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The Fableists
2 mins 05s
7 May 2014
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UK Fashion Labels

This terrific little film promoting an ethical clothing label for kids features a fearless - and skilled - young skateboarder learning his craft. As a brand, The Fableists is described in its press release as "a mix of timeless, unisex and ultra-stylish clothes... which represents a move away from mass-produced fashion manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals".

In showing Finn wearing Fableist gear we're made aware a) of its durability and b) that we all have a responsibility to children, wherever they are.

It's poignant and beautifully made, and the track Hope / Grace by Edinburgh band Delta Mainline is an apt choice. The boy executes feats that would have most of us, as parents, running to stop him; but as passive viewers we're made instead to marvel at his spatial awareness, his motor control and his balance as he sails off concrete cliffs and judges slopes.

There's something of the intensity of Aoife McArdle's promo for Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins, which also features a lone young skateboarder. Finn is like his younger self; and the degree of single-minded concentration and self-containment he displays is utterly commanding.

Apparently this is the first in a series of clips which documents "kids around the world - kids with a gift, kids with drive, kids with ambition, kids who have overcome adversity" and who embody the brand's rebellious yet positive attitude.

The label has come about as a collaboration among top London talent in the realms of advertising, film and design - so that the agencies involved are as much brand owners as they are suppliers. Full credit, then, to Brothers & Sisters, Great Guns, Jungle and director Olivier Venturini along with Electric Theatre Collective and indeed Finn himself for getting this project off the ground.

"World Cup Germs"

Matt said:

Funnily enough it's tenuous promotional sponsorships like this that leave a nasty taste in your mouth.



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Philadelphia present their... erm, Christmas ad, though it's one that hopefully still has the receipt handy. If it weren't for the VO's fleeting reference to the holiday, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a Philadelphia ad from any other time of the year. Amidst all the gastronomic treats gracing our screens at the moment, the humble cheesecake isn't done many favours with this effort.

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A child's curiosity can sometimes cause a blushed face or two, but surely it's a bit much to suppress it altogether as this EE ad suggests? Before this youngster has a chance to ask his question, this Father of the Year candidate shoves a tablet for kids in his face. We hate to be awkward, but this just raises further questions in the space of 10".

Sky Movies
"Star Wars Saga"
30 Nov 2015
Sky Creative prove there's still a fresh interpretation left in the marketing build-up for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' with this vivid trail for the broadcaster's Star Wars channel. Like a storyboard come to life, iconic moments and settings from the series are compiled into one seamless piece of storytelling. Even the divisive prequels benefits from MPC's impressive lick of paint - something George Lucas will no doubt be thankful for.

"Star Wars"
28 Nov 2015
The charm of this Subways ad lies in the lo-fi Star Wars costumes worn by the patrons - just when you think a bit of CGI jiggery-pokery is going to spoil the mood, the flick of a plastic light saber is a nice punchline. No doubt Subway would love to set up shop next to the Mos Eisley cantina, but this earthbound effort will do just nicely for now.

Panasonic Lumix
"Perfect Moment"
28 Nov 2015
"Life is made of memories" according to this ad for the Panasonic Lumix. We've lost track of what else advertisers have claimed life to be, but sticking with this train of thought, the advertised camera can assist you in capturing events both big and small in 4K quality - a proposition helped by the pleasant imagery achieved in the shoot.

Marks & Spencer
"Adventures In Stars"
26 Nov 2015
Another helping of food perfection for Marks & Spencer's Christmas offer. Elements of this appear in their main ad but this consistently brilliant work is always worth another look and the concentration of sugary treats is certainly part of the seasonal experience... even if - in reality - the food at M&S can't possibly compete.

"The Great Untried"
30 Nov 2015
The opening of a garage door creates a world of possibilities according to this superbly crafted ad for the Honda Jazz. Once the open road lies ahead for this couple, anything and everything is worth a shot. Bach, beekeeping... throw in stargazing, archery, and kite flying and you've got enough pursuits to trump everyone in the "so what did you do at the weekend?" stakes.

28 Nov 2015
Another iconically cheesy track from the '80s makes this terrific spot for Asda. While Jennifer Rush does it for puppy love in a companion ad, Europe's 'The Final Countdown' is the perfect accompaniment to one family's exuberant Christmas mood as they drive home in a car that is fairy light-tastic; replete with a dancing reindeer on the roof. Are they satisfied with this? Watch and see.

27 Nov 2015
We've already seen Vodafone save a turkey's life this festive season, and now this nicely-judged South African ad for Nando's ensures we have two tales of survival. This bird knows what fate lies in store for it, and no amount of staring solemnly at its own reflection will help. Luckily, a chicken full of the right stuff comes through for a feathered friend in need.

H & M
"Katie Perry"
2 mins
28 Nov 2015
H&M's Katie Perry special has the same effect as a surfeit of butter icing. Dressed mostly as a Christmas tree fairy, she hovers over the festive spectacle of tin soldiers, polar bears and candy canes singing her lungs out. It's lavishly done and everything, but is too Americanised for our more restrained sensibilities and her wish that we should have "happy and merry holidays" is, quite frankly, excessive.

"Gingerbread Man"
26 Nov 2015
This informs us that UKTV Gold will be known as Christmas Gold during December. The moniker change is helpfully explained by a Geordie gingerbread man who leaps in and out of the channel's extensive comedy line-up. Many of the nation's viewers will know these scripts word-for-word, but there's always a place for slumping in front of the telly for some old favourites.

"Me And My Bear"
1 min 35s
26 Nov 2015
This lovely debut effort from director MICH proves it can pay dividends working with children and animals... well, OK, teddy bears. A doting grandmother's knitted gift becomes an inseparable friend for this young boy, with the Lifecake photo app allowing her to keep track of their adventures. Just the right level of sweetness and a smart choice of music - fans of 'The Office' will be on guard to sort out that something in their eye.

"Heist Of The Century"
26 Nov 2015
A weekend bingeing on film's best heist capers proves to be time well spent for Boursin with this slick endeavour. To a Roy Budd-esque score, each member of a disparate crew has an object to pilfer for reasons unknown. There are no banks to rob or casino vaults to be raided here - it's just that a taste of the advertised cheese requires a little more planning to appreciate it.

"Real Monopoly"
26 Nov 2015
Our friends across the Channel apparently enjoy a far more thrilling experience at the McDonald's drive-thru if this ad is anything to go by. Mad Cow's No Brain produces another eye-catching piece of work for the French market as the restaurant chain promotes their Monopoly tie-in with a trip in the board game's signature roadster.

Richmond Sausages
28 Nov 2015
Every parent will have learned to dread the loss of the one stuffed animal their offspring cannot live without. It's an attachment that may seem ridiculous to non-parents or to the unsentimental but it can feel like a very real emergency when child and 'best friend' are involuntarily parted with no prospect of an immediate reunion, and this 60" film taps into that with aplomb. When 'mum' tearfully reveals that 'teddy' is part of the family, a lot of mums and dads will know exactly what she means.

"Glen The Guru"
26 Nov 2015
Churchill's mascot has enjoyed a comfortable few years as the top nodder in the business, but now he has a challenger for his crown - Rentalcar.com's Glen the Guru. Whenever bad karma manifests in car rental, the minute spiritual leader shall appear. When this pleasant couple are met with a grunt and an old banger with a questionable paint job, Glen invites Alice and Tim to embark on a more satisfying trip via a tap of his head.

Post Office
"Merry Chest Bump"
26 Nov 2015
Simon Bird lives out the dream of every child in the country by greeting Santa Claus with the world's most epic chest bump. Let's face it, Saint Nick has the padding to make it a good 'un and so it proves to be here. Thanks to Bird's childish glee and the suitably heroic score, the comedian's collaboration with the Post Office once again produces fun results.

"The Fear"
26 Nov 2015
A dropped phone may not sound like the biggest disaster in the world, but the pain in these punters' faces is evident in this ad for Tech21. Expletives on the tips of their tongues and howls of despair in mid-flow, this lot could have avoided such horror by using the advertised company's range of protective cases. Good frustration on show here, plus extra thought has gone into the subtly changing background.

"Terry the Turkey"
26 Nov 2015
First there was Peggy Sue, now Vodafone introduce us to Terry the Turkey. We know from the off that the bird is destined to grace the table on Christmas Day, but we get a lovely look at how Terry becomes a feathered friend for all. Once we see the snow on the ground, it looks like Terry's finally had it... but Vodafone always has a happy ending in store.

Now TV
"Grab A Little Christmas"
26 Nov 2015
The magicians of online streaming aim to ensure families aren't short of a film to snuggle together for on the sofa this Christmas. Now TV's selection of recent blockbusters will no doubt attract those who've had their fill of terrestrial repeats, and this colourful ad trumpets the benefits of the platform with their trademark visual pizazz.

Apple iPad
"The Sky at Night"
25 Nov 2015
As this latest commercial for the Apple iPad shows, the brand obviously don't feel the need to tweak their formula too much. Thus, another well-regarded music act (Alabama Shakes assume the mantle here) plays in the background as a 'purdy' trip through the galaxy unfolds on screen. The advertised product allows users to explore the universe while staying on terra firma... though the pencil comes separately.

2 mins 12s
25 Nov 2015
Radkey's boisterous 'Glore' gets a stunning promo celebrating its garage punk, Beavis and Butthead, grossout sensibility. Nicos Livesey's fast-moving claymation has everything you could wish for: acid trips, superheroes packed with Gummi Bears; spinning heads and pizza crusts. All the things, in fact, that your average teenage boy would probably like to experience.

"The Bathroom Store"
1 min 53s
25 Nov 2015
Andrex provide a clever and poignant reminder that our weekends spent looking for the ideal bathroom suite should be done with a little more perspective. These visitors to a showroom quickly realise their requests for brass finishes and anti-steam panels are hollow in comparison to the poor sanitation endured by those less fortunate.

"OTT Drinks Party"
25 Nov 2015
A nicely observed ad from Lidl Ireland has a mother-in-law looking rather underwhelmed by this party's oh-so modern interpretation of a Christmas do. Luckily, the traditional spread from the supermarket more than makes up for things and she's soon joining in the festivities with quiche in hand and a belter of a laugh. Another good-natured addition to Lidl's festive campaign across the Irish Sea.

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