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Latest Work
    • At breaking pint.Carlsberg evoke 2012’s ‘The Crate Escape’ as pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants reopen across the country (and, in some cases, immediately close).
    • Game changers?This bold double trailer for Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21 offers a glimpse of next-gen sports games.
    • Summer bangers.This upbeat 30” ad directed by Tim & Joe sees Heck sausages join the staycation movement.
    • Henry ring the changes.Filmmakers Paul Mignot, Dani Pearce, Vedran Rupic, and Brazilian directing duo Salsa have joined Henry for French representation.
    • Safety in NumbersThis government-backed film encouraging people to stay safe this summer is something of an exercise in cognitive dissonance.
    • We're feeling supersonic.This propulsive ad marks the return of Formula 1 to the sporting calendar, with a rare emphasis on unity instead of conflict.
    • Rainbow RolesBetween acting as a symbol of hope during the pandemic and flying on flags during Pride month, the rainbow has been busier than usual in 2020.
    • Paul Quinn rocks up at HunkyDory.HunkyDory are pleased to announce the signing of writer-slash-director Paul Quinn for commercial representation.
    • You Are Here like it RARE.A surge of interest in small-scale production has prompted You Are Here to rejig their tabletop division.
    • Personal Protective EquipmentDurex take the opportunity to remind viewers that it's not just Covid-19 they need to avoid spreading.
    • Culture ClashHSBC's latest campaign draws attention to the struggles that come from trying to live authentically in an unaccepting world.
    • Hell for leather.This diverting Czech ad offers an insight into wartime survival, with car manufacturer Aero under threat from both Hitler and Stalin at various points.
    • Tales of us.To say this three-minute Bodyform ad is a force of nature would be an understatement.


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"The Breakout"
8 July 2020

Carlsberg evoke 2012’s ‘The Crate Escape’ as pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants reopen across the country (and, in some cases, immediately close). Shot by director Andy Lambert, the ad stars three mates pushed to the brink by lockdown. It’s been thirsty work, but the trio are ready to escape their respective ‘prisons’. Next stop: the Three Compasses.

From skateboard tunneling to jogger dodging, it’s an impressively mounted ode to responsible drinking. So long as lessons from last Saturday's great Soho piss-up are learned, we may see the brand’s halcyon vision spread across the UK. Needless to say, we hope that’s the only thing that spreads.

EA Sports
"The Next Level"
1 min 47s
7 July 2020

A new console generation is upon us, with both Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5 slated for release this year. Judging by a recent NBA 2K21 trailer, the revolution will be sweat-drenched.

Sports games like NBA 2K are traditionally used as graphical showcases, tapping into multiple fandoms for maximum engagement. Cue EA Sports with this bold double trailer for Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21.

Director Carl Addy deftly blends in-game footage and livewire animation, portraying the impact of gridiron and football at both a macro and micro-level. But the onus is on EA to prove these titles are more than expensive next-gen rehashes.

"Happy As Heck"
3 July 2020

The staycation season is in full swing, with brands like Fáilte Ireland and even Daz urging viewers to holiday at home. Heck sausages are the latest to chime in, with this upbeat 30” ad directed by Tim & Joe. Forget air bridges and fraught travel insurance, say the Yorkshire-based brand - all you need are some links and a summer wardrobe.

The result is a useful riff on holiday ad tropes like extreme hammock lounging and slow-motion swimming. Even if the ad hits some well-worn beats, the relatable cast’s reactions to pork, chicken, and vegetarian bangers creates a positive assocation with the brand. Neat twist on cocktail sausages in there too.

Henry ring the changes.

Filmmakers Paul Mignot, Dani Pearce, Vedran Rupic, and Brazilian directing duo Salsa have joined Henry for French representation.

The mini-signing spree adds more depth to the Parisians’ already formidable roster, and gives both homegrown and international talent the chance to shine.

Scroll down for more on Henry’s new arrivals...


HM Government
"Enjoy Summer Safely"
7 July 2020

This government-backed film encouraging people to stay safe this summer is something of an exercise in cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, director Fred Rowson has put together a lovely piece of work: joyful shots of businesses reopening mingle with cartoons, archive footage, and delectable images of all the food we've been missing in lockdown. The film is a breath of fresh air and hope after so much grim messaging over the past few months.

On the other hand, the pandemic is very much not over... and the government's determination to shift the blame from organisational incompetence to personal responsibility has never been more blatant. By instructing viewers to 'enjoy summer safely' while (some would argue) prematurely opening up businesses, turning a blind eye to those ignoring social distancing after a few pints, and telling the public to 'shop for Britain', they wash their hands of any accountability.

There's no question that many of those attending pubs on their first days open will be demob-happy - they're human beings who have been through a traumatic time. However, the fact they're allowed to cut loose when it isn't safe is purely a failure of leadership, and sends a clear message that, to this government, profits matter more than people.

Watching this charming, positive film, one hopes that the summer brings renewed freedom and joy to our struggling society. But Covid-19 still lurks behind every cheerfully-ordered cuppa and trip to the beach. The fact our leaders have decided to sacrifice us for capitalism should make us more cautious about ending lockdown than ever before.


Recent Promos
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Moses Boyd
"Stranger Than Fiction"
3 mins 48s
8 Jul 2020
This white-hot promo for South London-based musician Moses Boyd's latest track offers a dreamlike insight into the creative process. The film itself becomes an instrument as it develops its own rhythm alongside the music, with Boyd and company glowing against a dark background like spirits possessed by song.

Jorja Smith
"Rose Rouge"
5 mins 57s
6 Jul 2020
Samona Olanipekun’s well-curated promo uses footage of Black Lives Matter protests in order to keep the fire burning. As Jorja Smith elegantly covers ‘Rose Rouge’ by St Germain, Olanipekun highlights some of the defining moments of anti-racism marches past and present. One of the jazzier protest films you’re likely to see this year.

Little Dragon
"Where You Belong"
3 mins 36s
1 Jul 2020
This promo for Little Dragon's latest track 'Where You Belong' takes a visually dynamic approach to scrapbooking. Shots of gigs, tours, and musicians playing together and celebrating backstage feel like they're from another world now, which is only heightened by the liberal use of fizzy VFX. Nostalgic and forward-looking by turns.

Glass Animals
"Heat Waves"
3 mins 56s
2 Jul 2020
Director Colin Read and psychedelic pop band Glass Animals have enjoyed a busy lockdown together, so to speak. Following May’s 'film it yourself' promo for ‘Dreamland’, Read and frontman Dave Bayley hit the streets of Hackney with speakers in tow. How many concerned artists would do the same in order to play live once again?

Clap! Clap!
"Moving On (ft. Martha Da'ro)"
4 mins 13s
1 Jul 2020
Guest vocalist Martha Da’ro takes centre stage in this promo for Clap! Clap!’s new single ‘Moving On’. Despite lockdown restrictions, Belgium-based singer Da’ro runs with the track’s title and delivers a pleasingly assured groove. Meanwhile, director-stroke-animator RuffMercy opts for gold leaf and a scratchy, multicoloured outfit as window dressing.

"Love Not Loving You"
3 mins 34s
30 Jun 2020
One wouldn’t normally associate bouncy electro-pop with art history, but Foxes thinks there’s crossover appeal. The singer, also known as Louisa Rose Allen, and director Rauri Cantelo present a moving collage to promote ‘Love Not Loving You’. Like a pair of cultural magpies, Foxes and Cantelo cut and paste pieces of classical art to their own beat.

"Say Something"
4 mins
26 Jun 2020
This whimsical promo for Kodaline's 'Say Something' takes a unique approach to going out during quarantine. Directed by Stevie Russell and starring his young daughter Willow, the film follows a would-be astronaut's journey to getting off this rock. The action unfolds in charming fashion as the pint-sized cosmonaut appears to construct a space ship from household materials.

Lewis del Mar
"The Ceiling"
2 mins 57s
22 Jun 2020
At times, lockdown has felt like an extended episode of MTV Cribs. Artists and directors alike have turned their homes into makeshift film sets, offering unexpected insights into A-list feng shui and interior design choices. Jason Sondock - one half of directing duo Rubberband - is the latest to show viewers around in the name of entertainment.

"I Can See The Change"
3 mins 38s
24 Jun 2020
This sleek promo for Celeste's 'I Can See The Change' provides a beautiful example of what's possible under lockdown. Director Sophie Jones and DP Joel Honeywell conducted the shoot remotely, coaching both the singer and her housemate Holly Milk through each step of filming. The result is a charming blend of vintage TV aesthetics and black-and-white movie performances

Scarlet Pleasure
3 mins 37s
23 Jun 2020
There's a pleasingly retro vibe to this promo for Danish outfit Scarlet Pleasure's latest track 'SOS'. With oversaturated colours and unusually-angled shots to keep viewers on their toes, the film resembles a sunny daydream - something which is only enhanced by the band's ska-influenced sound. Ideal for whatever summer 2020 brings.

Mae Muller
"I Don't Want Your Money"
3 mins
22 Jun 2020
Mae Muller is the latest singer to release a lockdown promo, with visuals for ‘I Don’t Want Your Money’ shot on iPhone. It’s hard not to imagine how such promos would look under normal circumstances, and this doesn’t quite do Muller’s witty lyrics justice. Still, Muller’s expressive performance keeps viewers invested.

"So We Won't Forget"
5 mins 43s
19 Jun 2020
Scott Dungate directs this beguiling promo for Khruangbin set in rural Japan, featuring a grieving father and an oversized toy rabbit. Much to the chagrin of local motorists, the two embark on a long cycle ride… one the human protagonist has completed many times before. His destination is a shrine festooned with sweets, plush toys, and fizzy drinks - a memorial to his late daughter.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano
3 mins 42s
18 Jun 2020
French-Colombian multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Garzon-Montano takes his cues from the likes of Prince and Lenny Kravitz - both in terms of a funk-influenced sound and a distinctly sensual aesthetic. This is encapsulated nicely in his latest promo for 'Someone,' a pastel-pink affair which has the singer lamenting a lover who's left him for pastures new.

SG Lewis
4 mins 40s
17 Jun 2020
There’s more than a hint of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ to the new single by artist SG Lewis. ‘Chemicals’ coasts on a chunky guitar riff and Lewis’s falsetto vocals, but director Yousef’s animated promo adds a psychedelic layer on top. Pick your favourite version of Lewis and watch it quickly morph into various kaleidoscopic forms.

"Empty Love (ft. Ruel)"
3 mins 29s
15 Jun 2020
Typical, eh? You successfully recover from vocal nodules only for a pandemic to effectively shut down the UK live music scene. That’s the situation Gracey finds herself in, but - like many of her contemporaries - the Brighton-born singer has found a way to keep both herself and fans entertained during lockdown.

The Howl & The Hum
4 mins 01s
15 Jun 2020
This is one of the more story-driven promos we’ve sampled during lockdown, and it does a good job of tying social distancing into the narrative. Shot by Belgian directing duo the Roosens for The Howl & The Hum, 'Hostages' shows how it is possible to have a healthy break-up, so to speak, during a pandemic.

Yusuf/Cat Stevens
"Where Do The Children Play?"
4 mins 11s
15 Jun 2020
This bold reimagining of the Yusuf/Cat Stevens classic 'Where Do The Children Play?' runs with the song's environmental message. Director Chris Hopewell uses tactile animation and recycled materials to address the dire state of the environment - exploring a world almost entirely transformed by junk. It's a timely interpretation, as the environmental impacts of reduced travel due to Covid-19 are catalogued .

"TKN (ft. Travis Scott)"
2 mins 54s
9 Jun 2020
A mob of children take over the streets in this brilliantly choreographed outing by Catalan singer Rosalia and guest vocalist Travis Scott. 'TKN' sees the pair swear off new friends, embracing a mafia-like mentality as they call 'mother' the head of the family and reference the consequences for those who would dare break omerta.

"A Ghost"
3 mins 47s
8 Jun 2020
Fans of David Lowery’s ‘A Ghost Story’ will appreciate this jaunty Travis promo, which sees frontman Fran Healy turn director and animator to boot. The boiler-suited Healy’s multitasking pays off as he gives the soft rock veterans a distinctive new look. Bandmates Andy Dunlop, Dougie Payne, and Neil Primrose arguably draw the short straw.

Rina Sawayama
"Bad Friend"
3 mins 38s
5 Jun 2020
Director Ali Kurr’s fourth collaboration with Rina Sawayama is a throwback to when people drank in bars and occasionally got into fights afterwards. Oh, those were the pre-lockdown days. Kurr’s spin on this, however, is more stylish than anything seen on Night Cops or closed-circuit television. Shot in stark monochrome by DP Amelia Hazlerigg, it's a smart take on violent delights and violent ends.

Empathy Test
4 mins 03s
26 May 2020
This intriguing promo for electronica outfit Empathy Test's latest track 'Monsters' deals out arousal and disgust in equal measure. As beautiful as it is disturbing, it shows both emotions as two sides of the same coin - as a couple in an underground car park are waylaid by a mysterious, cloaked dancer.

J P Cooper
"Little Bit of Love"
3 mins 30s
26 May 2020
Amidst the rancour of Cummings-gate and Donald Trump versus social media comes this extraordinary revelation from JP Cooper: “Sometimes everybody needs a little bit of love.” Well, ‘extraordinary’ is pushing it somewhat - we reckon every singer-songwriter in existence has come to the same conclusion over the years.

Håkan Hellström
"All Dreams Are Fulfilled"
5 mins 15s
26 May 2020
Håkan Hellström’s ‘All Dreams Are Fulfilled’ has more than a hint of ‘My Generation’ about it, but the track plays second fiddle to Fillip Nilsson’s quirky promo. Shot in Gothenburg’s Ullevi stadium after hours, the piece sees Hellström one-up David Attenborough by playing drums with a proboscis monkey. Well, sort of.

Amy Gardner
"Blood Echoes"
4 mins 41s
18 May 2020
Over two hundred years after the Bolshoi Theatre opened its doors in 1776, Gabe Stone Shayer became the first black dancer to graduate from its prestigious ballet school. This nimbly atmospheric short film captures Philadelphia-born Shayer in full flow, demonstrating why he caught the Moscow dance elite’s eye in the first place.

Bree Runway
"Damn Daniel"
3 mins
17 May 2020
The rise of the so-called quarantine special continues with this lo-fi Bree Runway promo. Filled to the brim with CRT televisions, leg warmers, and leopard print unitards, this is undeniably an Eighties fever dream. However, there is little to differentiate Runway’s affectionate romp from other VHS-era throwbacks.

Recent Promos
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