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"Hot Air Balloon"

Miles said:

Clearcast comment to put random hot air ballon driver in balloon at all times for H&S reasons? kinda cant stop looking at him trying to not



Recent Promos
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Ben Khan
"2000 Angels"
3 mins 36s
19 Apr 2018
Sinister orderlies, invasive technology, and shots of eyeballs pervade this Ben Khan promo.

Janelle MonŠe
4 mins 28s
18 Apr 2018
Janelle Monae continues her run of groundbreaking music promos with this astonishing film to accompany 'PYNK'.

Belle & Sebastian
"Poor Boy"
3 mins 34s
18 Apr 2018
Rear Window meets flat-hunting in this promo for Belle and Sebastian's latest release, 'Poor Boy'.

Rejjie Snow
"Egyptian Luvr"
4 mins 24s
17 Apr 2018
An extraterrestrial fugitive finds love in this promo by Martin C. Pariseau.

"Get Mine/Golden Ticket"
4 mins 19s
11 Apr 2018
This intriguing promo for Tahir's 'Get Mine/Golden Ticket' comes in two distinct parts.

"I See You Shining"
2 mins 47s
10 Apr 2018
London rapper Nines certainly enjoys his, er, greens in this slick video for 'I See You Shining'.

Leon Bridges
"Bet Ain't Worth the Hand"
4 mins 54s
5 Apr 2018
This engrossing promo combines magical realism with a subtle emotional sensibility.

Mike WiLL Made-It
"Aries (YuGo), Part 2 [ft. Big Sean, Pharrell]"
5 mins 11s
4 Apr 2018
Aries (YuGo) Part 2 sounds more like a revamped urban car than a track title, but who are we to argue with Mike WiLL Made-It, Big Sean, Pharrell, Quavo and Rae Sremmurd?

2 mins 35s
4 Apr 2018
Up and coming singer-songwriter Jeshi takes obsession to a whole new level in this intriguing promo for 'Daydream'.

"Big Part of a Big Sun"
4 mins 16s
3 Apr 2018
This curious promo for French electronic artist DeLaurentis' latest track takes the form of an alien snuff film.

Jack White
"Over and Over and Over"
3 mins 36s
28 Mar 2018
Jack White's latest single and its accompanying promo have a wonderfully discordant feel.

Leon Bridges
"Bad Bad News"
6 mins 06s
27 Mar 2018
Model Paloma Elsesser delivers a captivating performance in this Leon Bridges promo.

Caitlyn Scarlett
3 mins 12s
27 Mar 2018
Up and coming artist Caitlyn Scarlett frolics moodily through a Chinese supermarket in this stylish promo for her latest track.

Slay Duggee
"Everything is Awesome"
2 mins 11s
22 Mar 2018
Just when we thought it was safe to remove our ear muffs, Slay Duggee strike again with this infernal cover of 'Everything is Awesome'.

Bipolar Sunshine
"Easy to Do"
5 mins 44s
22 Mar 2018
Manchester singer-songwriter Bipolar Sunshine returns with this intense, intriguing promo for his latest single 'Easy to Do'.

Alex Hepburn
"I Believe"
2 mins 50s
21 Mar 2018
Emerging talent Alex Hepburn tells the haters where to go - quite stridently - in this intriguing promo for her song 'I Believe'.

Jon Hopkins
"Emerald Rush"
3 mins 22s
21 Mar 2018
To add a visual dimension to his new track, Jon Hopkins approached collaborators on previous compositions - Elliot Dear and Rob Hunter of Blink.

Arcade Fire
15 mins 57s
20 Mar 2018
A penniless Arcade Fire are forced to go corporate in this promo-cum-short film.

The Kills
"List of Demands"
3 mins 57s
19 Mar 2018
The Kills return with a roaring rework of Saul Williams' incisive 'List of Demands (Reparations)' - along with a matching promo.

3 mins 28s
16 Mar 2018
Director Lucrecia Taormina elegantly depicts Cuckoolander's dilemma, as the singer finds herself trapped in a smoky, translucent box with no apparent exit.

"Proud Of Me (ft Little Simz)"
4 mins 24s
15 Mar 2018
Nineteen year-old R&B singer Mahalia gives us a glimpse of her authentic self in Silent Tapes' perceptive clip for 'Proud of Me'.

3 mins 48s
14 Mar 2018
MNEK announces his arrival as a full-blown pop star with this sizzling promo for his latest single 'Tongue'.

Taylor Swift
3 mins 54s
13 Mar 2018
Taylor Swift has long been accused of drawing 'inspiration' from other artists... and this promo is no exception.

Years & Years
5 mins 16s
9 Mar 2018
High-fantasy, high-concept, and high-camp - this promo is everything we've come to expect from Years & Years.

Janelle MonŠe
"Make Me Feel"
3 mins 51s
7 Mar 2018
Boundlessly creative bisexual icon Janelle MonŠe confirms her status as heir apparent to Prince with this outstanding track.

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