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These scores are compiled from a combination of our in-house rating system and user ratings. Only UK work from the last two years is considered.
 1. Dougal Wilson 88.6%  
 2. David Shane 83.9%  
 3. Ringan Ledwidge 82.6%  
 4. Andreas Nilsson 81.9%  
 5. Megaforce 81.7%  
 6. Frédéric Planchon 80.7%  
 7. Mark Albiston 80.0%  
 8. Sam Brown 79.7%  
 9. Tony Barry 79.6%  
 10. Guy Shelmerdine 79.3%  
 11. Jeff Low 78.6%  
 12. DOM&NIC 77.4%  
 13. Clay Weiner 77.3%  
 14. Kim Gehrig 77.2%  
 15. James Rouse 76.3%  
 16. Mark Denton 75.9%  
 17. Mark Jenkinson 75.8%  
 18. Ninian Doff 75.6%  
 19. Keith McCarthy 75.2%  
 20. Max Fisher 75.1%  
 21. Tom Tagholm 74.5%  
 22. Pete Riski 74.4%  
 23. Gary Freedman 74.4%  
 24. Chris Faith 74.3%  
 25. Philippe Lhomme 74.0%  

On This Day

Renault Laguna
"Eric Cantona"
23 Mar 2009
Say what you like about Eric Cantona... the man delivers every time. Here, the enigmatic former footballer uses his Gallic charm to run through all the reasons why you should consider the Laguna next time you're in the market for a new car. Very convincing it is too.

Britain's Got Talent
"Britain, It's Time to be Great"
23 Mar 2013
This is delightful piece of fun presages the coming series of Britain's Got Talent. The programme's stars - by which we mean those already famous rather than the members of the public yet to enjoy their fleeting moment in the limelight - show us their special gifts via some clever post-production jiggery pokery.

Garden Bridge Trust
"Garden Bridge"
23 Mar 2016
This engaging film for the Garden Bridge Trust is a celebration of London's hustle and bustle while outlining the project's ambitious goal to bring an extra burst of greenery to the UK's biggest urban jungle. Director Charlie Robins taps into the project's aims and crafts a pleasing rendition of a metropolis in full flow.

T K Maxx
23 Mar 2016
Wieden + Kennedy's work for T K Maxx gets off to a bouncy start with this surreal slice of fun starring... well, a pair of legs dangling from the ceiling. It's not a bad way to grab the audience's attention from the off. In fact, it's brave to wait a few seconds until we're given an explanation for this fleshy chandelier.

2 mins 05s
23 Mar 2016
Love could be in the air for this couple as Sarah invites Ian over to her place to watch the latest instalment of 'Game of Thrones'. He naturally says, "Yes"... but there's a problem. A fifty episode-sized problem, in fact. You see, Ian hasn't seen a single episode of the show. "Winter is coming", intones the VO - not that it'll make much sense to our Westeros newbie.

23 Mar 2016
This frenetic ode to binge watching from Foxtel brilliantly encapsulates the desire to make sure conditions are perfect before we sit down for an episode or nine of our favourite programmes. The urgent VO passionately commentates on these telly fanatics and their respective routines, be it crashing on to the sofa or rushing to the loo for "the real Game of Thrones". Great visuals and a witty script combine to fine effect.

Wall's Magnum
"Five Senses"
23 Mar 2005
Wall's launch another five special editions in their Magnum range this time reflecting the senses which are named one by one in a breathy whisper as a succession of images representing them are flashed past on the screen in a visually impressive ad.

"Red Shoes"
23 Mar 2007
This campaign always delivers in a charming fashion. Here a young woman takes such delight in her red shoes that she dances through her day, setting off from her home; sashaying through her office before we see her in a wine bar before she is back home again.

23 Mar 2009
There's a more mature jape from one of the WKD lads in the latest contribution to the series as he comes up with a cunning plan when he's unable to find a chair in his local pub. This campaign continues to work miracles in successfully pitching girly drinks at men.

Bank Of Scotland
"Reasons For Saving"
23 Mar 2010
This pleasantly animated commercial for the Bank Of Scotland suggests some other reasons why people save their money. These include cars and holidays as well as the most obvious reason of all... the peace of mind derived from knowing there's a bit of money in the bank.

Old Spice
"Armpit Mountain"
23 Mar 2010
This American ad has its tongue so firmly in its cheek that it looks like it's sucking a lollipop. A series of questions are asked about the burden of being the perfect man then it's revealed that the perfect deodorant is now available to him.

Old Spice
23 Mar 2010
Old Spice puts a new word in the dictionary in a bid to describe the increasing levels of freshness available from the advertised product. The four depicted products are 'fresh', 'fresher', 'freshest' and 'freshershist'. good fun.

"Give Love, Get Love"
23 Mar 2010
This Belgian commercial for a savoury spread has horror movie overtones as a boy dashes out into the pouring rain in an unknown mission that looks dangerous and desperate. Whatever can be the young lad's motive for his perilous journey? Did we mention it's a savoury spread?

"Mother's Day"
23 Mar 2011
Mum spoils herself rotten in this ad for Boots by buying herself a series of gifts and pretending they're from her young toddler. There's precious little effort to sell us a dummy though and it doesn't even feel as though we're supposed to feel surprised.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Elmwood Standards"
23 Mar 2011
"That's right, pigs do have standards," says a farmer as he struggles to keep his facial muscles in check. The Co-op continues with its ambitious attempt to assure shoppers that it's more than a stop gap when it comes to purchasing food. They should keep at it... this feels like it's working.

BBC Radio 5
23 Mar 2011
Another helping of Five Live illustrating that extraordinary things happen all the time. On the day of the budget, Richard Bacon and colleagues listen to PMQs and George Osborne's budget before the broadcaster announces the death of Elizabeth Taylor.

23 Mar 2011
O2 might have decided to "keep it simple" but the same can't be said of this new strand of advertising. There's so much going on that it's hard to pay attention to the details of the special offer. Bells and whistles should enhance not distract.

Sky Movies
"Kate Winslet"
23 Mar 2012
It's funny how the presence of a major star in a television commercial always seems to result in a wistful performance. It's as if the enormity of securing the services of said celebrity tips the whole thing off balance in a bid to persuade the audience to share the wonder of it all.

"Made In The Dark"
23 Mar 2012
To illustrate their dedication to their craft, we're told that the makers of Magners happily work in the dark because it improves the quality of the cider. But it's not just the apple presses that operate during the hours of darkness, everything else is too.

Cadbury Crème Eggs
"Mexican Wave"
23 Mar 2012
A marvellous addition to the ongoing series shows mass gooicide as a Mexican Wave spreads around the stadium. With the run of form this campaign is in, it's a shame that there will be no more ads after Easter and the build-up to the Olympics will be over. Well, in terms of Crème Eggs, in any case.

T K Maxx
"Do Your Thing"
23 Mar 2013
TK Maxx ups the funkiness levels with this ad that tells us: "love your style... respect your money". Hip young things get on down, golden oldies shake their booty and break-dancing children do the caterpillar in fashions that are very nearly this season but have 60% off. Even a dog get in on the act, although it appears in nothing but its furry birthday suit.

"The Cod and the Bag"
23 Mar 2013
Another in this attractively-filmed series highlighting a specific product available from posh supermarket. Roger McGough's gentle voice combines beautifully with a piano-based soundtrack to create a persuasive message that seems certain to ensure this flies off the shelves.

"Singing Lesson"
23 Mar 2015
DAVID had watched this quite a few times without being able to figure out how to rate it before it occurred to him that the very need to focus so much attention on it must mean it's doing something right. It uses an advertising stand-by: the parent struggling to connect with an alienated teenager who finds that something - often a hot plate of food - provides a breakthrough that leads to a heart-warming moment.

Asda George
23 Mar 2015
A bouncy, energetic ad for George at Asda shows boys and girls having a dance-off. A cheerful rendition of "Anything You Can Do" from Annie Get Your Gun complements the visuals nicely as the young'uns have fun trying to outdo each other's moves. Meanwhile, parents will be glad of a reasonably priced range of kids clothing that can stand up to some serious body popping.

4 mins 32s
23 Mar 2015
It's a bit long -- ooer, missus - but this online piece for Durex is still very nicely done. An eclectic mix of loved-up couples are invited to test out a new app that will transform things for them in the bedroom department. They're all very keen social media users and are very excited by the prospect. The build-up is cleverly handled too... what can the app possibly be?

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