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"Everybody In"
1 min 47s
17 May 2017
UK Charities

To mark their fiftieth year, homeless charity Crisis are mobilising to make themselves obsolete before another fifty years have passed. This poignant film imagines what a world without homelessness could - and will - look like.

We watch the sun rise over London, visiting various spots across the city where we'd expect to see a homeless person bedding down - a park bench, an underpass, a shop doorway. But there's not a sleeping bag in sight because, as the voiceover explains, one day every person will be able to find their own space.

Performance poet Francesca Beard wrote the script, delivered brilliantly by Crisis member Lewis Ford. It's a unique approach for a brand to try and make themselves obsolete, something Crisis are determined to achieve with their 'Everybody In' campaign, and this beautiful film takes an equally unusual look at homelessness to help achieve that goal.

"Say Good Nytol"

Matt said:

Lovely bit of work, that.



Latest Work

2 mins 20s
19 Jul 2017
One wouldn’t immediately associate Opel with the new world order, but the marque clearly have a Mr Robot fan on staff. This cinematic commercial wears its tech-noir influences on its sleeve. The main protagonist is a computer hacker determined to crash The System - while her targets squirm, she prepares to strike.

"Do Anything"
19 Jul 2017
This rapid montage by M. Blash for Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S3 is all about creativity. We see the tech in action via quick cuts, as the product jumps between being used as a notepad, laptop, and canvas. The slick visuals and rhythmic soundtrack make the S3 look like the cool alternative to pen and paper, ready to capture lighting-fast flashes of inspiration at any moment.

Björn Borg
"Beyond the Borders"
2 mins 09s
19 Jul 2017
Sportswear brand Björn Borg - named after the Swedish tennis legend - commission an unusual match. The location? The US-Mexico border. Donald Trump will be delighted. With a Border Patrol official as their umpire, youngsters from both nations enjoy a friendly rally. Constant radio chatter and helicopter shots support the idea this is a dicey affair.

British Airways
"Safety Video"
6 mins 06s
19 Jul 2017
This amusing collaboration between British Airways and Comic Relief ensures passengers won't forget to fasten their seatbelts any time soon. The star-studded film features appearances from British celebrities as disparate as Oscar winning actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gillian Anderson, and... Mr Bean. 'People Just Do Nothing's Chabuddy G leads proceedings with... skill.

The Horrors
4 mins 09s
19 Jul 2017
The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan introduces ‘Machine’ with: “Your smile is nothing to live for”. As opening lines go, that is cold. The warmth of previous album ‘Luminous’ is replaced by talk of “mannequin moves” and “cold simulation”. As for the promo, digital filmmaker Jon Emmony presents a hypnotic sequence of biomechanical mutations.

"Park to Pitch"
18 Jul 2017
With the Women’s European Championships underway, McDonald’s reveal how budding mascots can join the Netherlands action. Likeable animation depicts one girl’s journey from park kickabout to accompanying the England national team. Let’s see if the women can show their male counterparts how it’s done at Euro 2017.

"Cold Call"
18 Jul 2017
AO's web chatting family is back for another parent-led conversation. Last time the folks were having an endless stream of appliances delivered in the background - now they've turned their attention to their son's white goods. All as a pretext for a family BBQ, of course. Simon looks reluctant... at least all that fridge space will hold plenty of beer.

18 Jul 2017
McDonnells curry sauce have created a shameless spoof of that cheesy classic ad: 'The Ambassador's Party' for Ferrero Rocher. Complete with vast pyramid of golden fries and the immortal - if paraphrased - line "Wiz zeece chips curry you are really spoiling us", it's a deliciously faithful send-up that bears lots of repeat watching.

"Heads Up"
17 Jul 2017
This playful ad for VO5 shows a pair of screamingly cool teenagers getting up to benign mischief about town. Fuelled by their ever-changing hairstyles, they muck around at a skating rink, dance at a festival, and indulge in a spot of karaoke. A graphic transition of the brand's colours comes between each scene of harmless fun - no cider in the park for these hipsters.

18 Jul 2017
Nike’s irreverent streak continues with this disco-infused commercial. It’s a West Coast showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. When Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson receives the ball, his opponents suffer a bad case of the skates. This gridiron tussle suddenly turns into a roller disco - complete with lighting pinched from Studio 54.

"Coffee Table"
18 Jul 2017
The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is back, and Macmillan want more to get their bake on. This 60” commercial features a well-rounded cast of brewers, bakers, and, well, M&S shoppers. We like the proud look on the mechanic’s face as his colleagues tuck in. An effective reminder that anyone can contribute to this year's event.

"First Day"
18 Jul 2017
Morrisons gets ready for term time with this amiable ad. A lad gears up for his first day at school, complete with pictures in his new uniform (a lovely, nonplussed performance), cuddly tiger backpack, and the nail-biting drive to the gates. He seems rather put out until lunch time rolls around, at which point he makes a new friend over tiger baps. Sweet stuff.

Sky Sports
17 Jul 2017
Looks like Sky Sports have borrowed a few butterflies from their Sky Arts colleagues. Blue and red wings fill the screen as various sporting venues materialize, including Lord’s, Eden Park, and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. As the broadcaster revamps its sports line-up, subscribers are reminded of Sky’s sporting legacy through evocative commentary.

New Balance
"Callum Hawkins"
18 Jul 2017
As England captain Joe Root gets used to life under the cosh, New Balance introduce their latest brand ambassador. Distance runner Callum Hawkins invites us on a picturesque training session. This is no fun run, however: just hearing “seventeen miles a day” is enough to induce blisters. For Hawkins, it’s all in a day’s work.

"Dream Makers"
18 Jul 2017
This artistic ad for Honda explores the process of filmmaking, concentrating on the transition of ideas from page to screen. We see scripts coming to life - black and white words flowing into monochrome sketches which quickly gain colour, depth, and motion. The mix of live action, CG, and animation is kept in delicate balance by directors James Allen and Michael Skrgatic.

TM Insurance
1 min 45s
18 Jul 2017
Some ads incorporate dance for the sake of it, but directing duo Samuel and Gunnar have other ideas. The Icelanders depict a love story in reverse for TM Insurance. Beginning in 2052, this is time travel with a skip in its step. The central couple’s love of dance endures through good times and bad times - with the advertised insurer providing silent support.

"Rosemary Smith"
3 mins 40s
11 Jul 2017
Renault have released this compelling film about Rosemary Smith: rally driver, racing champion, and oldest person to drive a 800bhp race car. Directing team Michel + Nico give us an intimate insight into her nerves before the record-breaking drive, intercut with glimpses of Rosemary's life behind the wheel.

Virgin Media
"Football Tunnel"
17 Jul 2017
As players loosen those muscles and pine for transfers, Virgin Media welcome the 2017/18 Premier League season with some vocal support. This lad enjoys a quiet kickabout in a familiar-looking tunnel. He’s not alone for long, though - not when the Saints are marching on. Mark Jenkinson takes the fibre optic reins from Rogue colleague Sam Brown.

"Far and Wide"
14 Jul 2017
Dodger the dog returns to announce another Next sale in this summery ad. We see the pooch traverse Britain, from coast to countryside and beyond. He makes use of public transport along the way and even hitches a ride in a motorbike's sidecar (complete with safety goggles, naturally) - all with the hope of being first in line when the new sale opens.

MBNA Credit Cards
17 Jul 2017
The MBNA Credit Geeks are back to assist hapless punters with their financial decisions. A dad is unimpressed with his kid's budget approach to music practice, but the geek squad roll up in a familiar van (should we call them the G-Team?) to sort things with an upgraded kit and noise-cancelling headphones. We particularly like the hole-punch A-Team reference at the end - effective work.

Dogs Trust
17 Jul 2017
Another Film Company’s Steve Reeves has compiled a tidy animal reel - and now he can add balloon animals to his CV. The Dogs Trust release some inflatable hounds for their latest appeal. While these colourful balloons have their charm, they’re no match for the real thing - and the advertised charity hopes to pair more dogs with loving owners.

The Insurance Emporium
17 Jul 2017
Adland’s trawl through the animation archives continues at pace. Now The Insurance Emporium give Seventies favourite Mr Benn some new threads. The insurer tackles the practicalities of Mr Benn’s magical safari, such as adequate pet and camera insurance. Just as well - King Kong has little respect for semi-pro digital SLR cameras.

"Polar Story"
17 Jul 2017
This whimsical ad for the Samsung Max Space fridge depicts a kid creatively passing the time. While the film was created with local concerns in mind - many Ukrainian kitchens need to be smart with space - the emotional message is universal as it shows the boy counting down the days until his dad comes back from working at a polar station.

Amy Macdonald
"Down by the Water"
3 mins 53s
17 Jul 2017
At one point in ‘Down by the Water’, Amy Macdonald remarks: “I love the way your hair blows in the wind”. You can tell Favourite Colour: Black appreciated the sentiment. Hair billows throughout this scenic promo. As the Scottish songstress pores over Polaroid memories, others soon join her at her seaside retreat.

Vauxhall Crossland
"Rear-View Camera"
17 Jul 2017
Still dressed in their morning finery, Jessica Hynes and Sally Phillips promote another of the Vauxhall Crossland X’s parent-friendly features. This time, the SUV’s 180-degree rear-view camera. It’s difficult to stop children sticking bananas where the sun don’t shine… but at least reversing is a doddle. Lovely playground scream from Phillips.

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