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Latest Work
    • Driving DumberRoad Safety Scotland's gran-forward campaign takes a poetic turn in this latest instalment.
    • Crouching Carlton, Hidden Beer.Aussie beer brand Carlton skewer cheesy kung-fu movies in this entertaining ad.
    • Ron Brodie is a 1stAveMachineForward-thinking director and creative Ron Brodie has signed to 1stAveMachine for representation.
    • Play it again, Ron.With the night-time economy paralysed by the coronavirus pandemic, this toe-tapping trailer for 'Ronnie’s' hits home.
    • Bot, bot, need.Sky Q enlist Iron Man, BB-8, Megatron, and a pack of robot dogs for this polished commercial, but the real star is a young boy.
    • Nick Armstrong heads to tenthree.Experienced editor Nick Armstrong has joined tenthree’s bespoke roster as the company embrace life post-lockdown.
    • The wheels keep turning.While few substantial positives have emerged from 2020, the compassion of communities helping those in need has been one of the bright spots in a very dark landscape.
    • Bare but hanging on.Tinned Pears' gives voice to families across the country struggling to make ends meet, for who even the very back of the cupboards are bare.
    • Cris Wiegandt heads to Friends ElectricAward-winning director and multimedia artist Cris Wiegandt has joined the Friends Electric roster for representation.
    • Ranya El-Refaey joins Vision.Up-and-coming production designer Ranya El-Refaey has joined Vision’s Emerging Artists roster.
    • The New Abnormal This striking short film from Stuart Langfield suggests a return to normal isn't the goal we should be aiming for post-Covid.
    • Visiting VocalsA second instalment of Amazon's latest campaign continues the couch-bound chaos of voice activated technology.
    • Real-Life NightmaresGreenpeace attempt to recapture the storybook magic of 2018's 'Rang-Tan' in their latest animated outing.
    • Raman Djafari joins BlinkInkBlinkink have added Hamburg-based animator and director Raman Djafari to their roster for representation.
    • Final Cut welcome Justin BrukmanJustin Brukman joins Final Cut as US Managing Director and Director of Global New Business.
    • Lives of LackPoverty is one of the greatest threats to families across the globe, and this touching film highlights the plight of those on the breadline in Romania.


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Road Safety (Scotland)
27 October 2020

Road Safety Scotland's gran-forward campaign takes a poetic step up in this latest instalment. Rather than popping in to prevent an accident, this grandmother appears after her wayward relative has already totalled his vehicle by not taking the particular dangers of country roads seriously.

The hapless lad is soon slapped by trees, beset by unexpected bikes, and thoroughly told off by a passing sheep. Lovely design work on the judgemental wildlife, in particular, helps the film walk the line between comedic safety reminder and serious PSA.

While some drivers may shrug off more intense scare tactics through their own hubris, this campaign argues that driving like an arse deserves mockery regardless of who you are. An elderly woman delivering scathing rhymes about your idiocy would be the least of your worries... so best drive safely in the first place, eh?

"Temple of Dry"
27 October 2020

Australian beer brand Carlton skewer cheesy kung-fu movies in this entertaining ad. Directed by Adam Gunser, the piece shows devotees earning their stripes at the 'Temple of Dry' - a mysterious location which infuses its acolytes with the supernatural power of extremely drinkable lager.

The film is lovingly constructed, hitting all the training montage notes one would expect while making the most of its picturesque setting. Instead of more traditional pursuits, these wannabe monks are perfecting their balance, strength, and, er, smoothness in the spirit of their preferred beverage.

Aided by self-aware humour and some entertaining mishaps along the way (poor Martin being berated by a floating head is a particular standout), this is a diverting watch which may persuade even sceptical drinkers to chance a sip. Australian beer fans can try it with their mates too, the lucky bastards.

Ron Brodie is a 1stAveMachine

Forward-thinking director and creative Ron Brodie has signed to 1stAveMachine for representation.

With a broad range of creative influences which encompass his Jamaican-American heritage, world travel, and the blurred lines between identity and community (to name but a few), Brodie is a seasoned storyteller and filmmaker with a diverse and compelling body of work.


"Official Trailer"
2 mins
27 October 2020

With the night-time economy still paralysed by the coronavirus pandemic, this toe-tapping trailer for 'Ronnie’s' hits home harder than expected. Directed by Ollie Murray, the film offers an insight into Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in Soho - a night spot graced by the likes of Miles Davis, Nina Simone, and Curtis Mayfield over the years.

Shots of central London in full flow are almost overwhelming, as are glimpses of the club at maximum capacity. However, it's the roll call of talent that matters most, as Murray whets the jazz-loving viewer's appetite with vibrant footage of Scott and company through the decades. 2020 may be a bum note, but this looks to provide some comfort.

Sky Q
"Harris & The Robots"
27 October 2020

Sky Q enlist Iron Man, BB-8, Megatron, and a pack of robot dogs for this polished commercial, which cleverly mixes new and existing footage from big name IPs. Yet the real star is a young boy equipped with a backpack, a remote control, and his own subtle but life-changing piece of technology.

Flitting between Avengers Tower, Boston Dynamics, Jakku, and a battle-scarred street in Chicago, the lad summons a blue portal that hoovers up robotic icons with ease. It remains to be seen what kind of fight the Terminator would put up.

Mission accomplished, the boy arrives home to enjoy his new movie collection... and reveals a prosthetic leg into the bargain. It's a canny piece of casting, and suggests how the broadcaster's catalogue can fire the imaginations of dauntless viewers like Harris.


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"Intelligence Gathered"
28 Oct 2012
Being one of the five people in the UK yet to see the new James Bond movie, DAVID isn't sure whether the footage in this commercial has been taken from Skyfall or if it's a specially filmed sequence... either way, it's further evidence of the extraordinary level of product placement and commercial integration of the franchise.

The National College for Teaching & Leadership
"What Does A Teacher Make?"
28 Oct 2015
Considering the quality of last year's Get Into Teaching recruitment film featuring Educating Yorkshire's Mr Burton, it's not surprising that FCB Inferno and director Kirk Jones have stayed with the same winning formula. The script is now shared among various teachers, but the enthusiasm for the vocation remains just as salient.

Battersea Dogs Home
"Who Needs Who?"
1 min 35s
28 Oct 2015
Frankie Caradonna's on a bit of a roll at the moment - this lovely piece for Battersea Dogs Home follows hot on the heels of his profoundly moving film for Breast Cancer Now. In this, it is the people, not the animals, who are in most need: the companionship a pet can provide is shown to be more urgent than the new home offered to the stray.

The National Autistic Society
1 min 50s
28 Oct 2016
The National Autistic Society once again compel us to view the world through someone else's eyes. This time, the viewer experiences a series of job interviews as an autistic candidate. Pre-interview nerves are one thing, but imagine feeling as though everything is calibrated to put you off-balance once you enter the building… even someone stirring a mug of tea. Suddenly, sensory overload can turn an opportunity into an ordeal.

CHOC Children's
"Long Live Childhood"
28 Oct 2018
Jazz singer Helen Ward's dulcet tones accompany this well-shot piece for CHOC Children's a.k.a. the Children's Hospital of Orange County. While Ward's ‘Heart and Soul' wafts in the background, director Laerke Herthoni deftly captures the innocence of youth with a dash of humour for good measure.

Voiceless Women
2 mins 48s
28 Oct 2018
This highly NSFW film is not for the faint-hearted. It examines one of the great contradictions of our age: the see-sawing relationship between the sexes. It draws attention to the 'voiceless women' of the sex industry focusing on the very deliberate ways in which some of those using prostitutes demean and degrade women.

"The Shoot"
28 Oct 2019
As the streaming wars truly begin, Canal+ get in on the action with their own unique, er, content platform. Which, you must understand, absolutely cannot be compared to N*tflix. This entertaining ad takes the prospect of libel and turns it into a smart comedic concept, as a director attempts to explain to the star of the 'real ad' what it is they're advertising.

Smirnoff Ice
"Heroic Portrait"
28 Oct 2005
Uri tries to adopt the same pose as that of an airman in a portrait that looks to date from World War II. He actually almost manages to pull it off before he gets so frustrated that he walks off.

Channel 4
"Big Art Project"
28 Oct 2005
Channel 4 launch Big Art - a project which will result in some major art installations being forced on unwilling communities. The station's viewers will determine which artists will be commissioned, and where the works will be put. People are shown reacting differently to a large work of art.

28 Oct 2005
Alexander Armstrong reprises his role as the twit who thinks Pimm's appropriate to any occasion in an a d that seems him bothering a group of Scandinavian sauna users as they dash out into the snow. They seem more impressed by the ice sculpture his dog produces than by the drink.

28 Oct 2005
Another amusing ad in the new series for Barclays has a group of employees gathering around to see the brainchild of one of their colleague's - a robot that can answer any question. The invention doesn't look so wise when it refuses to tell them anything and starts claiming that robots will take over the world.

"Terry And Adriano"
28 Oct 2006
Chelsea's John Terry and AC Milan's Adriano are sat on the sofa playing video games on the TV when the ball bursts from the screen and the two of them begin a more realistic tussle. John Terry's profile rises ever higher since his appointment as England's captain.

"5 A Day"
28 Oct 2008
A charming film to promote the ingestion of five portions of fruit and vegetables has a schoolgirl emotionally thanking her Mum in the style of an Oscar acceptance speech. Her two friends sat with her at the bus stop laugh uncontrollably as they listen to her parody.

Ferrero Rocher
"Share Something Special"
28 Oct 2009
We always thought that nectar and ambrosia were the food of the Gods but it turns out they're quite partial to balls of chocolate containing crushed snail shells as well. At least, that's what this ambassador-free ad for Ferrero Rocher would have us believe.

28 Oct 2009
This simple trail features a woman examining an insect which has been perfectly preserved in a piece of amber to illustrate the idea that Newsnight Scotland provides the opportunity to take "a closer look" at the day's events.

Tusker Beer
28 Oct 2009
This commercial for a Kenyan beer emphasises its Africanness by showing us Africans enjoying themselves in several different eras. It's an appealing confection and one which seems likely to appeal well beyond the countries of Africa.

Kosovo Government
"Nation Branding"
28 Oct 2009
Kosovo is branded as The Young Europeans in this Israeli-made ad which shows young Kosovans gathering together to take part in a giant event which involves raising artificial clouds and drawing attention to Kosovo's location in Europe.

Swine Flu Information
"Toxic Sneeze"
28 Oct 2009
A timely warning of the need for cleanliness to avoid the spread of swine flu. A man sneezes on his hand on a bus and then spends the next hour leaving the virus on a number of hard surfaces and making it possible for the people around him to catch the infection.

BBC Weather
"Be One Step Ahead"
28 Oct 2010
This animated film suggests you can use the BBC's website to stay one step ahead of the weather and it illustrates its proposition by showing us a young man doing just that. It's a lie, of course... sometimes the BBC's website is wrong about the weather that's happening now, never mind what it'll be like later.

"At The Stroke of Midnight"
28 Oct 2010
This 40s version of the two minute long film that we added a couple of weeks ago succeeds in telling the whole tale with a great deal more economy and is a more effective ad. Cinderella still exposes Prince Charming's vanity with some style in an ad that cleverly suggests tarting yourself up is an empowering act for a woman.

2 mins 17s
28 Oct 2011
Belgian band Soulwax flaunt their influences in this striking piece by Saam Farahmand who is now represented in the UK by Rogue Films. The distillation process may prove an eye-opener and those of a sensitive disposition may be a little shocked.

"House Tour"
28 Oct 2011
Comedians Katie Wix (Not Going Out) and Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon) clown about in this ad for Harveys. Crilly jumps all over her new furniture while Wix looks on in mock concern. Not great but in this sector 'not great' is the new 'fabulous'.

I'm A Celebrity
28 Oct 2012
Here we go again. Amiable Geordie TV presenter Dec and Ant wander down the high street convinced that they've forgotten something. Sadly for them, it's not the participation in 'Red or Black'... visual clues abound and it's clear to us - if not them - that a new series of 'I'm A Celebrity...' is on the way.

"Sparks Fly"
28 Oct 2013
Quite a clever way of suggesting the role the product purports to play in enhancing sex. Rather than showing us the couple who are racing home to get down to business, two glowing orbs representing the duo of gels take us on that journey instead, so it manages to keep everything British and respectable.

Beauty School Cop Outs
28 Oct 2013
There's no end in sight to the plague of reality shows on our tellyboxes, but at least this trail makes Beauty School Cop Outs look relatively entertaining if you're trawling the stations for a slice-of-life fix. Wobbly orange men, badly tattooed bikers and half-waxed women flee down the street screaming to get away from the rubbish beauticians inflicting pain on them. Wonderfully OTT.

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