too literally.

"Red Riding Hood"
17 Jan 2018
Lenor takes a fairy tale approach to fabric softener in this ad... with 'sexy' results.

Harrisonís Fund
"Meeting Grandad"
2 mins 28s
21 Jan 2018
Squire Studios' Phil Tidy provides a consummate lesson in pacing in this touching and important film for charity Harrison's Fund.

Jai Wolf
4 mins 17s
22 Jan 2018
There's an element of Stranger Things in this promo by Andrew Donoho, and sweet though the friendship is, there's something unsettling about the older boy.

Young Fathers
"In My View"
3 mins 23s
22 Jan 2018
Young Fathers continue to defy genre with 'In My View'. Thoughtful, subdued, intimate, it reminds us that nothing comes for free.

"Cooling Down"
22 Jan 2018
Audi make idle gains in this refined RS 4 commercial boasting some fine-tuned sound design.

21 Jan 2018
Another pleasantly vintage ad for Benylin shows a cinematic moment interrupted by a pesky cough.

Robinsons Cordials
19 Jan 2018
Robinsons have released this entertaining ad for their 'grown up' range of cordials just in time for Dry January.

NFU Mutual
"Real Conversations"
19 Jan 2018
This inoffensive montage for NFU Mutual suggests it's time for a real conversation about insurance.

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