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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

Latest Work
    • Rémi Laudat joins AcademyAcademy have signed dancer-turned-director Remi Laudat to their roster for representation.
    • Stop the Pandemic ChallengeNew York State governor Andrew Cuomo has recruited 'Certified Young Person' Paul Rudd (51) to encourage millenials to mask up.
    • Home and away.Victor Haegelin directs this charming stop-motion ad for Trivago, as a couple fully embrace the staycation concept.
    • Riff Raff Films enlist Psyop.US animation studio Psyop have joined Riff Raff Films for representation in the UK and the Netherlands.
    • Jovan Todorovic is Anonymous.Anonymous Content have signed director Jovan Todorovic to their roster for representation.
    • Rain, on parade.Raindance Film Festival haven't let the Covid-19 pandemic, ahem, rain on their parade.
    • 76 Ltd welcome Simon Hunter.Filmmaker Simon Hunter will now direct commercials and branded content under the 76 Ltd banner.
    • What's your pleasure?'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music receives another airing thanks to Scandi telecom firm Telenor.
    • Home advantage.According to this Coca-Cola ad, comedian and Arsenal fan Mo Gilligan has plenty of time on his hands.
    • Martin Scali meets Henry.Paris-based production company Henry have completed the signing of director Martin Scali.
    • Ruth Wardell joins OKAY STUDIO.OKAY STUDIO have added colourist Ruth Wardell to their growing team.
    • Traffic TalkWhile the world around us feels pretty sci-fi these days, directors Karl Poyzer and Joe Roberts flip the script in this amusing short film.
    • Wine-up merchant.This is one of three new commercials for Farrow & Ball from agency BMB and director David Kerr of Hungry Man.
    • Delivering DreamsDreaming about a more exciting life is the sum total of what most of us are doing lately - something Deliveroo make the most of in their latest ad.
    • The network for 'appy iPhone customers.Kevin Bacon rides again for EE, this time drawing attention to the mobile network's 'Full Works' plan for the iPhone.
    • Local LoveThis poignant Facebook ad highlights the plight of small businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Rémi Laudat joins Academy

Academy have signed dancer-turned-director Rémi Laudat to their roster for representation.

The Londoner dedicated his youth to arduous dance training across the world, and discovered his passion for film while recovering from an injury. He swapped the stage for the director's chair and hasn't looked back.


New York State
"Paul Rudd: Certified Young Person"
17 September 2020

Young people are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading Covid-19 - something we'd all prefer would stop as soon as possible. New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has decided that speaking to the yoof in their own language is the best way to get them to mask up, and has recruited a hip young influencer to really drive the point home. His spokesman of choice is actor Paul Rudd...aged 51.

This seemingly incongruous choice (although Rudd is, admittedly, one of those fortunate sods who don't seem to age) pays off in spades in this PSA, as Rudd informs his "doogs" and "homies" that masks are "totally beast" and should be included in their accessories at all times. It's a canny script, entertaining as it ties into meme culture without being condescending.

That being said, the part which will truly resonate with young viewers is when Rudd breaks character, exclaiming that he shouldn't have to make masks fun because they're supported by science. To a generation who have had to watch their elders destroy the planet, re-spread almost eradicated diseases, and elect fascist governments because they don't believe facts are real, the frustration will resonate all too deeply.

"Let's Take a Trip"
17 September 2020

Victor Haegelin directs this charming stop-motion ad for Trivago, as a couple fully embrace the staycation concept. Shot from a top-down perspective, the film converts an ordinary living room-cum-home office into a highway, a hiking trail, a swimming pool, and a five-star hotel with homely flair. Of course, nothing compares to the real thing.

That's where the advertised travel website comes in, with punters encouraged to plan their own multi-faceted trips. It's a dicey concept, with many viewers wary of fluctuating quarantine rules and travel-shaming. Perhaps the level of craft on show here will persuade viewers to get off the fence and revisit their holiday plans.

Riff Raff Films enlist Psyop.

US animation studio Psyop have joined Riff Raff Films for representation in the UK and the Netherlands.

Founded in 2000 by Marie Hyon, Kylie Matulick, Eben Mears, Todd Mueller, and Marco Spier, Psyop comprise dozens of talented animators and directors across their New York and Los Angeles offices with an enivable showreel to boot.

Recent standouts include Matulick and Mueller’s ode to Studio Ghibli for Travel Oregon, which offers a "slightly exagerrated" look a state previously best known for westward expansion, giant mushrooms, and a punishingly difficult video game.


Jovan Todorovic is Anonymous.

Anonymous Content have signed director Jovan Todorovic to their roster for commercial and music promo representation across the UK, US, and Netherlands.

As a director, photographer, and musician, Serbian-born Todorovic wears many hats. He first discovered his passion for the visual arts while travelling through Europe and North America to escape the Balkan Wars - accompanied on the journey by his camera.



On This Day
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"Change Perspectives"
18 Sep 2009
An impressive array of special effects are employed to illustrate the idea that the design and Philosophy behind Saab's cars is of an altogether different order from that of any other marque. The ad is certainly engaging and original but is the car?

"Bunny Fusion"
18 Sep 2009
This neat film from France cleverly exploits Duracell's long-running association with pink bunnies. Various shapes are conjured from a swirling mass of pink bunnies to illustrate the power available form the advertised batteries.

18 Sep 2011
Lovely animation is combined with a gentle soundtrack to suggest there's something rather magical about banking with Nationwide. Since the building society has retained its status as a mutual and was relatively uncontaminated by the banking collapse, they're entitled to make these claims.

Rugby Football League
"Rugby League Of The Extraordinary"
18 Sep 2012
This striking film is designed to arouse interest in rugby league... and it might just do that. Sam Tomkins dodges great balls of fire, Eorl Crabtree shoves a skip and James Roby does pull-ups with chains around his waist in a bid to persuade the public to enjoy the feats of strength and power they can expect to see on the field.

Weetabix Weetos
"Tough Guy's Moustache"
18 Sep 2012
This lovely commercial for Weetabix Weetos manages to frame the whole 'you need breakfast to get through the day' argument in terms that children will enjoy. Mums will like it too so it's reasonable to expect that the boxes will fly off the shelves over the next few weeks. Excellent stuff.

The National College for Teaching & Leadership
"Your Future, Their Future"
18 Sep 2014
Mr Burton from 'Educating Yorkshire' rightly became a national hero when the series was broadcast on Channel 4. He'll always be associated with the amazing effort he made to help Musharaf Asghar learn how to cope with his stammer but anyone who watched the series will remember that this was only one dimension of his ability as a teacher.

"The Winner"
2 mins
18 Sep 2017
Avid readers of DAVID - as we're sure you all are - will remember the fantastic film which encouraged viewers to guess which car would win Bwin's mad dash through the city streets. This version reveals the winner... and a twist ending to the whole shebang. We won't spoil it, but keep watching until the end...

Elvie Pump
"Like a Cow"
18 Sep 2018
This tongue-in-cheek ad from Elvie draws attention to their innovative breast pump technology. Recently sported by a model on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, the tech claims to be the first of its kind and allows mothers to pump breast milk hands-free. The musical number in this ad makes the product's unique selling points clear - no tubes, no wires, and no bovine indignity.

"Champions Rise"
1 min 53s
18 Sep 2018
This strobe-lit communication for FIFA 19 has swagger to spare, as well as a cavalier attitude towards eye strain. Just shy of two minutes long, BRTHR's film is a hyperkinetic collage of gameplay, screen confetti, and cameos from both on and off-pitch personalities. While the likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé are instantly recognisable, the ad also acknowledges the gamers who consume EA's annual kickabout.

18 Sep 2019
The tangible quality of photographs has waned in recent years - as was always inevitable with the march of time and technology. From disposable cameras taking days or hours to develop to smartphones instantly capturing and storing images on the cloud, memories have become almost entirely digital. That's something Instax intend to change, by campaigning to re-establish photos as something to be given, not just taken.

Pot Noodle
"Fuel Crisis"
18 Sep 2006
An amusing foray into the past in the parallel universe where pot noodles are created from raw material mined in Wales reminds us of the Fuel Shortage of 1974 when the inability to find fresh seams led to a national crisis. Luckily a sheep with noodle divining skills saved the day.

Prison Break
"No Hope In Hell"
18 Sep 2007
An appropriately thrilling trail for a new series of the popular US drama series shows some of the inmates being surrounded by fire as another shouts like a demented preacher suggesting he is the kind of malevolent fellow who feels at home among the flames.

"Invisible Car"
18 Sep 2007
Lexus has introduced a car with a hybrid drive which diminishes its impact on the environment. To illustrate this, it is depicted as being invisible for most of this ad. A leaf stops in mid-air as it lands on the car, the road beneath it is dry and so on.

B & Q
"Blank Canvas"
18 Sep 2008
The ribald musical collaboration between the Fun Boy Three and Bananarama finds its level in this ad for the DIY retailer. We're told that every room is a blank canvas before customers at the store investigate the various options available to stylise the décor to their own taste.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly
18 Sep 2009
An unusual version of Nena's classic 99 Red Balloons provides the soundtrack for this amusing Cadbury ad from New Zealand. A number of people dressed as purple sperm bang on white balloons representing the bubbles in the advertised product.

Sony Digital Cameras
"Twilight Football"
1 min 52s
18 Sep 2009
Three acrobatic lads sneak into a bull ring arena and tease one of the animals with a football. They leap over the charging bull in a dramatically dangerous fashion and even appear to come unstuck a few times but it's hard to tell because of the guerilla-style photography.

Castrol Edge
18 Sep 2009
Real Madrid footballer, Ronaldo, explains why he uses Castrol Edge in his car. Presumably, he's got a little better at looking after automobiles since he smeared his Ferrari inside a tunnel at Manchester airport. Funny to think he drives himself to away fixtures in Europe.

"It's Far From Quiet"
18 Sep 2009
The return of Charity Dingle provides ITV with an opportunity to run an intriguing trail for their early evening soap opera. There's shades of an old Cadbury Flake ad in this sequence which shows actress Emma Atkins making it look like Charity's up to no good... again.

18 Sep 2009
Matt is much relieved to discover that Sam's university is just down the road and the two flirtatiously make bubbles in the shop. The romance develops but it's clear this series is coming to an end. Let's see more of this style of advertising.

Children's Workforce Development Council
18 Sep 2009
The second in this series of films emphasising the work of Children's Workforce Development Council works much better than the first. As a kettle comes to the boil, a man explains how a cup of tea can be much more than it seems if it's accompanied by a meaningful conversation.

Sony Ericsson
2 mins 08s
18 Sep 2010
The latest in this series poking fun at stereotypes who are expected to be thick has a trio of surfers trying out the advertised phone and two of its rivals. As you might expect, they are not especially adept with its more complex functions but the dude with the Sony Ericsson does better than the other two.

John Smith's
"Dog Show"
18 Sep 2010
Peter Kay appears as a show dog owner in this new ad for John Smith's. When his dog gets his turn to impress, little Tonto dashes out of the arena with only ome tonight in mind. This campaign has been very successful at tapping into Kay's distinctive sense of humour and this ad is no exception.

Go Compare
"Egyptian Tomb"
18 Sep 2010
A pair of tomb raiders decode the hieroglyphics on the inside of a pyramid and discover some advice about changing insurance company. This, in turn, leads to an operatic outburst from the campaign's regular spokesperson who urges us to "go compare" with his usual abandon.

Carphone Warehouse
18 Sep 2010
This is an excellent piece of advertising as it manages to convey the idea that mobile phones have become so complicated that you need impartial advice when choosing one but, importantly, it makes it clear that the complexity of the devices is a source of fun rather than some kind of terrible problem.

"Money Birds"
18 Sep 2010
Once again, all the work is done by voiceover artist Stephen Merchant in this ad for Barclays Bank. The lanky comedian has just the right delivery to raise an ad that would otherwise be pedestrian to something altogether better.

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