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    • An unstoppable Force meets its TargetUS retailer Target have come up with the perfect hype ad ahead of the release of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.
    • It's Chips for SupergooberSupergoober has signed directorial duo Chips for representation in the UK.
    • Orangina gets all shook upOrangina ads don't often hove into view, but when they do they tend to feature animals doing unusual things. This spot from Grey breaks that trend.
    • Drink responsiblyIn this humorous call to arms from DB Export, those who prefer 0.0% alcohol can help save the world.
    • Every crowd has a silver liningBanksy is truly the PT Barnum of our age. He creates a sense of awe with each of his cleverly publicised projects and his latest wheeze - a dystopian theme park called Dismaland mocking more conventional attractions - appears to have taken his sensationalist approach to its apotheosis.
    • McCoy's is on songA plumber’s showstopping rendition of Ella Henderson’s ‘Ghost’ sees McCoy's encourage us all to be confident about what we do.
    • What's Love Got To Do With ItA version of Massive Attack's classic 'Unfinished Sympathy' presides over this spot, which is impressively directed by Caswell Coggins.
    • Content and DiscontentCartier funded this film which explores the motivation of Alastair Humphreys as he treks across Iceland.
    • HeartbreakingThis astonishingly moving film for the British Heart Foundation establishes a narrative in just a few seconds and leads the audience view into a crushing glimpse of an everyday tragedy.
    • A perfect matchThe rugby world cup is almost upon us and this earnest celebration of the sport and Land Rover's support of it hits all the right notes.
    • It's complicatedOn the surface, this ad for Lean Cuisine appears to contradict everything that the diet industry is about. But in fact it's immensely clever.


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"Share The Force"
2 mins
27 August 2015

The impeding arrival of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' promises a consumer explosion the likes of which we may never have seen before. Nostalgia for all things Star Wars would be enough, but add home footage of Force-loving children to the mix and US retailer Target has come up with the perfect hype ad.

Conjuring up memories of Christmases and birthdays past, a montage of clips shows how Star Wars has enthralled young and old since the original's release in 1977 (though the divisive prequels are conspicuous in their absence here).

The use of home footage is often a sure-fire way of swaying audiences, but there's something especially lovely about seeing children's imaginations being captured in the moment. For everything from the music and the sound effects to the point when that plot twist hits home for the first time,there's a clip singling out an enraptured response.

No doubt Target shareholders will be delighted at the prospect of countless lightsabers being purchased by parents at Christmas, but there is still plenty of warmth to this commercial - one that celebrates the franchise's power to unite generations.

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It's Chips for Supergoober

Supergoober has signed directorial duo Chips for representation in the UK. The young team came to the industry's attention when they won a competition run by recruitment company reed.co.uk to create a TV commercial - and since then, they've continued to win awards and acclaim for ads and virals as diverse as Save the Children and Renault.


"C'est Shook"
26 August 2015

Orangina ads don't often hove into view, but when they do they tend to feature animals doing unusual things. This spot from Grey breaks that trend. Set in a grand but colourless hotel on the coast, it has two purse-lipped gentlemen waiting for the lift with their pet pooch, who's just - well - being pooch-like.

An equally pale-pastel boy barges past them and presses the lift button. Ill-mannered little tyke. The gents ignore him, tolerating another shove as the boy barges back to see what the bell-boy is doing further down the corridor.

It has a hint of Grand Budapest Hotel about it in the way it's filmed; the moments of silence beforehand as exaggerated characters compose themselves; the claustrophobic stillness as each person pretends not to notice others standing far too near.

But then... the doors slide open to reveal the vivid interior of the lift, and a French girl in bright stripes holds the drink in question while simultaneously hula-ing... quite an achievement in such a confined space.

Her warm presence casts a glow over everyone. Before long they're all shaking their booty to a greater or lesser degree alongside her, and feelin' gooooood.

The idea? Life is flat unless you shake it - and you may need a little kickstart from the drink to inject the necessary fizz. This effectively repositions the brand and gives it a quirkiness associated with French cinema - entirely appropriate given its Gallic heritage.

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DB Export
"Will You Help?"
26 August 2015

It can’t be easy for advertisers to muster up enthusiasm for non-alcoholic beverages. Every other ad places the drinker of the full-alcohol option at the heart of the action while those who opt for the taste are nowhere to be seen. Not so in this humorous call to arms from DB Export - those who prefer 0.0% can help save the world.

Having previously introduced us to their Brewtroleum initiative, their sage spokesman (whoever he is) gives us a quick recap of the brewer’s impressive résumé. Yes, they may have saved the planet and brought about world peace, but there’s still work to be done.

Their new Citrus variant means everyone from airline pilots to the humble bomb disposal expert can pitch in to the production of biofuel without any after-effects the next morning. With typical Antipodean grit, these fellas are up to the task. Thanks to Colenso BBDO’s twist on environmental awareness, the alcohol-free option earns some overdue kudos.

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"Bemusement Park"
2 mins 05s
26 August 2015

Banksy is truly the PT Barnum of our age. He creates a sense of awe with each of his cleverly publicised projects and his latest wheeze - a dystopian theme park called Dismaland mocking more conventional attractions - appears to have taken his sensationalist approach to its apotheosis.

While the central mystery attaching itself to Banksy concerns his identity, the real question is more about 'what' than 'who'. What exactly is he? An artist? A commentator? A charlatan? An impresario? The answer will depend on how much you admire his output.

It was telling that when Dismaland's web site crashed, a lot of people began wondering whether this was "part of the experience". It would seem that even Banksy's most feverish admirers aren't sure which side of his ridicule they are on... wouldn't it be embarrassing if it emerged that the real purpose of this project was to make a point about the public's attitude to his antics and the real subject of his contempt are the people who bought into it?

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Recent Promos

One Direction
"Drag Me Down"
3 mins 18s
25 Aug 2015
Well, now we know the real reason One Direction are supposedly taking 'a hiatus': cunningly disguised as a music video, this is a leaked documentary on how the boy band were ejected from Earth into the icy reaches of space. Without them even realising it was happening! Just goes to show how easy it is to delude people when you appeal to their vanity.

Hooton Tennis Club
"P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L P.I.E.R.R.E"
2 mins 55s
25 Aug 2015
Wonky and wonderful, this immensely hooky track from rising stars Hooton Tennis Club makes us think of early Blur - if they'd been around in the late 60s. That's not lessened by the video that comes with it: a Hanna-Barbera-influenced cartoon by director Alden Volney which looks like Top Cat dropped PCP and started tripping off his tits.

"Little Danger"
3 mins 47s
18 Aug 2015
Some lads running a greasy spoon turn into unlikely heroes when a couple of gangsters and their attendant moll come in for an eel pie. The reluctant lady friend can't see a way out of her situation until one of the lads intervenes when she nips to the loo. But the younger gangster's packing heat and he's not at all happy when he discovers what's going on...

Tame Impala
"Let It Happen"
4 mins 27s
19 Aug 2015
Kevin Parker continues to impress with his music; released to an eagerly waiting world without much fanfare from himself. Let It Happen is a big, beautiful, swirling number that's deceptively effortless, and David Wilson's promo picks up on what appears to be the song's theme - whatever comes your way, you can't fight it: instead, give yourself up to it and accept your fate.

Chemical Brothers
"Sometimes I Feel So Deserted"
4 mins 14s
18 Aug 2015
The Chemical Brothers have collaborated with a host of great directors for their videos over the years, but for us, Ninian Doff's promo for I Feel So Deserted not only raises the bar but propels it into space. A zombie-style dystopia set in a desert, it grabs you by the throat and won't let go. The big screen surely beckons on the back of this.

FKA twigs
16 mins 23s
15 Aug 2015
Comprising random letters and numerals, the title of FKA Twigs' latest offering looks like a more obscure track by Aphex Twin. However, that's about as far as any comparison goes - this, er, promo runs the videos for 'Figure 8', 'I'm Your Doll', 'In Time' and 'Glass & Patron' into one continuous clip along with an additional new track 'Mothercreep'. So in actuality it's more of a full-on contemporary dance film showcasing tracks on her new EP. And as ever, Twigs doesn't shy away from controversy.

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods
"Head & Shoulders"
3 mins 46s
11 Aug 2015
After a long hiatus, Leftfield - that hugely influential sound of the mid 90s - has returned. Or more precisely, Neil Barnes has resurrected the name single-handedly to release the recent, critically acclaimed album 'Alternative Light Source'. This is a track from it; a collaboration with the superlative Sleaford Mods - and new Riff Raff directors Casey & Ewan have done it right proud.

"Avenue of Giants"
3 mins 23s
11 Aug 2015
"We’re dancing ourselves to death - as musicians on the deck of Titanic." so says Adam Bonke, director of this elegiac video for 'Avenue of Giants' by his brother Søren's band UrMutter. The track's theme is well-trodden - that humanity is destroying its own home - but it's so beautifully delivered that you find yourself sighing at our collective foolishness as a species.

Raleigh Ritchie
"Bloodsport '15"
4 mins 43s
6 Aug 2015
Raleigh Ritchie sings about a fiery relationship as - in a neat twist on the norm - he's the one shown cutting up his other half's clothes in a fit of jealous rage and knitting himself a pink balaclava in which to cause anonymous mayhem. Apparently the song was a hit last year, but has been re-released as this revamped version thanks to the demand of his fans.

Josef Salvat
"Open Season"
4 mins 04s
6 Aug 2015
Open Season is the name of Josef Salvat's latest track, and open season it is on all the tired tropes and clichés that populate the music video wilderness. Director Ollie Wolf has hunted down all the usual offenders and identified some of the more cunningly disguised - only unlike the Walter Palmers of this world, he's doing us all a service.

5 mins 32s
5 Aug 2015
Dornik's brand of R'n'B is reminiscent of the kind that was big in the 70s with its soft, soul-funk style. Close your eyes and immediately you're wearing wide-legged trousers with an eight-button waistband and a silky bomber jacket over your shoulder. Well, you are if you're of DAVID's generation. So Pulse's Sam Pilling has done a cracking job in making a promo that complements Drive without descending into the sugary bootyfest you might expect.

The Bohicas
3 mins 11s
4 Aug 2015
The Bohicas' energetic track Swarm inspires a black and yellow-clad revolution as they play in a back alley. The frenzy around them doesn't put them off - if anything, the masked figures causing mayhem make the guys more determined to carry on regardless. Though it is tempting to caution them: "For heaven's sake! Someone's already tripped over an electric cable - don't throw that water!"

Family Of The Year
"Make You Mine"
5 mins 22s
4 Aug 2015
With its vaguely west coast sound and summery feel, Make You Mine is a ridiculously catchy, candyfloss number. Acclaimed director Marçal Forés has made a great little film to go with it revolving around the age-old scenario of girlfan devotion. It's sweet and sassy and thoroughly modern; and even if it's more resonant for a younger audience it still draws you in and keeps you hooked.

4 mins 16s
3 Aug 2015
This is the first we've heard of Estrons, and we hope we'll be hearing a lot more of them. They're a Welsh-speaking band whose strange name means'aliens' in their mother tongue ("The main premise was to gather a band of general misfits and outcasts," according to guitarist Rhodri Daniel) and they've picked up where the female-fronted bands of the 90s left off.

"Last One"
3 mins 29s
28 Jul 2015
Eugenius is a name in the hip hop underground who is steadily garnering acclaim and whose fervent track 'Last One' is accompanied by a promo by Jack Lyon. The clip follows the singer leaving a disused warehouse to burn a journal: he's made some decision we're not privy to but nonetheless we're aware it's a profound one.

Jack Garratt
4 mins 35s
28 Jul 2015
Director Andrew Donoho gives Jack Garratt's 'Weathered' a haunting promo featuring three brothers striking out on a camping trip alone. The bond between them is evident; an unspoken closeness manifest even when the roughness of their horsing around makes you catch your breath. It's beautifully filmed, and the firefly glow of the mushrooms at the end is an inspired touch.

George Ezra
3 mins 04s
27 Jul 2015
George Ezra's gentle track Barcelona is given an equally gentle video accompaniment by Riff Raff's Ben Reed. Seemingly shot in the lush jungle of a far-flung continent, Ezra is actually singing among the tropical specimens of the Eden Project. It's the perfect location to show him effortlessly rise up towards the canopy; uplifted by his own poignant chords.

5 mins 15s
21 Jul 2015
The directors known as DVEIN have come up with a fitting promo for 'Ghosts' by Alagoas, a track inspired by the handy belief in 'Manifest Destiny' among American settlers who thought their expansion from coast to coast was forewritten and vindicated the conquering of native Americans, among other things. The promo taps into this in an abstract, ambiguous way.

"Clear (feat. Woodkid)"
3 mins 32s
20 Jul 2015
Despite the addition of Woodkid's vocals, this track remains disappointingly bland. The accompanying promo is very technically accomplished, seemingly focusing on the theme of the 'singularity' whereby humans and machines become one; but its very slickness leaves us a tad cold. That guy's rocking the blue hair and 'tache combo though.

L Stadt
2 mins 51s
7 Jul 2015
This intriguing video by Polish band L Stadt focuses on an ambiguous relationship between an older man and a young waitress. The muted colour palette and the dank location suggests England or Ireland in winter, but there's also a hint of Americana in the diner setting and the old boy with the 'tache and silver topped cane. The whole piece would make a good opening sequence for a film.

Clean Cut Kid
"Vitamin C"
4 mins
16 Jul 2015
Choreographer Holly Blakey is in great demand at the moment, it would seem - here's yet another promo that benefits from her input. Together with director David Mould, she creates an impressive routine for an ageing psycho in a downtrodden pub. Looking at every moment like he's going to club those nearest him to death, the baseball bat in his grubby little paws becomes merely an extension of his unpredictable dance moves.

Lucy Rose
"Like An Arrow"
3 mins 42s
14 Jul 2015
Lucy Rose has the clear, indie-folk voice so prevalent in ad campaigns of recent years - but that doesn't make her any less charming. In this promo for Like An Arrow she strolls through a forest, which culminates in her making an unexpectedly bold, feet-first plunge into a natural pool. It's a nice idea, demonstrating that she's perhaps more daring than we might assume.

"The New International Sound Pt. II"
3 mins 25s
7 Jul 2015
Recently we said that we prefer a promo with an innovative idea rather than one that relies on slick execution alone. Here's another that confirms our preference - Inigo Westmeier's superb piece for Gener8ion, the project of French producer Surkin. With vocals by M.I.A., the already banging track is elevated into something even more memorable and resonant

Dirty Vegas
"Do What You Feel"
3 mins 28s
13 Jul 2015
Director Yann Secouet has made a charming video for Do What You Feel by Dirty Vegas. In a neglected corner of a toymaker's workshop a wind-up robot come to life; making his way past mechanical drummers and monkeys to urge a porcelain doll to dance to her own tune. Model maker Chris Lloyd has done a terrific job crafting the figurines, and overall the attention to detail is excellent.

"What Went Down"
5 mins 41s
13 Jul 2015
Foals has evolved into something thrashier and grittier than their math rock beginnings. While What Went Down doesn't break any new boundaries it's going to please the fans who've grown alongside them and recognised that the band had the potential to do something more visceral.

Recent Promos

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