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"Oven Woe"

Martin said:

indeed they do!



Latest Additions
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Harrison’s Fund
"Meeting Grandad"
2 mins 28s
21 Jan 2018
Squire Studios' Phil Tidy provides a consummate lesson in pacing in this touching and important film for charity Harrison's Fund.

Jai Wolf
4 mins 17s
22 Jan 2018
There's an element of Stranger Things in this promo by Andrew Donoho, and sweet though the friendship is, there's something unsettling about the older boy.

Young Fathers
"In My View"
3 mins 23s
22 Jan 2018
Young Fathers continue to defy genre with 'In My View'. Thoughtful, subdued, intimate, it reminds us that nothing comes for free.

"Cooling Down"
22 Jan 2018
Audi make idle gains in this refined RS 4 commercial boasting some fine-tuned sound design.

21 Jan 2018
Another pleasantly vintage ad for Benylin shows a cinematic moment interrupted by a pesky cough.

Robinsons Cordials
19 Jan 2018
Robinsons have released this entertaining ad for their 'grown up' range of cordials just in time for Dry January.

NFU Mutual
"Real Conversations"
19 Jan 2018
This inoffensive montage for NFU Mutual suggests it's time for a real conversation about insurance.

Animal Friends
19 Jan 2018
'Gravity' meets low-cost pet insurance in this latest Animal Friends commercial.

Crosse & Blackwell
"What's in the Soup?"
21 Jan 2018
Readers with misophonia should probably consider giving this ad for Crosse & Blackwell a skip... even if it is very good.

Platanos Canarias
"The Gift"
6 mins 36s
21 Jan 2018
This emotional Spanish ad for Canarias bananas shows the relationship between a kid and her grandfather.

Nissan Micra
20 Jan 2018
Nissan suggest that owning a Micra can absolve you of the need to obey security restrictions in this curious ad.

20 Jan 2018
This vibrant Adidas commercial celebrates how we perceive colour.

"Ready For Bed"
19 Jan 2018
Naptime specialists IKEA focus on one determined snoozer from 2017's 'Win at Sleeping' commercial.

Coke Zero
"Mr Hadley"
19 Jan 2018
Retirement gets a kick up the jacksiein this Coca-Cola Zero Sugar ad.

"Dust Storm"
19 Jan 2018
Tired of plain old tarmac? Try driving straight into a sandstorm instead.

"Model Cars"
19 Jan 2018
Car auction site Tootle illustrate their hassle-free approach to selling vehicles with this stop motion ad.

BBC Sport
"The Fearless Are Here"
22 Jan 2018
Fear meets its match in this beautifully animated BBC Sport promo.

Charlotte Cardin
"The Kids"
7 mins 37s
21 Jan 2018
Charlotte Cardin's track about the turbulent lives of a family in the flat upstairs has been expanded into a short about a young boy and his drug-addicted parents.

Adam French
"My Addiction"
4 mins 10s
19 Jan 2018
In his plangent song 'My Addiction', Adam French lets us know how his obsession with the woman he loves feels like drug withdrawal when she's not around.

Jack White
"Connected By Love"
5 mins 03s
19 Jan 2018
The lead single from Jack White's new album Boarding House Reach, 'Connected By Love' feels disappointingly lacking in freshness.

Virgin Active
"Can Do Andrew"
11 Jan 2018
Andrew's feeling the strain of his sedentary job, and a limp sandwich at lunchtime doesn't make matters any better.

Apple iPhone
"Animoji Yourself"
19 Jan 2018
There is something oddly compelling about this 30" ad focussing on a new facility of the latest version of the iPhone.

Vivo Telecoms
1 min 37s
21 Jan 2018
This optimistic film out of Brazil - ostensibly advertising telecommunications company Vivo - urges us to look at life more generously.

Darkest Hour
21 Jan 2018
This piece of social marketing makes clever use of graphics to advertise a film in a situation where - for whatever reason - it's not been possible to include any clips from the film itself.

"A Rich Life"
20 Jan 2018
This classic 30" commercial for Knorr makes the advertised product look like it'll be the centre of a better life than the one you have now.

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