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"Isn't This Life Enough?"
20 January 2014
USA Power Utility Companies

Scottish band Admiral Fallow have adapted their own song Isn't This World Enough? for this feel-good ad for an American power company. It's a heart-warming collage of imagery and successfully conveys the idea that the reliable and easily-controlled energy provided by PPL is something that provides comfort to its customers.

Google Nexus
"Oven Woe"

Martin said:

indeed they do!



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The Times/The Sunday Times
25 Apr 2016
The Times and The Sunday Times unite to take control of the faders in this compelling ad for the two titles. To illustrate their focus on clarity in their journalism, various scenes have the background noise muted to leave one defining sound. As a result, we hear nothing but a cyclist's measured breathing during a race; Donald Trump's echoing footsteps as he addresses the masses; and a baby's cry amidst a desperate arrival on to dry land.

"Play With Time"
27 Apr 2016
This swish commercial for Martini marks the vermouth's return to the world stage and it arrives with a swagger and a no-nonsense stance on time-wasting. Forget the digits on your balance screen - hours, minutes, and seconds are the currency of choice. It may not do much for your accountant's mental well-being, but the ad communicates its philosophy in a pacy, entertaining style with some surreal flourishes.

"Incredible Machines"
3 mins 57s
27 Apr 2016
This bold and beautiful film for Selfridges - to promote their latest Body Studio installation - celebrates the confidence five iconic women have in their own physique. From plus size model to 70 year old fashion muse, these are all women who inhabit their bodies on their own terms and refuse to kowtow to the judgemental gaze of the media - and of men, who tend to dictate what is and isn't acceptable.

P & G
2 mins
27 Apr 2016
P & G harness the directorial talents of Rattling Stick's Jeff Nichols to pulsating effect in this ad celebrating the supportive figures behind Olympic greatness just in time for Mother's Day (in the US). Vignettes show children from across the globe experiencing discomfort or anxiety - and the responses from the mums who possess the strength for two.

"House Love"
3 mins
27 Apr 2016
This lovely film by Peter Thwaites creates a parallel between two neighbours' burgeoning love affair and something similar going on with their respective houses. Using The Carpenters classic 'We've Only Just Begun' as its soundtrack, it opens on the day a new family moves in and lets us see how the daughter of the incoming family catches the eye of the boy across the road.

27 Apr 2016
This super film by Nice Shirt's JJ Keith perfectly captures the mood in the DAVID house as spring takes hold and a whole world of garden possibilities open up to us. For Mrs DAVID this involves lengthy and expensive trips to far-flung garden centres but for the man himself it can only mean one thing... meat grilling on a barbecue.

"Cash Van"
26 Apr 2016
We hope the telly's at a sensible volume when this Intel ad kicks off. Jim Parsons and a couple of security van staff give their screaming muscles a workout before settling down to address the issue at hand: despite supervising vast sums of money, this driver is unable to safeguard his own finances. Parsons recommends Intel's face recognition technology, but his penniless pal already knew that.

"Door of Thrones"
27 Apr 2016
Game of Thrones fans will have been saddened to hear of the damage suffered by County Antrim's Dark Hedges during Storm Gertrude. Keen not to see fallen trees go to waste, Tourism Ireland have commissioned a series of ornate doors inspired by the show's rich iconography. Intimate visuals highlight the craftsmanship evident in the project, and the ad aims to entice more Thrones fanatics to knock on Ireland's door.

"Cooking With Chuck"
26 Apr 2016
McDonalds brings an "authentic American taste" to the UK - the Tennessee Stack - and cooking it up in his kitchen, Chuck explains just what makes it so special. However, the Dallas-style split screen freeze-frames are soon replaced by an unexpected shaking as the entire kitchen begins to quake. What on earth is going on?

"Mo Plays Tennis"
26 Apr 2016
Good old Mo urges us once again to get stuck into the "deliciously healthy protein" that is Quorn. Just as exercising isn't an onerous chore if it's fun, so eating healthily isn't dull if it's tasty. Hmm... we're not sure, Mo - that game of tennis sure looks like exercise to us. But an, er, ace effort to convince us all the same.

Toyota Prius
"Movin' On Up"
25 Apr 2016
Primal Scream's 1991 hit 'Movin' On Up' is enlisted to drum up a sense of euphoria at the possibilities of a hybrid car. The Toyota Prius is a solid contender when people think of hybrids, but perhaps a more recent track might have better implied its forward-thinkingness. We appreciate it's still a tough nut to crack in the car market, though.

"Nature Remix"
2 mins 10s
25 Apr 2016
Strongbow are the latest brand to jump on to the 'guerilla gardening' bandwagon with this enterprising film set on an abandoned street corner in downtown Johannesburg. With greenery at a premium, a band of nocturnal landscapers decide to inject some leafiness into the city before sunrise.

University of Arizona
"More Than Brains"
25 Apr 2016
An alternative version of the Scarecrow's song "If I Only Had A Brain" serves to express the kind of people the University of Arizona wants to attract. It has a real warmth to it - whatever walk of life you come from, it suggests, and wherever your talents lie, you can develop them to the full without having to give up the jobs crucial to keeping your head above water.

Smart Energy GB
25 Apr 2016
A further strong entry into Smart Energy GB's 'Estimation Nation' series features another occupation where guesswork is ill-advised. While this quack is satisfied by his unorthodox methods, the same can't be said for his patient who prefers a more precise approach... and when it's a squirrel-related injury, who can blame him? A humorous yet effective communication explaining why we shouldn't accept estimates when it comes to energy bills.

Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise
25 Apr 2016
With its Whiplash-style soundtrack (like Weedol, it's still killing) and Lurpak-style visuals, Heinz is making a strong effort to elevate its Seriously Good Mayonnaise brand to a loftier shelf in the kitchen. The ad suggests it's a worthy rival to the best home-made versions, but it's a shame the mood is broken at the end by the intrusive VO.

26 Apr 2016
To mark the launch of 'Alien: Out of the Shadows', Audible remind us why space-faring sorts should never turn their back when a Xenomorph is at large. This Weyland-Yutani employee takes a moment to record a video message for his family back home. Alas, he's interrupted by an unwelcome visitor lurking behind the door. While no one in space can hear you scream, audiobook listeners certainly can.

Maynards Bassetts
26 Apr 2016
Maynards Bassetts celebrate their brand union with an ambitious collection of ad break 'intermissions' starring their most famous confections. We didn't want to dilly dally at the pick 'n' mix stand for too long, so we've selected three 20" instalments for you to chew over, including Bertie Bassett as you've never seen him before; an awkward exchange in the bedroom; and a drummer producing some sweet beats.

BBC iPlayer
26 Apr 2016
This subtle ad for the BBC iPlayer taps into the satisfaction we feel when time spent catching up on our favourite programmes produces a nugget of knowledge. Within the confines of a cycle shop, a man attempts to explain the vastness of our universe to his disbelieving colleague using only a spanner. A neat depiction of how last night's telly can spark today's conversation.

"My Drive"
25 Apr 2016
This Mini ad focuses on what drives us in both senses of the word. In the case of this particular gentleman, its the pursuit of perfection which gets him out of bed in the morning. Shown to be a studious craftsman, the implication is that someone with this attention to detail will desire a car with the same design philosophy - something the Clubman will satisfy.

25 Apr 2016
This Mercedes-Benz commercial flirts with some lofty ideas - sentient cars, concepts becoming reality, etc. - but nonetheless fails to keep us engrossed in the present. The brand's penchant for city lights fizzing by at night as the advertised vehicle takes a leisurely drive is once again indulged in support of their E-Class model. A little more personality could go a long way.

Macular Society
"Meet Mac"
1 min 35s
26 Apr 2016
The Macular Society introduce us to Mac, a macula responsible for keeping Gloria's world in focus. As time goes on, he finds it harder and harder to keep her vision clear before age-related macular degeneration (AMD) takes hold. It's a stark reminder of how we shouldn't take our eyesight for granted, and considering the AMD plight of Peter Sallis - the voice of Aardman's beloved Wallace - you can tell the studio have embraced this project with appropriate solemnity.

25 Apr 2016
The latest addition to Adland's growing army of mascot robots (should us flesh-based types start getting worried?) comes in the form of EE'S SIMOTRON 3000. Packing enough tech to give Iron Man a run for his money, the SIM card demonstrates its supersonic manoeuvres while Kevin Bacon's VO assures us that EE have the means to transform phone performance in style.

"Attenborough at 90"
25 Apr 2016
Shirley Bassey's bravado cover of 'Nature Boy' is the apt soundtrack to this BBC tribute to David Attenborough. Spanning his career through black-and-white, colour, and high definition, the film does a lovely job of highlighting Attenborough's dauntless character and childlike enthusiasm for the natural world. In what has been a sombre year for cultural icons, the Beeb celebrate a man with plenty more wandering to do.

"Spell & Go"
25 Apr 2016
Gary Lineker must be feeling mixed emotions right now. His beloved Leicester City are on the verge of Premier League glory, though he's promised to present Match of the Day in his undies should the Foxes finish the job. Being a supportive employer, Walkers are backing the stunt with digital screens across the country protecting his modesty with crisp bags - each Leicester point removes a packet. No wonder he's looking forward to a holiday once the season's over!

iD Mobile
27 Apr 2016
This extraordinary film by Rogue's Tom Barbor-Might is one of a short collection he shot in North Philadelphia with the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club. Of all the ways in which one might expect an urban community to keep its young people away from the threat of gang violence, horse riding would sit somewhere between stamp collecting and morris dancing in a very long list of remote possibilities.

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