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    • We will stand and fight.Cancer is in the crosshairs in this celebrity-heavy commercial for Stand Up To Cancer's annual fundraising drive.
    • Pizza PunksSubway gleefully celebrate upsetting an entire nation with their new rip off of a beloved national cuisine: pizza subs.
    • Send in the clowns.Volkswagen may have gone a little too Hollywood in their latest campaign.
    • Movin' on up.Gravity-defying technology takes centre stage in this surreal commercial for HP, although not in a way you might expect.
    • LIA bring themselves into disrepute.The LIA's decision to spring Ted Royer upon an unsuspecting audience of young creatives was a toxic misjudgment.
    • Tireless ThreadsThis kinetic commercial for Rapha gives the audience a visceral insight into a stormy cycling trip.
    • Spooky SuppliesUS party supply chain store Party City prepare for Halloween with chutzpah in this well crafted ad.
    • Jason Evans joins Pundersons Gardens.Pundersons Gardens are pleased to announce the signing of director Jason Evans to their roster for UK representation.
    • It'll soon be here.A frail cover of Fleetwood Mac's ‘Don't Stop' propels this latest awareness film from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
    • Right, wrong, and rabonas.One of two recents plugs for esports juggernaut Fifa 20, this busy commercial from adam&eveDDB and director Yann Demange examines the difference between right and wrong.
    • MindsEye score Uncle FriendlyMindsEye have signed Australian director Uncle Friendly to their roster for UK representation.
    • A Rogue's salary for Kate Taylor.Kate Taylor has been handed the reins at Rogue Films where she will combine the roles of Managing Director and Executive Producer.
    • Spencer Dodd is a Merman.Transatlantic production company Merman say they are "incredibly proud" to welcome Spencer Dodd to their London office.
    • Keep Your Shirt OnCharacter actor Matthew Goode's latest sponsorship deal takes a turn for the weird in this funny ad for Thomas Pink.
    • Speak UpAn unusual ad break intends to get Britain talking in a new campaign for ITV.


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Stand Up To Cancer
"Delivered With a Punch"
11 October 2019

Cancer is in the crosshairs in this celebrity-heavy commercial for Stand Up To Cancer's annual fundraising drive. A series of fast-paced vignettes see stars such as Martin Freeman and Tom Felton describe the disease in various ways, before asserting that people themselves can be just as ruthless in their decision to fight back.

Whilst there are obvious issues with the 'cancer as a battle' narrative so many charities employ (namely, that one who loses the battle could have fought harder), there's no denying this film's mettle. Whether it's being sponsored to try and break a world record or throwing a charity fancy dress day, there are plenty of ways for motivated viewers to raise funds.

"Sorry, Italy"
11 October 2019

Subway gleefully celebrate upsetting an entire nation with their rip off of a beloved national cuisine: pizza subs. The decision to embrace their image as the shittier version of more upmarket foods has an anarchic quality to it, and is a canny approach to take as opposed to harping on about the quality of ingredients like others in the sector.

The ad, directed by Greg Bray, has a similarly unexpected quality - a slice of life, travel documentary feel which certainly doesn't scream 'fast food commercial'. From nuns ripping down posters to locals chasing away the camera in disgust, it's a boiseterous way to draw attention to the new sandwich-pizza hybrid.

VW T Roc
10 October 2019

Volkswagen claim their new T-Roc range "inspires movie star confidence". However, the brand may have gone a little too Hollywood in their latest campaign, which kicks off with a bolder-than-brass solicitor demanding the release of her client from police custody... even if the evidence seems stacked against him.

It is, first and foremost, an entertaining lead performance from the brief, who riffs on hypothetical sticky buns and invokes 'Joker'-levels of clowns in a bid to free her blue-faced companion.

Despite the tagline, there's not actually much of a transformation to be found here (unlike, say, Amazon's 'Great Shows Stay With You' campaign). Therefore, it's up to the viewer to imagine how the advertised vehicle gave the protagonist her legal high, so to speak.

"Lighter Than Air"
10 October 2019

Gravity-defying technology takes centre stage in this surreal commercial for HP, although not in the way you might expect. A woman's new laptop is so light it literally floats off the table... and promptly takes her with it.

Being flung through floors might not be everyone's idea of a good time, but this intrepid worker takes it all in stride as she moves from meeting to meeting without once having to take the stairs. The physicality of each transition is an astute choice, contrasting the laptop's gentle floating with sudden bursts of rapid acceleration and its accompanying damage.

Director Fredrik Bond smartly sets the tone somewhere between serious and slapstick here, with moments of comedy - the woman taking the carpet with her when she bursts through a floor, for example - elevating the film's premise further. Aviophobes should, presumably, look for alternative tech.

LIA bring themselves into disrepute.

Last weekend, disgraced former CCO of Droga5 Ted Royer stepped on to the stage in Las Vegas to take part in The London International Award's Creative Liaisons programme. Many in the audience were aghast because the organisers of the event had not given them any advance notice of Royer's participation. In short, the audience hadn't given their consent to listen to his ill-advised attempt to rehabilitate his reputation.



Recent Promos
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Duke Dumont, Zak Abel
"The Power"
3 mins 03s
9 Oct 2019
Divided into three acts, Paco Raterta's video revolves around a power struggle in a shadowy, sinister cult. It's shot in the Philippines, and you can almost hear the heat and humidity weighing down the air, goading sweat-slicked bodies into nefarious activities. Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith takes centre stage as a young woman with doubts about the goings-on she's involved with.

The Script
"The Last Time"
3 mins 22s
10 Oct 2019
A relationship turns into a damp squib for Danny O'Donoghue in this emotionally-driven promo, as the Script frontman and Brandon Flowers lookalike becomes a mere bystander in his own story. Jumping between a black-and-white studio and the erstwhile couple's flat, director Charles Mehling bides his time before turning on the waterworks.

"Never Let You Go"
3 mins 50s
8 Oct 2019
Those expecting a sequel to Kazuo Ishiguro's 2005 novel may be disappointed, but for everyone else, Georgia's 'Never Let You Go' is a diverting enough piece of synth-pop that looks to the skies for inspiration. Sure enough, the accompanying promo is a celestial slog that sees the multi-instrumentalist observe some impressive aerial displays.

"Come Behind Me, So Good!"
3 mins 48s
3 Oct 2019
Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino has released a solo album - 'Adult Baby' - and this clip is part of the visual narrative which accompanies the whole thing. Shot by Eva Michon in about three hours flat, it features Kazu entering a church and gradually giving herself over to the song... a haunting, looping polyphony into which instruments slowly emerge.

"Wedding Bells"
4 mins 18s
3 Oct 2019
Metronomy's latest single is about unrequited love... but rather than focus on a sense of futile yearning, Daniel Brereton has made a promo full of fun and frivolity. The band performs at a house party which devolves into a food fight on the dance floor - however, it's all light-hearted stuff and everyone is evidently having a good time.

"Apple Tree"
3 mins 09s
2 Oct 2019
This promo for Norwegian songstress Aurora - to paraphrase a classic video game disclaimer - contains scenes of explicit dance and gore. Seemingly keen to shed her John Lewis cover artist image once and for all, the singer is intermittently covered in blood while she and her entourage dance in a brooding, desert environment.

"Call Of The Wild (ft STS)"
5 mins 26s
24 Sep 2019
Like Kanye's 'Black Skinhead', 'Call of the Wild' grabs you and keeps you pinned against the wall until it sees fit to let you go. While you're there, you have no choice but to watch Loïc Andrieu's promo - an unfolding story of a police hazing ritual that descends into the supernatural. Indeed, Andrieu himself describes the plot as a female Orpheus myth, with rookie cop Jane crossing into the underworld.

Marika Hackman
"Hand Solo"
3 mins 51s
27 Sep 2019
Viewers may never look at the London Eye the same way again after this carnal and deeply enjoyable promo for Marika Hackman's ode to masturbation, 'Hand Solo'. Across four inventive minutes, director Sam Bailey recasts familiar items and locations as things to be fondled, fingered, and fucked. A witty means to celebrate and justify female masturbation in all its forms.

Jack Savoretti
"Youth & Love (ft Mika)"
3 mins 48s
26 Sep 2019
In this promo for 'Love and Youth', an elderly chap - the first customer of the day in a run-of-the-mill café - is left to his own devices when the bored waitress leaves the till and heads, presumably, into the kitchen. He considers his options, launching into a sequence reminiscent of Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice with Christopher Walken in that both promos feature a single unlikely dude spontaneously deciding to dance in an unexpected setting.

"Ghetto Love"
3 mins 07s
22 Sep 2019
This inviting promo for Wizkid's 'Ghetto Love' pays tribute to both one's roots and the humble cassette player, as the Nigerian chances upon his childhood gadget en route to the stage. Shot in loosely autobiographical style by director Adriaan Louw, we see how the man born Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun was - as the back of his jacket proclaims - "made in Lagos".

Lilla Vargen
"Why Wait"
3 mins 41s
19 Sep 2019
Northern Irish singer Lilla Vargen draws attention to her home country's housing crisis with this poignant promo for 'Why Wait'. Directed by T J O'Grady Peyton, the film offers snapshots of homeless life in Ireland - community, camaraderie, and isolation by turns. Urban decay is beautifully shot here, with empty buildings given a wistful feel - whispering to the history of what they once were.

Dillon Francis
"Go Off (Nuthin' 2 It)"
2 mins 52s
19 Sep 2019
A man struggles to forge meaningful connections in this deadpan Dillon Francis promo, as every friendly gesture is met by sheer apathy. Yet with the aid of an infomercial starring a very familiar face, the protagonist (played by Broad City's John Gemberling) learns how easy it is to show the world that you just don't give a fuck... and give your hips a workout into the bargain.

Louis Tomlinson
"Kill My Mind"
4 mins 01s
16 Sep 2019
Louis Tomlinson shows a more muscular side to his music with 'Kill My Mind', and in the promo by Charlie Lightening we see him performing the track in a club. He's a backdrop for the story that unfolds as a girl in the crowd is joined by her boyfriend, and the pair quickly leave on the boyf's motorbike. But strolling along a seafront cliff in the near dark, things take a turn for the unexpected...

James Massiah
"Natural Born Killers (Ride For Me)"
4 mins 55s
15 Sep 2019
It's the end of the world, happening not with a bang but a heatwave; the planet simmering like one big lobster pot slowly coming to the boil. People strip and lie motionless, basting in their own sweat. The oppression is hypnotic. It's not the first theme that might come to mind for James Massiah's 'Natural Born Killers', but somehow it's the most perfect fit imaginable.

Billie Eilish
"All The Good Girls Go To Hell"
3 mins 41s
12 Sep 2019
Hipster messiah Billie Eilish falls to earth in this striking promo for 'All The Good Girls Go To Hell'. The apocalyptic lyrics only enhance the film's dark and gritty vibe, as wings violently sprout from the singer's back and she finds herself engulfed in oily black tar: angelic nature covered up with something far more sinister. It's just the right kind of melodramatic, and ends up all the cooler for it.

"Hold On To Me"
3 mins 04s
12 Sep 2019
Eye catching design work and tumultuous romance come together to create this promo for Rika's 'Hold On To Me'. The singer and her beau exist in a pastel-painted world, with only the ever-changing picture outside their window contrasting the cheery interior and suggesting storms may be on the horizon.

James Blunt
4 mins 19s
11 Sep 2019
It's been more than a decade since James Blunt plunged into the sea at the end of the 'You're Beautiful' video, and anyone who has spent the intervening years wondering what on earth happened next, finally has an answer! Great Guns director Calum MacDiarmid is behind a new promo which picks up the action from where the aforementioned video left off. It appears that the ex-forces balladeer has been splashing around in the cold sea for some time, but he is finally able to come ashore and retrieve his clothes.

Lil Nas X
2 mins 24s
11 Sep 2019
Viral star Lil Nas X shows no signs of letting his 'Old Town Road' fame abate any time soon - returning with a sci-fi influenced promo for synth-heavy single 'Panini'. Set in a futuristic, surreal world, the film follows a non-fan (Skai Jackson) who's desperate to escape seeing the artist on every holographic billboard and poster in town. However, Nas and a gang of dancing cyborgs have other ideas.

Danny Brown
"Dirty Laundry"
3 mins 11s
11 Sep 2019
Hailing a cab is always something of a gamble - you might be lucky and get a quiet, route-savvy driver... or you may end up flung around in the back while an unhinged dude with the concentration of a gnat's chuff demonstrates what post-bender psychosis looks like. In Dirty Laundry, Danny Brown's going full-on for the latter... a potbellied has-been crooner in possession of a taxi and a perpetual hard-on.

James Blake
"Can't Believe the Way We Flow"
4 mins 43s
3 Sep 2019
Frank Lebon directs this hypnotically frenetic video for James Blake's love song to partner Jameela Jamil. Featuring real-life couples (not necessarily romantically involved) in random moments - ranging from bondage sessions to hospital visits to shared cigarettes - it captures both the banal and the profound; and reminds us how broad a church love can be.

"6AM (Ready to Write) ft. Joe Rogan"
3 mins 58s
9 Sep 2019
Recreational drugs get surreal in this weird promo for Beardyman's latest single '6AM'. Featuring podcast livewire Joe Rogan, the promo focuses on a man who has such a strong penchant for cocaine that his nose takes on a mind of its own... literally. While his hooter does its best to seek out any possible source of white powder, things get increasingly strange at home.

"Sounds of the Skeng"
3 mins 24s
9 Sep 2019
Stormzy educates the next generation of Grime artists in this jam-packed promo for new release 'Sounds of the Skeng'. Joined by his attentive nephews Allyas and Omari (who have stolen hearts online for their roles in the film), the rapper offers a masterclass from Merky University on how to grow up to be just like him.

Freddie Mercury
"Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow"
3 mins 52s
5 Sep 2019
Freddie Mercury's 1985 single 'Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow' has received an animated promo to mark what would have been the Queen frontman's seventy-third birthday. At the same time, it's a reminder of the work carried out by the Mercury Phoenix Trust - the HIV/AIDs charity established by Mercury's former bandmates and manager.

"Pan-Fried (ft. Kojo Funds)"
3 mins 45s
4 Sep 2019
This may lack the emotional punch of Kano's last outing, but director Taichi Kimura's promo for 'Pan-Fried' still has a fresh, spontaneous charm all of its own. Set in Kano's native East London, the piece juxtaposes shots of urban neglect with scenes of those who "celebrate life non-stop" because they "made it off the block".

David Guetta
"Thing for You (ft. Sasha Sloan)"
3 mins 11s
2 Sep 2019
This tactile promo for David Guetta and Martin Solveig's 'Thing for You' explores those "fucked up feelings" that arise when lust takes over. Particularly when you and the object of your affection have a beach and surrounding bedrock to yourselves. The duo in question writhe and squirm on sand, grass, and any other terrain you'd care to mention. It's getting back to nature and getting off on it to boot.

Recent Promos
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