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    • Oh My GothExperian employ an army of goths for their latest commercial outing.
    • End Monotonous MunchingElevating bar snacks to gourmet level is the latest project from McCain... well, elevating them to the freezer aisle, at least.
    • Diamonds Are Forever?A diamond's journey through the ages takes centre stage in this intriguing film for the Diamond Producers Association.
    • Javier Santaella's on the up at Gramercy Park Studios.Gramercy Park Studios are understandably chuffed after appointing Javier Santaella as Head of Motion Graphics.
    • A Stroll Too SoonActor Simon Bird pulls out his smuggest performance for this amiable ad for CrossCountry.
    • Nice Biscuits explore the cutting-edge of technology.Nice Biscuits founder Russell Shaw loves a challenge, especially a technological one... we find out how he's made it his company's USP.
    • A new start for New Land.Scandinavian production company New Land are UK-bound as they announce the launch of their new London office.
    • We will stand and fight.Cancer is in the crosshairs in this celebrity-heavy commercial for Stand Up To Cancer's annual fundraising drive.
    • Pizza PunksSubway gleefully celebrate upsetting an entire nation with their new rip off of a beloved national cuisine: pizza subs.
    • Send in the clowns.Volkswagen may have gone a little too Hollywood in their latest campaign.
    • Movin' on up.Gravity-defying technology takes centre stage in this surreal commercial for HP, although not in a way you might expect.
    • LIA bring themselves into disrepute.The LIA's decision to spring Ted Royer upon an unsuspecting audience of young creatives was a toxic misjudgment.
    • Tireless ThreadsThis kinetic commercial for Rapha gives the audience a visceral insight into a stormy cycling trip.
    • Spooky SuppliesUS party supply chain store Party City prepare for Halloween with chutzpah in this well crafted ad.


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15 October 2019

Following in Irn Bru's iconic footsteps, Experian employ an army of goths for their latest commercial outing. The credit score company claim to offer a bespoke service, ensuring that their checks are tailored to each individual client's needs. So goths - the most homogeneous avowed-individuals around - seem like logical spokespeople.

The film has a wry sense of humour which serves its subject well, as a tube carriage packed to bursting with leather, spikes, and eyeliner is slowly whittled down to just one individual. From geographic categories to being registered to vote, the crowd thins at each cull and leaves their accessories behind for good measure.

A final gag involving a cheeky raven ends things on a high note, and is bound to inspire a chuckle from even the most po(e)-faced Cure fan. This is clever work which is as fun as it is functional - that is to say, very.

McCain Brew City
"Beer Munch"
14 October 2019

Elevating bar snacks to gourmet level is the latest ambitious project from McCain... well, elevating them to the freezer aisle, at least. 'Beer Munch' is the straightforwardly-named gist of this amusing ad, which sees the British public fall in love with various beige nuggets of booze-absorbing goodness.

While said nuggets' contents aren't explicitly identified here - a little research suggests anyone in need of cheesy, salty, or spicy snacks will be catered for - it's not really necessary when the ad suggests their mere presence at a gathering is cause for celebration.

Director Zach Math has coaxed some lovely OTT performances from his cast, which lends a light-hearted tone to proceedings. From swanky dinner parties to back garden barbecues, it seems the appropriate approach is, always, to chow down.

Diamond Producers Association
"The Diamond Journey"
3 mins 13s
14 October 2019

A diamond's journey through the ages takes centre stage in this intriguing film for the Diamond Producers Association. From cosmic origins to far flung futures, there's affection and romance aplenty as the stone follows its winding path back to where it came from.

With a quietly compelling narrative and atmospheric soundtrack, director Ian Pons Jewell turns the precious stone into something far more significant than just an expensive gift. Each vignette is imbued with emotion, from a couple secretly exchanging a token of forbidden love to a grandmother leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Ending things back above the Eath's atmosphere is a lovely touch, speaking to both the cyclical nature of history and looking forward to the future to come. An impressive piece of work highlighting an increasingly embattled industry.

Javier Santaella's on the up at Gramercy Park Studios.

Gramercy Park Studios are understandably chuffed after appointing Javier Santaella as Head of Motion Graphics.

The Spaniard first joined GPS in 2017, impressing the likes of Managing Director Richard Ireland with both his technical and creative skills. The onus is now on Santaella to maintain Gramercy Park's high standards.


11 October 2019

Actor Simon Bird turns on the smug for this otherwise amiable ad for CrossCountry. Having booked his tickets in advance on the advertised site, a leisurely, confident stroll to the station is in order... at least, as long as he makes it to the right platform in time.

Director Juliet May coaxes an expertly self-satisfied performance from Bird aka Will from The Inbetweeners, which makes the panicked final twist all the more effective. A little bit of French lingo thrown in for good obnoxious measure makes his comeuppance extra satisfying, too.


On This Day
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Pepsi Max
"Black Eyed Peas"
15 Oct 2007
A specially composed track by the Black Eyed Peas forms the basis of this ad for Pepsi Max directed by Smuggler's Brian Beletic. A man trying to get a can from a vending machine begins a sequence in which members of the band join him in falling through a succession of collapsed ceilings.

"Bunny Fusion"
15 Oct 2009
This French ad (which we added earlier this year) is now being broadcast in the UK and it's a good 'un. The pink bunny is one of the advertising enduring icons and this ad both refers to that legacy and refreshes the approach of the advertising.

"Bing Crosby"
15 Oct 2010
Technology now enables the most astonishing manipulation of old footage and this illustration of this dark art reveals Steve Cope to be its absolute master. It's a pretty tenuous link though and you can't help feeling this is an idea in search of a commercial.

"He's Happy"
15 Oct 2011
This attractive-looking ad depicts the sense of well-being that punters feel when they've decided to eat at the advertised fast food chain. Isn't it interesting that the protagonists in recent McDonald's ads so often seem to be alone when they're there. Guilty pleasure? Or a treat for Johnny No Friends?

Chanel No. 5
"Brad Pitt"
15 Oct 2012
Brad Pitt looks as though he's not quite sure whether he knows he's in a TV commercial but the Hollywood A-Lister will certainly remember when the cheque arrives. It's a shrewd move by Chanel in the run-up to Christmas and it seems certain the advertised smelly stuff will fly off the shelves this year.

HP Sauce
15 Oct 2012
Although this risks alienating women who enjoy the advertised sauce, it's a beautifully delivered piece of over-the-top comedy and we love it. A man outlines some of the rules of manliness before insisting that the best way to turn a bacon sandwich into a manwich is to douse it with HP Sauce.

"See For Yourself"
15 Oct 2012
Abbie Viveash sets out to investigate the good work done by Oxfam in Africa in this hugely effective film for the charity. Viveash's straight-forward bulletins from a rural village affected by drought and famine provide a superb insight into the good work done by Oxfam and superbly make the case for contributing.

15 Oct 2012
A man introduces his younger brother who is wearing a shirt he calls the 'Gladiator' because he has a hot date. He's washed it himself using the advertised washing detergent and now he stands proudly in his living room looking as though he's a matador about to slaughter a bull... poor lass.

Call Of Duty
15 Oct 2013
How do you make a violent game about war appeal to more than the (mostly male) gamers without (a) depicting them as asocial, latent killers and (b) invoking wrath among swathes of the population for glorifying senseless aggression? You make a clever ad like this one.

Breast Cancer Now
"A Bigger Bounce"
3 mins 30s
15 Oct 2015
An astonishing, spellbinding piece of work for Breast Cancer Now from Great Guns' Frankie Caradonna leaves us silent and shellshocked. The sheer power of its rawness is something that isn't easily achieved these days: we're all used to subconsciously applying a feelings-filter to everything we see on screen.

Ultimate Fighting Championship
"Rousey vs Holm"
2 mins 45s
15 Oct 2015
UFC 193 sees Ronda Rousey face off against Holly Holm and it's a measure of this bout's magnitude that this cinematic trail for the event is just as captivating as any in-ring contest. We see the moments when Rousey and Hall respectively discovered their true callings. A young Rousey discovers judo while walking by a dojo, while Holm gives in to curiosity with a few tentative jabs at a punch bag.

"Creative Freedom"
15 Oct 2015
This 60" debut ad for Dropbox exudes creativity. The service is already known as a productive means of storing and sharing files, but now the brand wants to lift the lid on its creative potential. Practitioners of various arts and sciences are shown thinking outside the box... and when those ideas have been concocted, there's a handy box to keep them in.

15 Oct 2018
There's a useful ambiguity in the casting of this delightful ad for Tui and we're not sure how intentional it is. It seems likely that this depicted duo are intended to be mother and daughter but - because the relationship isn't explicitly defined - it's also possible that they're sisters, or aunt and niece. It prompted some lively discussion here at DAVID HQ, that's for sure.

Girls Who Code
3 mins 04s
15 Oct 2018
Girls Who Code mark International Day of the Girl with an upbeat cover of O-o-h Child' by the Five Stairsteps. Eager to mobilise the next generation of female coders, programmers, and computer science whizzes, the organisation lend the Seventies soul classic a net-savvy lick of paint. Director Kathryn Ferguson proves up to the task here, delivering a kinetic promo-stroke-awareness film with plenty of energy to burn.

"Fishing Boat"
15 Oct 2006
The second in the new series has Stephen Mangan hiring a power boat when he was supposed to collect a fishing boat (as per the instructions of Julian Rhind-Tutt). Mangan's enthusiasm leads to the steering wheel coming off in his hands but Rhind-Tutt's cool saves the day.

15 Oct 2007
What's so admirable about the current campaign for Tesco's F & F clothing range is the way the ads convey that they are inexpensive without suggesting they are cheap. Here a classic tale of revenge has a twist in the tale facilitated by the low prices of the range.

15 Oct 2007
A girl seems to lead a magical existence thanks to her ability to conjure whatever she wants by saying the word 'click'. But once she is in her home, the magic no longer works and it's up to us to change things with a click on her behalf... a reference to our ability to donate money to the charity via the website.

VW Polo
15 Oct 2007
This animated film tells us that a week spent driving a BlueMotion Polo instead of an ordinary small car is like recycling loads of paper. The execution is charming but it almost seems to imply that the more you drive this car, the more good you will do for the environment... which is obviously not what's meant.

VW Polo
"Plastic Bags"
15 Oct 2007
Plastic bags converge and make their way along roads towards a suburban house. All to illustrate that using a BlueMotion Polo instead of a standard small car can reduce your carbon footprint by the same amount as recycling 25,000 plastic bags. More impressive visually than factually.

Channel 4
"Lost For Words"
15 Oct 2007
A variety of Channel 4 stars including Davina McCall and Jimmy Carr read extracts from children's stories to show their support for the station's literacy campaign Lost For Words. All seem faintly disturbed at the howl of a wolf as they stand with their storybooks in a foreboding wood.

Sony Bravia
15 Oct 2008
An impressive demonstration of the power of HD in this ad featuring Bond actor Daniel Craig which also reminds us that the next instalment in the long running film series, Quantum Of Solace, hits the big screen towards the end of the month. It's striking but wouldn't it have been better timed when the film is released on Blu-Ray?

Wall's Sausages
15 Oct 2008
Another in the series which reduces events in our lives to the bare minimum as a metaphor to illustrate that Wall's only use the best two bits of pork in their sausages. This one, which works much better than the wedding ad, suggests that the only good bits of fatherhood are holding the baby and saying goodbye.

Sky One
"Bones 1"
15 Oct 2008
The first of several new idents for Sky makes beautiful use of slow motion and high definition. A bullet shot from a gun on a firing range by one of the characters from an American show available on Sky shatters a giant numeral and the shards fly gracefully into the air.

"The Birds And The Bees"
15 Oct 2009
A charming commercial from Scandinavia asks us to imagine the worst possible timing for a child to become curious about the birds and the bees. A girl is playing with her dolls in front of her parents and her gran when she exhibits more knowledge than might be supposed.

"DJ Hero"
15 Oct 2009
A busy and vibrant commercial for a piece of electronic gaming which appears to combine aspects of music-based games as well as arcade-style shenanigans. As Tim Robbins would put it if adopting his persona from The Hudsucker Proxy... "you know, for kids".

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