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Recent Promos
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"Station 13"
6 mins 30s
20 Jul 2018
Set to 'Station 13' by French New Wavers Indochine (still going since 1981), Bouha Kazmi's film about racial bigotry and prejudice is beautifully shot.

St Vincent
"Fast Slow Disco"
3 mins 13s
18 Jul 2018
The original version of this song, just called 'Slow Disco', depicts that moment when we know a relationship is over. But this time, the mood has changed

4 mins 35s
18 Jul 2018
Up-and-coming director Felix Brady puts viewers in the passenger seat for this moody Kobo number.

"The Rover"
5 mins 23s
17 Jul 2018
This humid promo for Interpol's 'The Rover' charts a bearded miscreant's transformation from prospective keyboardist to, er, cult leader.

5 mins 57s
16 Jul 2018
Considering it was made on a shoestring budget, this promo by Zhang + Knight for ATO's 'Monster' is pretty impressive.

"Let Me Live (ft. Anne-Marie & Mr Eazi)"
3 mins 01s
11 Jul 2018
Director Chris Saunders marks his Believe Media bow with this vibrant promo for Rudimental's ‘Let Me Live'.

Art School Girlfriend
3 mins 57s
10 Jul 2018
This enigmatic promo for Art School Girlfriend's track 'Moon' creates intrigue from the word go.

Moss Kena
3 mins 32s
5 Jul 2018
Problems litter this Moss Kena promo in the best way possible with the up-and-coming Londoner sharing everyone's concerns in lyrical fashion.

Kim Janssen
4 mins
4 Jul 2018
Kim Janssen's latest track ‘Gouldians' may be middle-of-the-road fare, but at least the accompanying video embraces multiple angles.

"Real Thing"
4 mins 31s
3 Jul 2018
Electronic duo Bondax return with a feel-good summer single - complete with intense promo to match.

"Colour (ft Hailee Steinfeld)"
3 mins 46s
2 Jul 2018
After his terrific, upfront track and promo 'Tongue' comes 'Colour' - MNEK's big, camp, summery anthem right in time for Pride.

Kamasi Washington
"Street Fighter Mas"
6 mins 16s
2 Jul 2018
Director A G Rojas brings a touch of the surreal to this enthralling promo for Kamasi Washington's 'Street Fighter Mas'.

Charli XCX
"5 In The Morning"
2 mins 57s
2 Jul 2018
Dancing alone in a warehouse for one, Charli XCX tells us that she's still busy looking hot even though it's almost time for work and she hasn't been to bed yet.

Isaac Gracie
"Running on Empty"
3 mins 27s
29 Jun 2018
Long-haired troubadour Isaac Gracie becomes the latest act to escape the city and commandeer - in the words of Blur - "a very big house in the country".

Gaël Faye
"Paris Métèque"
3 mins 41s
28 Jun 2018
Director Raphaël Levy has fittingly connected stories of the dispossessed and disaffected via a streetseller's rose passed from hand to hand.

Chaka Khan
"Like Sugar"
4 mins
28 Jun 2018
This Chaka Khan promo is stuck on repeat in the best possible way.

Young Fathers
"Holy Ghost"
3 mins 23s
27 Jun 2018
Edinburgh-based trio Young Fathers swap town for country in this heat-seeking promo for ‘Holy Ghost'.

Steel Banglez
"Your Lovin' (feat. MØ & Yxng Bane)"
3 mins 23s
27 Jun 2018
This Steel Banglez promo from director KLVDR turns a stately home into a shadowy couples retreat.

Jordan Max
3 mins 18s
26 Jun 2018
The fire rises in Hector Dockrill's latest promo for Jordan Max - this time, the Oldham-born soul merchant means war.

Max Richter
"On The Nature Of Daylight"
3 mins 36s
25 Jun 2018
This slow-burning promo for Max Richter's 'On The Nature Of Daylight' finds Elisabeth Moss on the road to nowhere.

George Ezra
3 mins 28s
25 Jun 2018
George Ezra turns heads - including his own - in this kinetic promo for latest single 'Shotgun'.

"Rusty Pipes"
4 mins 24s
21 Jun 2018
An obsolete humanoid sprinkler systems seeks a new purpose in this quirky Eels promo.

Florence & The Machine
"Big God"
4 mins 28s
22 Jun 2018
Florence & The Machine do dark magic in pyjamas in this atmospheric promo for latest single 'Big God'.

Young Fathers
3 mins 17s
21 Jun 2018
'Toy' is Young Fathers' latest release; a driving, fiercely intense number whose pace and chorus director Salomon Ligthelm has used as inspiration for the video.

"Fake Love"
5 mins 19s
14 Jun 2018
This promo takes the kind of kitchen-sink visual approach which could feel overcrowded, were it not for the polish with which it's executed.

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