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The Fableists
2 mins 05s
7 May 2014
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UK Fashion Labels

This terrific little film promoting an ethical clothing label for kids features a fearless - and skilled - young skateboarder learning his craft. As a brand, The Fableists is described in its press release as "a mix of timeless, unisex and ultra-stylish clothes... which represents a move away from mass-produced fashion manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals".

In showing Finn wearing Fableist gear we're made aware a) of its durability and b) that we all have a responsibility to children, wherever they are.

It's poignant and beautifully made, and the track Hope / Grace by Edinburgh band Delta Mainline is an apt choice. The boy executes feats that would have most of us, as parents, running to stop him; but as passive viewers we're made instead to marvel at his spatial awareness, his motor control and his balance as he sails off concrete cliffs and judges slopes.

There's something of the intensity of Aoife McArdle's promo for Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins, which also features a lone young skateboarder. Finn is like his younger self; and the degree of single-minded concentration and self-containment he displays is utterly commanding.

Apparently this is the first in a series of clips which documents "kids around the world - kids with a gift, kids with drive, kids with ambition, kids who have overcome adversity" and who embody the brand's rebellious yet positive attitude.

The label has come about as a collaboration among top London talent in the realms of advertising, film and design - so that the agencies involved are as much brand owners as they are suppliers. Full credit, then, to Brothers & Sisters, Great Guns, Jungle and director Olivier Venturini along with Electric Theatre Collective and indeed Finn himself for getting this project off the ground.

"World Cup Germs"

Matt said:

Funnily enough it's tenuous promotional sponsorships like this that leave a nasty taste in your mouth.



Latest Additions

"Jonathan Ross Bumpers"
18 Oct 2014
These bumpers for Renault sponsoring Jonathan Ross may have been done on a shoestring budget but as a result they're rather good because of their distinctive feel. Kudos to the director. Highlighting the idea that the car offers a more "interesting" ride, they humorously feature rudimentary visual cues that it will take you into uncharted territory, such as the cold wastes of space or the depths of the ocean floor.

Bronco Stop
"New Cough Mixture"
20 Oct 2014
A new product with nothing to say for itself except that it sounds like it's designed to protect your garden from horse infestation. The script simply tells us it's new, as are the Bronco Stop pastilles, which, "unlike other popular non-medicated lozenges, are used to help relieve a cough." That's like saying 'unlike other confectionery, chocolate is used to help relieve a craving for chocolate.'

"Match & More Card"
20 Oct 2014
Now this is interesting: Morrisons has introduced a card which price matches not only its rivals Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's - it price matches Aldi and Lidl too. The precise mechanics of this aren't explained, but we imagine we're supposed to infer that if it's simple enough for Ant and Dec to understand, it's definitely simple enough for us to understand. Which supermarket will react first, we wonder?

"Party's Over"
20 Oct 2014
This strange beast is a tad confused but feels promisingly entertaining. A young city sharp steps out of a lift and strides briskly through an office bash in its final throes of decadence paid for with customer charges for overseas transfers. Befuddlingly, he is one of the bankers - but then tells us the party's over thanks to the low charges offered by TransferWise. It's quite hard to follow - like a 60" idea squeezed into half that time - but it still kind of works. Be interesting to see how it's followed up.

Cirque Du Soleil
20 Oct 2014
Cirque Du Soleil is such a powerful brand that all it has to do is show snippets of the performers doing their thing to get people to book their tickets in droves. What we like is that this hasn't been filmed and edited just any old how, though - as much care and craft has gone into the making of this as goes into the show itself.

"Gangnam Style"
20 Oct 2014
Once upon a time in the 80s, Duracell made a terrific ad... and they've been draining its energy ever since. Now, homeopathic solutions look like concentrates by comparison. Surely in nearly 35 years the brand could have come up with something else as effective? This effort shows how a bunny fed on the battery in question fares against Furbies fed on a different 'leading brand'.

"Motorbike Trip"
18 Oct 2014
Lovely ad, this. Focusing on just one aspect of Google Talk, it has a young guy planning a trip to the coast on his motorbike. Land's End sounds like a cool place to go, and Google tells him the weather's clement. So what's to stop him? He asks for the route. Google informs him. There's a lovely truthiness about this because being able to ask for details rather than stopping to type questions is really convenient in certain situations... even if the info you get back isn't.

"Not a Screen"
18 Oct 2014
This isn't just a touch-screen phone, you know. It's a camera, a movie player, a light in the dark, a window. Pretty much any other phone that isn't just a phone, then. Except you can scribble notes on this one. Hang on - if that's its USP, why doesn't the ad concentrate on it and tell us the benefits of being able to scrawl something indecipherable on the screen instead of tidily typing? Oh.

"Ode to Joy"
21 Oct 2014
A pyroclastic flow of colourful toys erupts in a sterile, all-white bedroom, defying gravity as Ode to Joy rings out. Dolls, Lego bricks and crayons hurtle through the air with slow-motion grace and a large yet elegant super informs us there's up to a third off Barbie, Hot Wheels and Monster High, whatever that is. A visually impressive homage to the annual onset of Christmas Fever.

118 118 Money
"When Banks Say No"
20 Oct 2014
With the need for dial-up directories petering out, you'd expect 118 118's advertising to have disappeared completely. But you'd be wrong. It's merely morphed into something else: loans. Don't need a phone number but could do with some dosh? 118 118 Money's your man. Or men, should we say, as the duo speed round in tiny go-karts offering cash to people whose banks have said no. Astonishing.

5 On Demand
"Summer 2014"
21 Oct 2014
This spot telling us what's available to view on Five does so with the assistance of some nifty origami in the channel's colours. Thus there's everything from a paper pistol to a pink and purple planet as the VO reminds us of crime dramas, reality shows and more. We can imagine it being quite a challenge to come up with all the different visual cues, let alone actually fashion them.

"Could Be True Story"
1 min 55s
21 Oct 2014
A tongue-in-cheek tale of how Ballantine's has tenaciously clung on over the decades; surviving prohibition, new recipes, complementary products and fads, only to end up dispensing with everything but the original blend. "It wouldn't be such a flash film," we're told by the narrator in this amusing piece for the drink, if it had been nearly two minutes of explaining that nothing had changed since it was first created.

The Staves
"Blood I Bled"
4 mins 36s
17 Oct 2014
A swathe of different stories are told in this video for The Staves' new track. Shot almost on the fly in Mumbai, these tales are densely interwoven and not always coherently linear - but that's part of the film's pleasure and charm. The sense of intrigue which builds through the slightly chaotic revelations compel you to watch again until you start to unravel the strands a little more.

1 min 40s
21 Oct 2014
This jolly and utterly bonkers piece of work from Sweden provides answers to worries about pensions via a singing drummer atop a tall building. All around him, people pose their concerns about the money they'll receive when they finish working and he provides them with a resolute yodelled 'yes' to the chorus of a very recognisable Euro-anthem which - infuriatingly - we can't quite pin down.

Currys PC World
"We Start With You"
21 Oct 2014
You have to stay with this to the end to 'get' its conceit. Most of the ad is spent setting aside the thousands of goods available at Currys PC World which aren't wanted by a particular punter and - once everything else has been eliminated - the one thing he does want is the only thing left standing. It's been done with considerable visual flair and the movement is very effective... only the decision to place it in a cold warehouse lets it down.

4 mins 47s
16 Oct 2014
Kasabian's tale of psychopath Stevie, features a video of a baby grown in a lab reminiscent of the eerie black room in Under the Skin. We leap forward in time to see him at the age of ten being put through various experiments by menacing men in gas masks who seem to be attempting to stop him responding to pain. But young Stevie has other plans.

21 Oct 2014
Young fans of Scottish rivals Dunfermline Athletic and Stirling Albion are the stars of this touching new film for KFC. The youngsters both dress in their respective team colours before heading to the game where they sit at opposite ends of the ground. What isn't clear at the start is that these two live in the same house - because they're brothers.

Ibis Hotels
"Room for Fun"
20 Oct 2014
If Webster's ever get around to making a video dictionary then they can pop this little beauty alongside the word 'counter-productive' because there can be no one - literally no-one - in the whole world who would ever want a stay at a hotel which even remotely resembles the thirty seconds of Dante-esque inner hell circles on show here.

"Wedding Planner"
19 Oct 2014
Another in this excellent new series for O2 making further use of their dog-like cat. Once again he's called into action by a telecommunications-based crisis and - once again - he's not found wanting. He charges across the countryside until he's able to convey the entire difficulty to an o2 guru with a single nod of his feline head.

19 Oct 2014
As we've noted before, the problem with Freeview is that its success can really only be measured by people choosing not to buy a subscription to Pay TV. It's about as appealing an advertising proposition as the 'No' campaign in the recent Scottish referendum. Here, we're reminded that much of the nations's favourite TV programmes are available for 'free'. Well, yes.

Aunt Bessie's
"Lovejoy's Yorkshire's"
19 Oct 2014
Tim Lovejoy - he's like Jeremy Clarkson without the self-awareness. The cracks in his blokey façade are now so visible you could drive a truck through them and it's seriously time someone did. Here he's doling out Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire Puddings like a mysterious sixth wheel at a family's Sunday lunch, and we badly want the campaign regulars turn up and Ninja him into a weeping heap in the corner.

Chanel No. 5
"You're The One That I Want"
3 mins 20s
20 Oct 2014
This is both spectacularly risible and risibly spectacular; demonstrating once again how Chanel's determination to make a big statement with their advertising surpasses every other consideration... not least effectiveness. Watching this is an endurance event and anyone who takes in the whole thing without switching channels (or Chanels, if you like) deserves an award.

16 Oct 2014
Another of the commercials out of Germany reminding us that we don't need to compromise when we want to watch television. As the camera moves in on a man combing his moustache, he wonders aloud why we're watching him. And on that surreal note, he diverts his attention back to a mobile device on which he's watching something entertaining.

"Breaking Bad Basement"
16 Oct 2014
One of two new commercials for the entertainment streaming service which remind us that Netflix subscribers can do things their own way. In this case, a pair of men are watching Breaking Bad in the basement but it's not because they have to... it's because they want to. Specifically, they want to get away from the rabble of women sitting upstairs.

Haig Whisky
"David's Beckham's Club"
17 Oct 2014
This grand ad has David Beckam as laird of the manor welcoming a group of überglam guests to his Scottish estate for a gathering of the Haig Club. The Haig Club dedicated to the spirit of toasting, and now it's been revived with debonair Becks in green velvet and dickie bow trying his hand at photography on the shores of a loch.

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