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    • Biscuit Filmworks sign Bine BachBiscuit Filmworks have added Copenhagen-based director Bine Bach to their roster for US and UK representation.
    • Building bridges.Childhood imagination meets grown-up ingenuity in this intriguing commercial for Lego.
    • It's Yemi Bamiro for Rattling Stick.Yemi Bamiro, the filmmaker behind 'One Man and His Shoes', has joined Rattling Stick for UK representation.
    • Bang TV welcome Jari Imbesi.Italian filmmaker Jari Imbesi is the latest addition to Bang TV's enterprising roster.
    • The gloves are off.Jared Knecht and Salomon Ligthelm co-direct this sharp two-hander about a boxer forced to attend a therapist after a violent outburst.
    • More than a meal.A woman goes the extra mile for baked beans in this entertaining ad for Heinz.
    • Financial felons.Sergei and Alexsandr gain a coterie of animated counterparts in this amusing effort from Compare the Market.
    • The long goodbye.'No Time to Die', the twenty-fifth James Bond movie and Daniel Craig's last as 007, has endured a rough journey to the big screen.
    • Rhythm and boozeBombay Sapphire return to our screens with this tactile piece of work from BBDO New York and director Alan Masferrer.
    • Press replay: the return of GamesMaster.Next on the TV comeback trail is GamesMaster, the show that turned astronomer Sir Patrick Moore into a nightmare-fuelled cyborg.


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Biscuit Filmworks sign Bine Bach

Biscuit Filmworks have added Copenhagen-based director Bine Bach to their roster for US and UK representation.

A childhood passion for comedy drew Bach to the world of film, as she traded stand-up aspirations for a creative career less fraught with stage fright. Her work is characterised by a deadpan sense of humour and a gently surreal aesthetic, drawing viewers into narratives which intrigue and entertain in equal measure.


"The Damp Knight's Tale"
21 September 2021

Childhood imagination meets grown-up ingenuity in this intriguing commercial for Lego. The film presents a seemingly simple problem - how do you get a knight in full plate armour across a lake? - and then tinkers with solutions over the course of 85". From emergency swimming lessons to creative construction, an entire village of mismatched characters comes together to get the job done.

The film's quirkiness is allowed to unspool at a satisfying pace throughout its runtime, as directors Traktor show hints of reality (brightly coloured bricks, anachronistic vehicles, distinctive plastic flowers, etc.) before finally allowing the fantasy to break. It's a fun reminder of how immersive imaginative play can be, and how a box of odd bricks can unlock entirely new worlds of fun.

It's Yemi Bamiro for Rattling Stick.

Yemi Bamiro, the filmmaker behind 'One Man and His Shoes', has joined Rattling Stick for UK representation.

The Londoner's feature-length insight into Air Jordan sneakers took seven years to arrive, with plenty of, erm, sole-searching along the way. Yet the result impressed viewers and film festival juries alike with its study of a notorious fashion icon.


Bang TV welcome Jari Imbesi.

Italian filmmaker Jari Imbesi is the latest addition to Bang TV's enterprising roster.

Rare is the director with a degree in economics, but Imbesi prefers to focus on commercials these days. That suits Bang TV executive producer Jeremy McWilliams down to the ground, and he's ready to unleash Imbesi on the UK market.


Short Films
6 mins 28s
19 September 2021

Jared Knecht and Salomon Ligthelm co-direct this sharp two-hander about a boxer (Cranston Johnson) forced to attend a therapist (Geraldine Hughes) after a violent outburst. As the latter warns the former, "A mea culpa and a couple of photo ops with some sick kids in a children’s hospital is not going to get you back in the ring".

Sat opposite each other in a grand office, the two spar over eidetic memory, low blows, and the dehumanising nature of boxing. He talks a good game, but only a handful of his jabs land the way he wants them to...nor is he prepared for her knockout punch.

Performance-wise, Johnson and Hughes are well-matched, with his pained American contrasted with her watchful poise and Northern Irish lilt. One for those drawn to the cerebral side of combat sports.


On This Day
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"Brazilian Street Cleaner"
22 Sep 2005
This film advocates spontaneity as it tells the story of a Brazilian street cleaner called Renato who became a national hero after he began dancing during the Rio carnival. If you feel like saying something then just say it and preferably on an Orange phone (though not if it expresses desire for farmyard animals).

"Christina Aguilera"
22 Sep 2006
Christina Aguilera is magically moved to various global locations after she takes a slug of Pepsi from her can. She doesn't allow herself to be distracted from the singing of her song. In her delightfully slutty motif, Aguilera even manages to stir the loins of Ozzy Osbourne, long thought comatose through drug use.

"You're Fired"
22 Sep 2007
A beautiful idea which has been beautifully made in this campaign which quietly throws up more excellent commercials than just about any other. Here, a succession of children tell their parents they are 'fired' because they have been neglected in favour of work. One Dad teetering on the brink redeems himself.

"Rory's Pie"
22 Sep 2013
The second round of Santander's sports celebrity campaign is really getting into its stride and now that it's the sports celebrities who are being nonplussed by the actors rather than the other way round... the commercials are much more successful.

"Derek Jeter"
22 Sep 2014
We've already seen one commercial marking Derek Jeter's retirement this year and it's a measure of his impact on baseball that this second epic also plays fulsome tribute to the star. Much of this was filmed candidly as Jeter walked among his fans and director Henry-Alex Rubin appears to have captured the honest reactions of New Yorkers as they suddenly realise their hero is among them.

"Shake ’em Up"
22 Sep 2014
This US spot for McDonalds leaves us shaken and stirred. Not only is it a lovely, dynamic piece of filming for the brand, but it communicates the "shake 'em up" message in an extremely memorable way. When a young man takes a running jump off the edge of a building we certainly aren't expecting him to reappear as he does.

2 mins
22 Sep 2015
This animated commercial depicting Honda's history is an epic triumph... but what else would you expect from PES? Months of work have gone into creating this film using a technique that must require quite unbelievable levels of patience and dedication but prove entirely worth it. Even though it mines a familiar seam for the Japanese car maker, it feels completely fresh.

NHS Blood and Transplant
"Bleed For England"
22 Sep 2015
The stakes in the Rugby World Cup are high, but this impressive NHS ad argues that the stakes are even higher when it comes to our blood levels. A symbol sure to be worn on the chests of thousands of England fans at the moment, an English rose is shown to be a dark shadow of itself. Only a drop of blood can return it to its vivid best.

H & M
"Beckham Meets Hart"
22 Sep 2015
It's time to scrap the 'golden rule' when it comes to working with David Beckham which was - as many of you will probably remember - whatever you do, don't give him a line. In this teaser for H&M, Beckham puts in such a naturalistic performance that it's hard to imagine acting has ever been a problem for him and much of the credit for that has to go to director Fredrik Bond.

British Gas
"Warm And Working"
22 Sep 2015
Building on the 'No Place Like Home' concept launched in the previous commercial, this beautifully-realised spot follows a little penguin all buttoned up against the cold. Finding himself in the terrain of humans, he clambers through a catflap and explores the wonders of the house that lies behind; full of the wonders that warmth provides.

"Game On, Cooks"
22 Sep 2016
Has cooking become too much of a spectator sport? Lurpak thinks so, and the brand makes a bold move by telling viewers to switch their attention from telly to belly. Lurpak being Lurpak, they've done a first-rate job. Somesuch's Daniel Wolfe meets this campaign's exacting standards head on with a brilliant execution. Once the game begins, it's something to behold.

Old Spice
22 Sep 2017
Old Spice knock it out of the park again with another excellent ad. Directed by Andreas Nilsson, we see US football player Von Miller hatch from an egg in a dry wasteland. He staggers towards a source of hydration - Old Spice sports body wash, naturally - and then things get really dramatic... Great work which makes the most of the self-aware humour we've come to expect from the brand.

Virgin Radio
"Big Star"
22 Sep 2006
Mouthy radio DJ Christian O'Connell takes to the streets to persuade people to listen to his radio show which is offering a big prize in a competition. O'Connell refuses to disclose the amount that can be won even when pressed by former frontman of Madness, "Quote Me Happy" Suggs.

Channel 4
"Twenty-five Years"
22 Sep 2007
To celebrate Channel 4's twenty-fifth birthday, there is to be a series of programmes on More 4. Here a number of iconic moments from their past have been put together as a montage. Food for thought is provided by the fact that almost every bit is from the station's earliest years.

Audi Quattro
22 Sep 2008
There's a celebration of 'grip' in this attractive film for Audi. We're reminded about the delicacy of our own sense of grip as a variety of objects are shown in human hands and Simon Callow opines about its nature. Apparently, the Audi Quattro possesses the automotive equivalent.

"Anjelica Houston"
22 Sep 2008
Anjelica Houston becomes the latest Hollywood star to subject herself to the ritualised humiliation of Orange's cinema advertising. Houston sends up her image as a kook assisted by the campaign regulars who provide their own brand of mockery in typically irreverent fashion.

22 Sep 2008
In this touching film for the charity, the openness of children is represented by butterflies in this ad which shows the insects fluttering freely around children whose voices are heard but cut off from a boy who is in need of help. We can help all children to be heard by giving money to the NSPCC.

22 Sep 2008
Footballers including Thierry Henry and Michael Owen are beamed down into a strange animated landscape where they demonstrate that they can be as nifty with a tube of cardboardy snacks as they are with a football. They then look impressed as a competition winner struts his stuff. There's no va va voom here.

"Tribal Dance"
22 Sep 2008
More amiable jungle nonsense on behalf of the clothing retailer. A collection of women in various winter fashions do a rain dance so they can take full advantage of the protective qualities of their fashionable threads. They could have tried them out by jumping aboard a train to Glasgow instead.

Kellogg's Coco Pops
22 Sep 2009
Inside your bowl of Kellogg's Coco Pops there's double the excitement because some of the cereal is crunchy and some is soft. The same effect can be achieved with any cereal if you don't fold the inner wrapping and leave the box open.

"Zoetrope Portrait"
2 mins 10s
22 Sep 2009
This intriguing American film for fashion label Temperley uses a zoetrope to highlight their 2010 collection. Apparently, production company Legs constructed a twelve foot high zoetrope which was unveiled at New York Fashion Week and it's now been moved to London.

"Do Your Part"
22 Sep 2009
This American ad flaunting the environmental credentials of the advertised car shows various people trying to do their bit for the planet. None of them are having as much fun as the Audi driver who is able to speed past a Volvo powered by vegetable oil.

Las Vegas
"Les Trois Chinchillas"
22 Sep 2009
A man asks his boss for a day off so he can celebrate Chinchilla Day. He then spins an elaborate yarn about the origin of the festivities before explaining that his people like to mark the occasion by "partying in Vegas". Nicely judged silliness.

Scratch Perverts
"Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratories"
2 mins 45s
22 Sep 2009
A bizarre but fun piece for turntablist DJs, Scratch Perverts. The DJs experiment with various mixes using what appear to be live human heads in place of discs and drums. The effect is a good deal more mesmerising than the music.

Pure Blonde
"Dove Love"
22 Sep 2009
A man rehabilitates a fallen dove in this Australian ad which manages the rare feat of being sincere and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. His efforts to make the bird happy are pretty hilarious but will it all be in vain?

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