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    • Ian Robertson arrives at tantrum.tantrum's recruitment drive continues to yield results as the company unveil new signing Ian Robertson.
    • Sight and sound.This artfully shot commercial for upmarket cinema chain Everyman is an intriguing three-hander.
    • Against All OddsThis eye-opening film for Sportsbet.io draws attention to the Conifa European Football Cup.
    • Alternate Reality Roche raise awareness about the early detection and treatment of MS in this affecting film.
    • Behind a SmileThis touching film explores the impact of being an unpaid carer on fundamental aspects of life.
    • Ric Cantor is a Friend indeed.Friend London have brought experienced comedy director Ric Cantor into the fold as they target a productive second half to 2019.
    • Gotta blame it on my juice.This Tesco Food Love Story sees the brand in full flow, so to speak, as they showcase their range of fruit juices.
    • Head the BallThis timely release from Nike is a compelling ode to following passion against the odds.
    • Field of PlayQueen Elizabeth I's famous Tilbury speech sets out England's Women's World Cup intentions with confidence.
    • The case escape.This whimsical commercial for Allied Irish Banks (AIB) sees a red suitcase succumb to its wanderlust.
    • What lies beneath.This tactile and well-timed short film literally dives into the plight of billions of people of rely on this sustenance.
    • One Small Step for CansPaul Rudd brings his inimitable comic skills to this 90" ad for Pepsi Max.


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Ian Robertson arrives at tantrum.

tantrum's recruitment drive continues to yield results as the company unveil new signing Ian Robertson.

Oxford-born Robertson joins Tobias and Bennett Johnson in tantrum's revamped roster, with the National Film and Television School graduate bringing a tidy selection of work to 73 Berwick Street.


Everyman Cinemas
"Music Makes You Feel Film"
1 min 52s
14 June 2019

This artfully shot commercial for upmarket cinema chain Everyman is an intriguing three-hander, with up-and-coming artists Celeste, Master Peace, and Obongjayar taking centre stage as the brand defiantly shun the multiplex crowd.

Split across scenes of civil unrest, waterside dancing, and a transcendent club night, director Sophie Jones's film shuns narrative coherence in favour of rich visuals and an eclectic soundtrack - one that marries jazz, rap, and Afrobeat.

It's all to promote the cinema's partnership with Apple Music, with Jones's promo sensibility also coming to the fore. While the film's slow-burning vibe won't be to everyone's taste, it's still an impressively refined audio-visual experience.

"Defy The Odds"
2 mins 09s
14 June 2019

This eye-opening film for Sportsbet.io draws attention to the Conifa European Football Cup, a tournament designed to represent teams from ethnic or cultural minorities and unacknowledged or disputed territories - those left behind by mainstream football and its organisations.

'Defy the Odds' shines a light on Szťkely Land, a Hungarian indigenous enclave within Romania. Director Thomas Ralph draws the beauty and passion out of these unusual surroundings, turning a documentary eye on his subject without feeling exploitative.

Footballer Szilard Magyari also proves an articulate narrator, offering insight into both his corner of the world and his love of the game. It's a powerful example of how sport can bring people together, and why minority representation matters on a level far more vital than hitting diversity targets.

"The Two Lives of Sara"
3 mins 24s
13 June 2019

Finnish pharmaceutical company Roche raise awareness about the early detection and treatment of MS in this affecting film. Shot split-screen style by director Pekka Hara, the film follows the life of Sara - detailing the way two alternate realities split and differ after her diagnosis.

While the differences start off small, it quickly becomes apparent just how important complying with treatment is to maintaining a patient's quality of life. Sara's struggles are delicately drawn, while the stark emotional impact as she faces the camera at the end is incredibly poignant.

British Gas
"Two Sides"
3 mins 30s
13 June 2019

British Gas mark their long-term association with Carers UK in this affecting film, which explores the impact of being an unpaid carer on fundamental aspects of life. With friends and carers shown side by side, it quickly becomes apparent that the happy faces put on for the world often conceal inner turmoil.

Director David Stoddart has done a good job of contrasting the friends' emotions and perceptions here, as a bubbly carer is revealed as anxious, or a happy one as hiding a deep sadness. The emotionally articulate cast's personalities shine through, making the final pay-off all the more touching.


On This Day
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Southern Comfort
"Spray Tan"
16 Jun 2015
This latest ad in the offbeat campaign features three distinctive chaps enjoying a spray tan more than they probably should, as given by a salon lady who's also getting slightly too much out of the experience. Just like their skin, the lemonade they drink is on the pallid side - but a splash of Southern Comfort immediately gives it that sunkissed feelgood factor it lacked before.

Pizza Hut
"Taste Freedom"
16 Jun 2015
Pizza Hut has had a makeover - and it's taking no prisoners. Fast, sharp, sassy, stylish, this launch ad urges us to "taste freedom" and "wear it like a slogan T-shirt". It feels grown-up and exuberantly childish all at the same time; posing the rhetorical question: in this life, who gives a knife and fork about cutlery?

Zurich Insurance
"Golf Love Tests"
2 mins 30s
16 Jun 2015
For many, the mere mention of the words 'insurance' and 'golf' will be enough to prompt a worrying drop in heart rate. Fortunately, Zurich Insurance have placed their name in good hands with humorous results. Ahead of this weekend's US Open, players such as Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose, and Jamie Donaldson take time out from their preparation to take part in a little round of a lie detecting.

"The Insider"
1 min 40s
16 Jun 2015
Holidaymakers looking for a tranquil city break might want to avoid Paris with this spontaneous tourist guide on the loose. Upon spotting a group of people preparing for a staid trip down the Seine, the protagonist commandeers them for a tour they'll never forget as he explores some of the city's less familiar corners.

16 Jun 2015
This explosion of noise for Volvic benefits from the infectious zeal of its performers. Upon receiving a gentle thank you from his boss, one office lackey's simple act of changing a light bulb becomes a cause for mass celebration. The drink of choice for such a heroic figure is a bottle of Volvic's fruit-infused water which he steals from a colleague's desk.

Smart Energy GB
"Out of Control"
16 Jun 2016
It's just as we've always suspected: those essential utilities gas and electricity really don't behave the way we want them to. In a sequence that reveals Gaz and Leccy's heritage - Gremlins on one side, Itchy and Scratchy on the other - the two go on a rampage in an ordinary house; blasting each other to dust and gloop and back again with their singular talents.

"For Iceland"
1 min 45s
16 Jun 2016
After recently gaining their historic first point in a major football tournament with a draw against Portugal, Iceland have quickly become many fans' second team for inspiring Cristiano Ronaldo's astonishing diatribe against the European Championship debutants. For an island nation to vex an ego the size of a planet, that's pretty good going. It's ideal timing then for this lovingly made film charting the country's arduous journey from the fringes to the big stage.

"Tannoy Takeover"
16 Jun 2016
While the family introduced by Tesco for their above-the-line campaign struggles to win a place in our affection, their online efforts continue to dazzle. Dark Energy's David Stoddart sits alongside Fat Lemon's Chris Faith as a master of hidden camera work and he's come up trumps again in this incredibly sweet film for Father's Day.

"James Blunt"
16 Jun 2016
Known here at DAVID HQ as "the campaign that keeps on giving" for very good reason, Lotto's superb series of celebrity caricatures returns with serial balladeer and thoroughly nice chap James Blunt outlining his jackpot masterplan: to make everyone feel beautiful by appearing in their mirrors.

"Younger Selves"
16 Jun 2016
Having scored a winner last year with their ad featuring a young Serena Williams predicting her eventual dominance of tennis, Gatorade thought it would a good idea to pair another batch of athletes with their childhood selves. This lovely commercial sees Williams, Usain Bolt, Paul George, and April Ross receive some youthful coaching advice.

New Zealand Human Rights Commission
"How to Be Racist"
1 min 50s
16 Jun 2017
Rather than champion arts funding or plug his upcoming films, Taika Waititi uses his New Zealander of the Year victory to promote another, er, worthy cause: racism. Through a helpful FAQ session, Waititi outlines how would-be racists can pitch in. There's no need for grand gestures, though - a little racism goes a long way.

"Golf Swings"
16 Jun 2006
HSBC continues to celebrate the differences between people in this spot which demonstrates that no two golf swings are the same. Initially we see people lining up their shots and then each of them lets loose... very loose.

Panasonic Viera
"Freesat HD"
16 Jun 2008
According to this commercial filmed using high definition cameras, every second matters and you will get the best possible rendition of your favourite sport if you watch it on the advertised television. But this ad fails to deal with the old conundrum as to how it makes the action look good on your existing TV set.

Learn Direct
16 Jun 2008
An animated film for Learn Direct introduces us to Jane who works in a bakery but has ambitions to run her own business. Learn Direct can help her achieve her aims by offering education, training and support. A Scottish male voice that sounds like it might be David Tennant is dishing out the advice.

Learn Direct
16 Jun 2008
Des works in a toy factory and has ambitions to work up from the assembly line and get a job in the cushy environs of the supervisors office. Learn Direct can help him achieve his aim through help with education and other support. David Tennant dishes out the information to an expectant audience.

Impulse Body Spray
16 Jun 2008
An amusing import from Argentina which suggests these are hard times for romance. A man presents his girlfriend with a little jewellery box and she seems to anticipate an engagement ring. But it is, in fact, the key to his front door and he's giving it to her so he doesn't have to get up to let her in. Bless.

"Model Car"
16 Jun 2008
This is one of those ads where the director deserves tremendous credit for delivering a perfect rendition of the idea that formed in the heads of the creative team. An intricate model of Lewis Hamilton and his car is used to illustrate the idea that 'great things happen when all the right pieces come together'.

Sony Ericsson
"Capturing Life"
16 Jun 2008
A fairly surreal ad has extraordinary things happen when people use their Sony Ericsson phones to take photographs and send them to their friends. A library is overrun with bumper cars; a killer whale leaps dramatically as a couple of men fish by the waterside and the singer at a gig is thrown into the back of a car.

16 Jun 2008
Another film for Adidas focussing on the forthcoming Olympics in China takes a look at the volleyball team. When the sportswomen are flagging they are suddenly inspired by the thought of all the people they have supporting them from afar (and possibly the thought of what happens to those who fail the People's Republic).

"Quiz Machine"
16 Jun 2008
Follow up ad again asserts that this is a product solely for men so out of touch with their feminine sides that they would sexually assault it if they ever came in contact with it. Jeff Stark has drawn terrific performances from a group of men who cast one of their number asunder for providing an unlikely quiz answer.

CitroŽn Berlingo
16 Jun 2008
The CitroŽn Berlingo is the van of choice for people who need to load an entire pallet into the back, according to this ad for the vehicle. It's an attractively put together piece which uses a variety of techniques to present carefully-choreographed images of the van in use.

"Be Selfish"
16 Jun 2009
A woman seeks shelter in an antique clock shop where it dawns on her that's "it's quarter to you" and she should be in a Radox bath. A good deal of care and attention has gone into the filming but the script is clunky and 'be selfish' is several steps too strong for this idea.

Yorkshire Tea
"On Top Of The Box"
16 Jun 2009
Another in the series of ads featuring Graham Fellows as his character John Shuttleworth. This is the best so far... it cleverly subverts the idea of advertising by having Shuttleworth talk about the technique being used before he suffers a Gilliamesque calamity.

16 Jun 2009
Another outing for the two delivery men with a fondness for all things American has the two delivering Marlon Brando impersonations. We're not sure why Chicago is being associated with The Godfather but sometimes it's better to pretend not to notice such anomalies.

Guinness Black Lager
16 Jun 2010
As the sun rises over a winter landscape, ice begins to melt and a bottle of a new variant of Guinness emerges from it. The Irish brewer appears to have yielded to modern sensibilities by creating a lager... albeit, a black lager.

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