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Recent Promos
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Charlotte Cardin
"The Kids"
7 mins 37s
21 Jan 2018
Charlotte Cardin's track about the turbulent lives of a family in the flat upstairs has been expanded into a short about a young boy and his drug-addicted parents.

Adam French
"My Addiction"
4 mins 10s
19 Jan 2018
In his plangent song 'My Addiction', Adam French lets us know how his obsession with the woman he loves feels like drug withdrawal when she's not around.

Jack White
"Connected By Love"
5 mins 03s
19 Jan 2018
The lead single from Jack White's new album Boarding House Reach, 'Connected By Love' feels disappointingly lacking in freshness.

Slay Duggee
"The Stick Song"
19 Jan 2018
Ever wondered what a heavy metal version of Hey Duggee’s ‘The Stick Song’ would sound like? No? Well, erm, this madcap promo should answer any questions.

Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B
5 mins 17s
8 Jan 2018
Racing fans may feel short-changed by this garish collaboration between rappers Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B.

8 mins 26s
13 Dec 2017
This touching vintage promo for Jay-Z's 'Smile' focuses on the story of his mother.

"Blinded By Your Grace Pt2 (ft MNEK)"
4 mins 01s
2 Jan 2018
Stormzy stands at the centre of a group of his fans as director Nez circles the camera around and about him.

"When You Die"
4 mins 25s
15 Dec 2017
The abundance of transfer techniques used to bloodcurdling effect in this clip for MGMT's 'When You Die' is impressive in the way they gather pace and intensity throughout.

Toto Bona Lokua
"Ma Mama"
3 mins 46s
6 Dec 2017
This animated promo for Toto Bona Lokua's 'Ma Mama' depicts a couple's dream getaway.

"Forest Coloss"
2 mins 21s
11 Dec 2017
Berlin-based producer mobilegirl marks her debut EP with this hypnotic promo.

3 mins 43s
8 Dec 2017
Zhang+Knight deliver a haunting promo for EDEN’s latest track, 'Gold’.

Franz Ferdinand
"Always Ascending"
5 mins 21s
7 Dec 2017
Art rock veterans Franz Ferdinand return with this vertiginous promo.

Queens of the Stone Age
"The Way We Used To"
5 mins
30 Nov 2017
Palm Desert rockers Queens of the Stone Age relish their dark side in this bravado promo.

Saint Clair
"Human Touch"
3 mins 51s
29 Nov 2017
This intriguing promo for Saint Clair explores a profession rarely seen in media - a mortuary cosmetologist.

"When I Was Young"
3 mins 17s
29 Nov 2017
Those already pining for Halloween will appreciate this atmospheric MØ promo.

"Ask Around"
3 mins 10s
29 Nov 2017
Part trap, part old-school gangsta cloaked in R&B, the music of rising star Ebenezer has something that speaks to everyone, whether you're a fan of this style or not.

Hercules & Love Affair
3 mins 30s
29 Nov 2017
'Rejoice' is a paean to personal resilience: whatever heartache you're nursing, push on through and celebrate the things you have. William Kennedy's promo mines this mantra in spades.

Ok Go
3 mins 43s
28 Nov 2017
What do get when you combine one experimental rock band, five-hundred-and-sixty-seven printers, and a forest's worth of paper? OK Go’s latest promo, of course.

"Hear My Pain Heal"
4 mins 42s
27 Nov 2017
Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza emanates a female strength you wouldn't want to mess with: brooding and powerful, she's a force to be reckoned with and makes music to match.

L Devine
"Growing Pains"
9 mins 40s
27 Nov 2017
L Devine claims: “The biggest obstacle I face in music is people trying to water down what I want to say.” This nine-minute promo lets the Newcastle artist say and sing her piece.

"I Love LA"
5 mins 06s
24 Nov 2017
Even up-and-coming rock bands require pocket money - thus, Los Angeles four-piece Starcrawler moonlight at Mom’s Donuts and Chinese Food restaurant.

3 mins 34s
18 Nov 2017
Like the song, Elizabeth Orne's promo is a perfect calibration between the awfulness of facing harassment, and the defiance of refusing to be quiet about it.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes
"Spray Paint Love"
3 mins 25s
21 Nov 2017
Frank Carter finds himself in a mirror dimension for this Rattlesnakes promo.

5 mins 15s
16 Nov 2017
Russian group Leningrad swap ultraviolent circus acts for a one-man crimewave in this 'Voyage' promo.

6 mins 33s
16 Nov 2017
Alt-J's promos are ambitious and clever, and this promo for album closer 'Pleader' continues the trend.

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