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The Fableists
2 mins 05s
7 May 2014
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UK Fashion Labels

This terrific little film promoting an ethical clothing label for kids features a fearless - and skilled - young skateboarder learning his craft. As a brand, The Fableists is described in its press release as "a mix of timeless, unisex and ultra-stylish clothes... which represents a move away from mass-produced fashion manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals".

In showing Finn wearing Fableist gear we're made aware a) of its durability and b) that we all have a responsibility to children, wherever they are.

It's poignant and beautifully made, and the track Hope / Grace by Edinburgh band Delta Mainline is an apt choice. The boy executes feats that would have most of us, as parents, running to stop him; but as passive viewers we're made instead to marvel at his spatial awareness, his motor control and his balance as he sails off concrete cliffs and judges slopes.

There's something of the intensity of Aoife McArdle's promo for Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins, which also features a lone young skateboarder. Finn is like his younger self; and the degree of single-minded concentration and self-containment he displays is utterly commanding.

Apparently this is the first in a series of clips which documents "kids around the world - kids with a gift, kids with drive, kids with ambition, kids who have overcome adversity" and who embody the brand's rebellious yet positive attitude.

The label has come about as a collaboration among top London talent in the realms of advertising, film and design - so that the agencies involved are as much brand owners as they are suppliers. Full credit, then, to Brothers & Sisters, Great Guns, Jungle and director Olivier Venturini along with Electric Theatre Collective and indeed Finn himself for getting this project off the ground.

"World Cup Germs"

Matt said:

Funnily enough it's tenuous promotional sponsorships like this that leave a nasty taste in your mouth.



Latest Additions

The National College for Teaching & Leadership
"Your Future, Their Future"
18 Sep 2014
Mr Burton from 'Educating Yorkshire' rightly became a national hero when the series was broadcast on Channel 4. He'll always be associated with the amazing effort he made to help Musharaf Asghar learn how to cope with his stammer but anyone who watched the series will remember that this was only one dimension of his ability as a teacher.

Speed of Snakes
"Backbone of Night"
5 mins 44s
18 Sep 2014
This was apparently made on a budget of just 5,000 euros, so props to everyone concerned for achieving such a polished result. The video pays homage to the sci-fi movies of the 80s; combining the tropes of dystopian futureworlds and the creation of the perfect woman to great effect for new band Speed of Snakes, whose members also feature in this.

17 Sep 2014
The visual side of this ad for Deichmann isn't that bad, and the track's reasonable enough, but the script and the VO downgrade the whole thing. An ugly stills screen at the end doesn't help. What does this brand want to be? It squandered the services of Hollywood star Halle Berry in previous ads, and this time around opts instead for generic shots of young women hanging out in cheap footwear. At least they're more plausible, we suppose.

"Mega Effects Mascara"
17 Sep 2014
This spot for Avon explains how a completely differently-shaped brush improves the way the mascara in question is applied. Now, we know mascara isn't a matter of life or death, but at least it doesn't act as if it is or bamboozle us with ridiculous word cobblings such as 'volume million lashes' 'lash architect' or 'manga mascara'.

"Security Solutions"
17 Sep 2014
Rupert Everett's voice sounds reasonably appropriate for this HP ad, which explains that if the company's security solutions are good enough for the world's biggest organisations, they're good enough for smaller, inconsequential ones. Well, not those words exactly. Onscreen graphics signal the flow and spread of information as office workers tap busily on keyboards.

"Angelino's Plums"
17 Sep 2014
We don't know the provenance of the Angelino who lent his name to the fruit on offer, but we do know his plums are juicy because they ripen in the sunny Mediterranean. Oo-er, missus. These hot-blooded types, eh? No matter that plums in more northern climes are generally smaller and tarter because the generously-sized Angelino variety is instore at Asda for an equally generous price.

Territorial Army
"At The Weekend"
18 Sep 2014
We're told that we can experience an exciting new challenge in our spare time if we join the Army Reserves. Hmm. Spending your weekends training to drop heavy loads from the edge of airborne planes or crawling through forests at night might well be just what young and energetic folk fancy - but to us that's time which could be better spent eating a nice sandwich while lying on the settee.

"High Five"
17 Sep 2014
Lidl confounds and delights more customers at its fancy market. Juicy-looking meat is extraordinarily cheap (though is that really a good thing?) and articulately talked up by the chap behind the counter. Indeed, one woman is so pleased with her purchase that she leans in and high-fives said chap, while others laugh and shake their heads in disbelief at the Lidl logo on the bag handed to them.

17 Sep 2014
An astute ad by sofaworks sees them focusing on the way furniture retailers are always either having a promotion or a sale, with a period of high prices in between. Why not, Craig Cash suggests very reasonably, choose to buy your sofa instead from a retailer whose prices are simply low all the time? Neil demonstrates the logic with a radioactive yo-yo.

"Silent Jay on Scotland's Choice"
16 Sep 2014
Everyone at DAVID HQ is excited as a new series of Gogglebox is almost upon us. We were turned on to this programme when they prominently featured last year's John Lewis ad and we've been hooked ever since. Here, Silent Jay delivers his verdict on the decision being made by Scotland tomorrow and - as those familiar with the programme might expect - it's not exactly definitive.

15 Sep 2014
Staying within the theme of this ad, DAVID is mixing things up a bit himself by running the teaser after we've shown you the thing it teases! So here we have a short intriguing burst of the White Russian film featuring the Dude himself, Mr Jeff Bridges, telling a tale of the ultimate deus ex machina in the western deserts of the United States.

Marks & Spencer
"Thai Chicken Penang"
17 Sep 2014
It's strange how Marks and Spencer food turns DAVID into Homer Simpson complete with glazed eyes, drooling mouth and involuntary noises which translate to 'mmm... must eat NOW'. But it does, and frankly this is nothing to be ashamed of because these ads defy anyone to not feel some stirring of appetite. So the only pressing question here is: where's the nearest M&S Food Hall, and has the Thai Chicken Penang already sold out?

"Toothbrush Swap"
16 Sep 2014
Lovely ad - a simple demonstration that if you have the choice to swap, sometimes it's wise to do so... even if it's to the detriment of someone else. The cheeky tone of this spot is exactly what put Aldi's advertising on the map in the first place - no-one else had ever been quite so irreverent before, and no-one can do it now without appearing to seem an Aldi-wannabe.

16 Sep 2014
A tasteful little number which likens being offered a mortgage to being measured for a suit. Get the wrong one and it's not going to fit your financial requirements regardless of the reassurances of those persuading you to take it. The only snag for us is that this implies home buyers have the luxury of picking and choosing, when in fact - for many - the possibility of being offered any mortgage is as remote as the moon.

16 Sep 2014
Craig Murray explains the advantages of Plusnet from a cinema in this latest offering for the internet service provider. The bottom line is impressive, and the ad works hard to make sure you don't miss it while still making time for some high jinks as Murray interacts - with varying degree of success - with the people in the seats around him

Don't Stop The Music
"Donate Instruments"
16 Sep 2014
Do you have an old musical instrument you no longer play? Or, more accurately, one that lies in a corner silently mocking your inability to master it? Or, closer still, one you thought it'd look sexy to play but were to lazy to learn? Then donate it to Channel 4's Don't Stop the Music Campaign and give it a new lease of life, we're urged in this trail for a two-part documentary of the same name.

"Dr Bob"
5 mins
16 Sep 2014
A deranged doctor suggests various ways a client might use to stop smoking, including wearing the famous Hannibal Lecter mask. There is an easier way, it's implied, which is to download the Stoptober app, but naturally the doctor is incapable of sussing out how to do that thing. His client is more astute though, and goes away with app in hand.

Tic Tac
16 Sep 2014
Ooh, haven't seen a jumper like that since about 1982. But this massively-afro'd chappie doesn't need to remove it because he hasn't even worked up a sweat while weight-lifting. That's down to some cords bearing all the load for him, we see, which is a good thing as he soon gets distracted by the prospect of finding a fiver in a box of Tic Tacs.

Short Films
2 mins 53s
15 Sep 2014
The astonishing thing about this riveting documentary by Stuart Douglas is that at just two minutes and fifty-seven seconds, it's shorter than a round of boxing. How is it possible to create so much engagement in such a short span of time when the piece feels so languid? The sequences from the boxing match perfectly bring to life the protagonist's mixed metaphor of "you don't really hear nothing... tunnel vision, if you know what I mean." We certainly know what he means once we've seen the artful way it's been characterised on screen.

Birds Eye
"New Experience"
16 Sep 2014
As with a recent EDF ad, Birds Eye has taken existing footage and repackaged it, so to speak, using a different script to give it a fresh new feel. It's as charming as ever, and even the tagged-on section at the end for Chicken Dippers works well with the youngsters' greedy little paws scrabbling for that last piece on the plate.

16 Sep 2014
There you go, folks. Drink Nescafé and its smoothness will help you endure the bumpiest of starts to your day. On the one hand, the milkman's crashed through your wall. On the other, he can hand you a pint without you even having to open the front door. Thing is, how did he appear so silently? One can only assume the hole in the wall was there already in this, er, plausible scenario.

Post Office
"Post Pub"
16 Sep 2014
What? When did this happen? We're not sure if we want the Post Office to be more accommodating. We like to moan about queues and the mildewed air of defeat emanating from the staff. And why the focus on after you've been down the pub? It's bad enough making regrettable drink'n'dial calls, without bringing pissed-up penmanship into the mix.

15 Sep 2014
Watching this is like watching a thick layer of volcanic ash settle on a pleasing landscape - the product is completely buried under the weight of its tedious ad. Victoria Wood's VO sounds like she's had a little cry beforehand and is hoping her sore throat will disguise it - although we suspect we'd have a little cry too if we were told to say "talk about concentrated technology" with conviction.

"John Malkovitch"
16 Sep 2014
This fun spot features John Malkovitch as a vampire grateful for CanalPlay because being immortal, as vampires are, means there's a lot of time on your hands. As such, you don't want to hang around for half of eternity waiting for particular films or shows to come on your tellybox, and neither does your immortal family. Cracking set of gnashers, by the way, John.

"Foley Artists"
2 mins 04s
16 Sep 2014
What a lovely little film for designer label COS - bringing to attention the crisp tailoring of its Autumn / Winter collection via the medium of sound. Directors Lernert Engleberts and Sander Plug worked with two foley artists who created a host of innovative and apt phonics for the purpose, and this stylish piece was the result.

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