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Recent Promos
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"Rusty Pipes"
4 mins 24s
21 Jun 2018
An obsolete humanoid sprinkler systems seeks a new purpose in this quirky Eels promo.

Florence & The Machine
"Big God"
4 mins 28s
22 Jun 2018
Florence & The Machine do dark magic in pyjamas in this atmospheric promo for latest single 'Big God'.

Young Fathers
3 mins 17s
21 Jun 2018
'Toy' is Young Fathers' latest release; a driving, fiercely intense number whose pace and chorus director Salomon Ligthelm has used as inspiration for the video.

"Fake Love"
5 mins 19s
14 Jun 2018
This promo takes the kind of kitchen-sink visual approach which could feel overcrowded, were it not for the polish with which it's executed.

5 mins 21s
13 Jun 2018
This engrossing promo for French-Congolese duo Tshegue depicts a deaf woman's daily grind in a bustling township.

2 mins 48s
13 Jun 2018
CANADA have created this eye-catching promo for Catalan artist Rosalia, whose edgy sound enhances the slick visuals.

Ólafur Arnalds
3 mins 59s
12 Jun 2018
Those who've adopted Iceland as their second team at this year's World Cup may appreciate this soothing effort from artist Ólafur Arnalds.

"Role Model"
4 mins 33s
8 Jun 2018
Chris Hopkins's promo for 'Role Model' by Phoenix has given the work of Helmut Newton an extra dimension by inserting the band into a rare '80s documentary about him.

3 mins 14s
11 Jun 2018
Influenced by classic horror, genre buffs are bound to enjoy this brutal promo for GRAVEDGR's latest track.

"Wave (ft. Noga Erez)"
5 mins 01s
8 Jun 2018
This wild promo descends into a sensual yet glitchy robotic sex scene... with a twist.

4 mins 05s
5 Jun 2018
Bearcubs's ‘Landslide' ebbs and flows with smooth vocals and electronic warbles, and it's matched by a beguiling promo featuring a lone wanderer.

"Toast to Our Differences"
4 mins 16s
5 Jun 2018
Electronic collective Rudimental have released this timely promo for the title track from their latest album.

Father John Misty
"Please Don't Die"
3 mins 35s
5 Jun 2018
Hungover and with a new single to promote, Father John Misty comes face-to-face with his demons in this Claymation number from director Chris Hopewell.

3 mins 20s
4 Jun 2018
From Plastic Beach to Venice Beach, animated troubadours Gorillaz sample the West Coast in this sun-kissed ‘Humility' promo.

"This is Nigeria"
3 mins 42s
25 May 2018
Nigerian rapper Falz instead offers blistering criticism of a corrupt society in response to Childish Gambino's 'This is America'.

"War Dance"
5 mins 52s
25 May 2018
Conflict is ugly, but this captivating promo for French beatmaker Thylacine finds beauty both on and off the battlefield.

"Quarter Past Midnight"
3 mins 25s
24 May 2018
Bastille explore a night out gone weird in this intriguing promo for their latest track, 'Quarter Past Midnight'.

Elle Watson
4 mins 32s
23 May 2018
Up and coming singer-songwriter Elle Watson has released this sultry, neon-lit promo for her latest track 'Pressure'.

Calum Scott
"What I Miss Most"
4 mins 04s
21 May 2018
Calum Scott's ‘What I Miss Most' receives a wistful promo courtesy of director Ozzie Pullin.

5 mins 23s
22 May 2018
Russian rock outfit Leningrad have released another of their characteristic ultra-violent promos, directed by Ilya Naishuller.

De Likt
"Zelf Doen"
2 mins 37s
18 May 2018
Dutch hip-hop outfit De Likt riff on selfie obsession in this promo shot by the Nursery of Evil's latest recruit, Max Siedentopf.

Years & Years
"If You're Over Me"
4 mins 22s
17 May 2018
This second instalment of the Years & Years' ambitious 'Palo Santo' project takes place at a strange talent show.

Arctic Monkeys
"Four Out of Five"
5 mins 28s
15 May 2018
Directors Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown capture the sleazy/gritty vibe of the Arctic Monkeys' latest track to a tee.

Wretch 32
"His & Hers"
4 mins 02s
15 May 2018
Wretch 32's 'His & Hers' lays out the gripes of a couple arguing; playing both sides with equal force.

Sam Smith
3 mins 50s
14 May 2018
Sam Smith's latest single 'Pray' (featuring rapper Logic) is given the luxe treatment in this sweeping promo.

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