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The Fableists
2 mins 05s
7 May 2014
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UK Fashion Labels

This terrific little film promoting an ethical clothing label for kids features a fearless - and skilled - young skateboarder learning his craft. As a brand, The Fableists is described in its press release as "a mix of timeless, unisex and ultra-stylish clothes... which represents a move away from mass-produced fashion manufactured under sinister conditions and laden with chemicals".

In showing Finn wearing Fableist gear we're made aware a) of its durability and b) that we all have a responsibility to children, wherever they are.

It's poignant and beautifully made, and the track Hope / Grace by Edinburgh band Delta Mainline is an apt choice. The boy executes feats that would have most of us, as parents, running to stop him; but as passive viewers we're made instead to marvel at his spatial awareness, his motor control and his balance as he sails off concrete cliffs and judges slopes.

There's something of the intensity of Aoife McArdle's promo for Open Eye Signal by Jon Hopkins, which also features a lone young skateboarder. Finn is like his younger self; and the degree of single-minded concentration and self-containment he displays is utterly commanding.

Apparently this is the first in a series of clips which documents "kids around the world - kids with a gift, kids with drive, kids with ambition, kids who have overcome adversity" and who embody the brand's rebellious yet positive attitude.

The label has come about as a collaboration among top London talent in the realms of advertising, film and design - so that the agencies involved are as much brand owners as they are suppliers. Full credit, then, to Brothers & Sisters, Great Guns, Jungle and director Olivier Venturini along with Electric Theatre Collective and indeed Finn himself for getting this project off the ground.

"World Cup Germs"

Matt said:

Funnily enough it's tenuous promotional sponsorships like this that leave a nasty taste in your mouth.



Latest Additions

Skye / Ross
"Light Of Gold"
3 mins 01s
16 Sep 2016
Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey - of 90s band Morcheeba - now play as Skye / Ross, and this mellow track comes with a promo by Skye's collaborator Tom Merilion. In it, a young (real-life) couple enjoy noodling about in and around Šibenik on the Croatian coast before joining the Skye / Ross on stage at a music festival. It's all about the feelgood factor, and we come away from this with the sensation that we've had a lovely warming snooze in the sun.

H & M
"The Road Trip"
5 mins 20s
29 Sep 2016
H & M's odd couple of David Beckham and Kevin Hart hit the road to Las Vegas... or ruin, more like. Seems like the latter has decided 'I, Beckham' would work better as a musical, and David is last to know as always. Once again identically dressed in the retailer's threads, the duo pick up from where they left off last year with two likeable performances.

"A-Z of Attitude"
5 mins 12s
28 Sep 2016
Culture bible i-D and hair styling brand Schwarzkopf team up for this vivid look at New York City's melting pot of perspectives. As the title suggests, director Austin Peters presents an alphabetized trip around the Big Apple to find what attitude means in 2016. Through an eye-opening series of vignettes, we see attitude takes on many different guises, but you can spot it a mile away.

Myth Syzer and Ikaz Boi
4 mins 21s
27 Sep 2016
French hip-hip duo Myth Syzer and Ikaz Boi light up the night with this gripping promo from director Baptist Penetticobra. A car park after hours is this woman’s stage, and woe betide anyone who doesn’t give her maximum attention. “I will light you up, I won’t give a damn… I want momentum, phones out… I want sore hands, clapping, and that carpal tunnel…” – it’s a show-stopping piece before the main event. Once that begins, it’s a force of nature.

Loctite Super Glue
"You Can Fix It"
19 Sep 2016
Loctite injects a little razzmatazz into super glue as they launch the Perfect Pen. This ad suggests designer shades, art gallery exhibits, and trophies can be salvaged with a precision application from the sticky instrument. It's a zippy demonstration of the product's versatility, and the brand posits itself as the practical, streamlined solution to a range of unexpected problems.

27 Sep 2016
This piece by charity Scope uses humour to educate us about the best approach to adopt when we encounter a disabled person. The acronym H.I.D.E. does not - as the people in the ad initially think - suggest we dive for cover in our fear of blundering. Instead, we should say "hi" as we introduce ourselves; make sure we "don't panic" and make sure we "end the awkward".

Short Films
"The Good Mother"
5 mins 36s
29 Sep 2016
This charming short film from director Sarah Clift should appeal to anyone who's fancied giving Donald Trump a thwack with a wooden stick during the US presidential election. That'll be a large audience, then. Away from the television debates, all-holds-barred chat show appearances, and Twitter controversies is this tale of a mother and her son in Mexico.

"Full Circle"
28 Sep 2016
This is a canny piece of work from Reebok. There are no star names in this ad. Rather, it's someone who's rarely given their moment in the spotlight: the fitness trainer. She's in peak condition, but she's still only human: she doesn't get out of bed with a spring in her step, while she has to dig deep with her own training before the doors open.

"Paddy's Perfect Pairings"
24 Sep 2016
Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness adds another dating show to his CV with Paddy's Perfect Pairings. This collaboration between Walkers and ITV sees the Lancashire comedian attempt to spark romance over crisp sandwiches. While it may not be everyone's idea of a romantic meal, there's enough to spin an entire online series out of the idea.

Vacherin Constantin
"Chand Baori"
28 Sep 2016
This nicely-shot piece of branded content takes us to India's Chand Baori stepwell. Film fans will recognise it from 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel', though this photogenic piece taps into the structure's spiritual properties. Director Jamie Muir and DP Charlie Herranz capture the human element of this architectural feat in arresting fashion.

Quaker Oats
"Super Goodness"
22 Sep 2016
Porridge puritans may take umbrage, but Quaker Oats are adding some exotic ingredients to the mix. This ad focuses on their new blueberry, cranberry, and guava variant, complete with slow-motion shots of each ingredient to emphasise their wholesome properties. Looks like a decent bet for those looking to get stuck into their five-a-day as early as possible.

Experian Credit Expert
"First Steps"
21 Sep 2016
Credit score website Experian announce that their service is now free . After years of being synonymous with free thirty-day trials, it's a bold move. The brand has done well in communicating its usefulness in recent times, and this ad creates an optimistic vibe with a sequence of feet striding forward with purpose.

"Still Me"
21 Sep 2016
This moving public health film from Northern Ireland reminds us that dementia sufferers are people who still deserve respect. This gentleman tells us that while he requires patience from others, he wants to be treated like the man he always was. By separating the disease from the person, more people can enjoy a dignified existence in the face of adversity.

CanCan Car Finance
19 Sep 2016
Is there some kind of godless recording studio where companies in this sector produce their jingles? If so, you bring the petrol, we'll bring the matches. CanCan Car Finance turn the Outhere Brothers' 1994 hit 'Boom Boom Boom' into a plug for quick and easy car loans, but we'd be shocked if audiences respond with anything other than "nay-oh."

Sharpie Pens
19 Sep 2016
Passive-aggressive flatmates and co-workers rejoice - Sharpie will make sure your grievances stand out permanently. Thanks to their colourful range of marker pens, folk like George here can, erm, mark their territory with abandon. He may lose a few acquaintances as a result, but no-one's going to touch his loo roll ever again.

"Ice Bucket"
28 Sep 2016
Colman's presents another uncool customer who's suffering from a case of mustard overload. Deciding he can give chilled wine a miss, this smartly-dressed man downs the contents of a hotel ice bucket. The culprit? A liberal dollop of the advertised condiment on his sarnies. A comical sight gag and a tight execution convey the brand's fiery quality to good effect.

"Paddling Pool"
28 Sep 2016
Colman's preaches caution when it comes to enjoying its mustard with this amusing 10" ad. Unfortunately, this chap hasn't followed this advice. His 'hot' hot dog causes him to dive head first into the kids pool, while his son looks on like a disapproving parent. It's quick and eye-catching, while the concise runtime strengthens the brand's 'a little goes a long way' message.

"Product Recall"
26 Sep 2016
Last year, Channel 4 rattled viewers with a mysterious communication from Persona Synthetics - later revealed to be the architects behind the world of sci-fi series Humans. Now, the corporation wishes to placate anxious customers with a product recall announcement.

"Damn Daniel Remastered"
27 Sep 2016
You need to be up on your Internet memes to appreciate this LG commercial. To promote their new V20 smartphone, the brand turns the Damn Daniel viral into a slick music promo. Brands are increasingly keen to incorporate Internet trends into their advertising, and this is a fun way of communicating the camera's ability to take videos and photos to the next level.

27 Sep 2016
Yopa tells us their viewing alert service can help homebuyers stay organised - even if you're a Village Person. Thanks to the website's text notifications, the group has plenty of time to make sure their home is spick and span for potential buyers. Plus, the ad provides some solid life advice: if you're going to launch into a burst of 'Y.M.C.A.', make sure you're not holding any beverages.

"Local Estate Agent"
27 Sep 2016
The Village People put on a show for their Yopa representative in this ad for the online property hub. With plenty of publicity shoots under their collective belt, the group add some disco pizzazz to shots of the living room, staircase, and bathroom. The biker seems particularly taken by the optimistic estate agent, though his bandmates and the narrator slam the brakes on his lyrical observation.

"Moving On"
27 Sep 2016
Yes, even 1970s disco groups need to negotiate the housing market on occasion - at least according to this attention-grabbing commercial for online estate agents Yopa. It's a tight squeeze around the kitchen table, and Felipe Rose a.k.a. the Indian, has had enough. Enlisting the advertised property site's services, he receives peace of mind over the phone... though it's neither the time or the place to break into their most famous dance routine.

The Apprentice
"Inner Thoughts"
26 Sep 2016
This trail for series twelve of The Apprentice almost makes us feel sorry for the candidates on the receiving end of Alan Sugar's wrath... almost. The ad places the viewer in the dreaded boardroom as Sugar ponders his next move. While the VO takes satisfaction in another candidate's potential downfall, he's quickly lost for words when Big Al directs his signature dismissal at him.

Sony Bravia
"True Colours"
1 min 35s
27 Sep 2016
Sony like playing with balls, don't they? 2005's 'Balls' ad remains a colourful triumph in television advertising, and the brand has strived to repeat the feat ever since. This sparkling commercial for their new 4K HDR set pays tribute to the past by giving an abandoned casino a new lease of life.

"Own The Day"
26 Sep 2016
Blokes beware - you never when a Bonmarché customer is going to ruin your shirt or send your tray flying. This ad for the online fashion store aims for empowerment, but misses on account of its repetitive slapstick and sing-song approach. Compared to the work produced by J D Williams over the last year, this feels like a missed opportunity for the brand to keep with the pace.

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