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Charlotte Cardin
"The Kids"
7 mins 37s
21 Jan 2018
Charlotte Cardin's track about the turbulent lives of a family in the flat upstairs has been expanded into a short about a young boy and his drug-addicted parents.

Adam French
"My Addiction"
4 mins 10s
19 Jan 2018
In his plangent song 'My Addiction', Adam French lets us know how his obsession with the woman he loves feels like drug withdrawal when she's not around.

Jack White
"Connected By Love"
5 mins 03s
19 Jan 2018
The lead single from Jack White's new album Boarding House Reach, 'Connected By Love' feels disappointingly lacking in freshness.

Virgin Active
"Can Do Andrew"
11 Jan 2018
Andrew's feeling the strain of his sedentary job, and a limp sandwich at lunchtime doesn't make matters any better.

Apple iPhone
"Animoji Yourself"
19 Jan 2018
There is something oddly compelling about this 30" ad focussing on a new facility of the latest version of the iPhone.

Vivo Telecoms
1 min 37s
21 Jan 2018
This optimistic film out of Brazil - ostensibly advertising telecommunications company Vivo - urges us to look at life more generously.

Darkest Hour
21 Jan 2018
This piece of social marketing makes clever use of graphics to advertise a film in a situation where - for whatever reason - it's not been possible to include any clips from the film itself.

"A Rich Life"
20 Jan 2018
This classic 30" commercial for Knorr makes the advertised product look like it'll be the centre of a better life than the one you have now.

"Shaved Head"
19 Jan 2018
The latest wheeze in this strangely engaging series of ads has Phillip Schofield agreeing to have his head shaved.

The Guardian
"A Space For..."
19 Jan 2018
The physical version of the Guardian newspaper has just down-sized from Berliner to tabloid, and shed a few star columnists as they did so, partly because there wasn't 'space' for them any more.

"Interrupted Dreams"
19 Jan 2018
IKEA have released a series of charming online films depicting broken sleep.

L'Oreal Elvive
"A World of Care"
19 Jan 2018
L’Oreal assemble a diverse cast of personalities to discuss what hair means to them.

Slay Duggee
"The Stick Song"
19 Jan 2018
Ever wondered what a heavy metal version of Hey Duggee’s ‘The Stick Song’ would sound like? No? Well, erm, this madcap promo should answer any questions.

Bulk Powders
"How to Dominate"
19 Jan 2018
Bulk Powders continue to delight the jaded journalists at DAVID with their quirky ads.

Ford EcoSport
"First Step"
18 Jan 2018
This Ford EcoSport commercial features a variety of shoes, boots, and slippers.

Fosters Funeral Directors
"Cost Calculator"
17 Jan 2018
Fosters Funeral Directors take 'I have no mouth but I must scream' literally in another horrifying animated ad.

"Cat Rescue"
16 Jan 2018
Big Phil is back at his philanthropic best for webuyanycar.com in another amusing ad.

Innocent Smoothies
"Roller Coaster"
15 Jan 2018
Innocent reveal what happens before theme parks open to the public.

"Driving in My Car"
15 Jan 2018
The very literally named FindAndFundMyCar have commissioned a Madness-esque jingle for this strange ad

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
15 Jan 2018
Hive's remote surveillance tech now lets you keep tabs on your pets, according to this 30” commercial.

"Slimming World"
15 Jan 2018
Iceland once again partner with Slimming World for their January health push.

15 Jan 2018
Recruitment site Indeed attempt to solve the problem of prejudiced potential employers.

Army Recruitment
13 Jan 2018
This is one of a series of online films designed to support the live-action TV work promoting a greater sense of inclusivity in Army Recruitment.

Army Recruitment
13 Jan 2018
Another live-action instalment of the Army's latest recruitment campaign encourages potential recruits to find their voice.

Army Recruitment
13 Jan 2018
Another online animated ad for the Army designed to appeal to minority recruits - this time focusing on faith.

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