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Latest Additions
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American Express
"Backed by Nile Rodgers"
2 mins 10s
25 Sep 2018
This follow up to an earlier American Express ad pairs Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers with rising singer-songwriter Kyan.

Current Account Switch Guarantee
"What Goes Around"
24 Sep 2018
The Current Account Switch bloke rides again in another funk-focused ad.

Red Bull
25 Sep 2018
Red Bull trumpet their second annual three-on-three basketball competition courtesy of the world's most deliberate VO.

"It All Starts Here"
25 Sep 2018
UEFA aim to encourage more girls to take up football with this motivational ad.

"Caster Semenya"
25 Sep 2018
Another lovely communication from Nike here - this time starring controversial running champion Caster Semenya.

"Emma and Ed"
25 Sep 2018
Cohabitants Emma and Ed have differing opinions when it comes to interior design.

Doctor Who
"It's About Time"
24 Sep 2018
Rare is the inter-dimensional time traveller who advises her cohorts, "Let's get a shift on", but - in many ways - Jodie Whittaker isn't your typical Doctor.

"Spoiler Alert"
24 Sep 2018
Those who have yet to consume Bodyguard's season finale (spoiler alert: something happens) will appreciate this latest Vodafone effort starring Martin Freeman.

2 mins 54s
20 Sep 2018
Gorillaz perform another cut from their 2018 studio album ‘The Now Now' in this tie dyed promo.

Stand Up To Cancer
"The Takedown"
1 min 50s
18 Sep 2018
Countless cinematic thugs know Liam Neeson is not a man to be trifled with, so the Northern Irishman is the ideal lead for this Stand Up To Cancer film.

Short Films
"Alfie: The Odd Job Boy from Clitheroe"
8 mins
25 Sep 2018
This quirky film takes a look at the life of Alfie Cookson - an eighteen-year-old whose chosen career is in odd jobs.

"Can't Stop Shpocking"
25 Sep 2018
When a woman decides to turn her unwanted goods into cold hard cash, Shpock appears to be the easy answer.

"The Look of Love"
25 Sep 2018
This pair of shorts (so to speak) for Homesense make very effective use of ABC's iconic track 'The Look of Love'.

Nestlé NaturNes
"First Family"
25 Sep 2018
We can see why this beautifully animated spot for Nestlé would go down a storm in its native France - even the Stone Age version of this family are effortlessly chic.

J D Williams
"I Am... "
24 Sep 2018
JD Williams's autumn offering this year features models and non-models alike to demonstrate that their fashions - for women in the 45-60 age group - are relevant to every body shape.

23 Sep 2018
This intriguing TVC introduces us to an App which enables users to set aside small amounts of money with every transaction.

"The Royal Visit"
19 Sep 2018
Argos continue to present themselves as the solution to all manner of domestic crises in this film purportedly showing a Royal Visit.

Uncle Ben's
2 mins
15 Sep 2018
This script for Uncle Ben's rice was a tricky proposition and it's been handled very deftly by director Sean Meehan.

"Basketball Brain Trainer"
2 mins 18s
20 Sep 2018
This gorgeous short doc shot by the peerless Stuart Douglas is part of a Shell initiative highlighting partnerships.

"The Battle of Dinnertime"
24 Sep 2018
Ah, the eternal struggle to entice children to the dinner table... just what will do the trick? Dolmio, apparently.

Cadbury Roses
"How do you say it?"
24 Sep 2018
When a little boy swaps the words 'thank you' for 'roses' it's not too difficult to guess his logic.

Royal Opera House
"Feel Something New"
23 Sep 2018
This visually arresting spot for the Royal Opera House gives colour and shape to the music; weaving synaesthetic images from the trills and arpeggios we're listening to.

Domino's Pizza
23 Sep 2018
Has anyone ever wondered what are clowns afraid of? Well, now we know, thanks to this terrific Domino's ad.

Alzheimer's Research UK
"First Breath"
20 Sep 2018
Alzheimer's Research UK address the sense of hopelessness which accompanies the public perception of dementia.

British Vogue x Selfridges
"Everything Looks Better in Eyewear"
20 Sep 2018
This charmingly vintage ad from British Vogue and Selfridges suggests that any and every activity can improved by wearing fancy glasses.

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